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Bergrabben KennelSweden Dog Breeders

Welcome to Bergrabben Kennel breeders of Tibetan Spaniel since 1982. Healthy and beautiful dogs for companionship and shows. You are most welcome to my homepage.

Tibetan Terrier

Dark Obsession (FCI) flat coated retrieversPoland Dog Breeders
Dark Obsession (FCI) flat coated retrievers

Flat coated retrievers are our big passion. We're small home kennel and our aim is to breed healthy, sound flatcoats - both beautiful and great at work. We've planned litter after dual purpose parents. More infotmations on our website.

Labrador Retriever

Finlej Aluzja - Manchester Terrier stud dogPoland Dog Breeders
FINLEJ Aluzja - Manchester Terrier stud dog

FINLEJ Aluzja - manchester terrier, stud dog International Champion, Multichampion date of birth: 07/06/2009 hight: 40 cm von Willebrand's desease: genotype N/N.

Manchester Terrier

Secret of Love FCI West Highland White TerrierPoland Dog Breeders
Secret of Love FCI
West Highland White Terrier

Secret of Love FCI West Highland White Terrier kennel from Poland.

West Highland White Terrier

Go Chuken Kiku Kensha - Shiba inu breederFrance Dog Breeders
Go Chuken Kiku Kensha - Shiba inu breeder

Shiba inu breeder Shiba inu imported from Japan !

Shiba Inu

z Czartowego Pola FCIPoland Dog Breeders
z Czartowego Pola FCI

We are a small hobby kennel in Poland dedicated to the love and improvement of the schnauzer standard. Our purpose as conscientious breeders is to breed excellent quality schnauzers that can live as family members and companions, as well as to preserve their balanced temperament, beautiful type, soundness, and health.

We are committed to the improvement of the Schnauzer Standard, and carefully choose our breeding stock based on the above qualities. We breed no more than 1 litters a year, allowing us to give each puppy the attention it needs for a healthy and happy start in life.

Schnauzer Standard

Französische Bulldoggen vom NordstrandGermany Dog Breeders
Französische Bulldoggen vom Nordstrand

Liebhaberzucht mit Herz und Verstand für Französische Bulldoggen. Zeitweise haben wir bestens geprägte in der Familie aufgezogene Welpen abzugeben. Ich freue mich über Ihren Besuch auf meiner HP.

French Bulldog

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