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English Bulldogs and Pugs ArcitaCzech Republic Dog Breeders
ARCITA - English Bulldog and Pug

Our breeding station ARCITA was established in 1990 and except for english bulldogs we also successfully breeded Dandie Dinmont Terriers and moloss races. We always started goal-directed animal breeding on the imported stallion dogs that exceeded in quality and absence of problems.

Outbound dogs from our station are already representing their owners at exhibitions. They are holders of the highest assessments and prizes from national, international and european exhibitions. We breeded Champions, Interchampions, Multichampions and World and European champions and winners. We ensure an all-day and affectionate care for the dogs and for puppies particularly. We strictly obey principals of correct diet and a permanent contact with people and dogs.

English Bulldog         Pug

King Charles Spaniels kennel z ValldemoseCzech Republic Dog Breeders
kennel z Valldemose

We breed all coloured varietes of King charles spaniel.

King Charles Spaniel

Tibetan Mastiffs Songcän GampoCzech Republic Dog Breeders
Songcän Gampo

Websites about our dogs - pedigrees, puppies, litters, shows, photos and more.

Tibetan Mastiff

Poodles KrálováciCzech Republic Dog Breeders

Info website - Standard poodles breeder CZ+SK.


Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Kennel Wanton Buddy'sCzech Republic Dog Breeders

Irish soft coated wheaten terrier - breeding based on the old quality European breed lines. Type - temperament - soudness.

Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Central Asian Shepherd Dogs kennel Medzhal Ala - AlabaiCzech Republic Dog Breeders
Medzhal Ala kennel (ALABAI)
Central Asian Shepherd Dogs

We have CAO's from Russia with turkmenian and novosibirian bloodline (line of INTCh. Darstan Alladin, Ch. Ayla Ak Sulu-aborigen from Turkmenia-by this female we have two littersisters, INTCh. Gray Vest Lubim, GCh. Ashdar - S.Galiaskarov, INTCH. Shaimerden, INTCH. Tau Bay, Ch. Sary Shaitan Kibirka, fighting dogs Alar, Aray-turkmenian, dog etc.. )

Please visit our wesite to see our Central Asian Shepherds :-). We have puppies by russian-turkmenian bloodline available !

Central Asian Shepherd Dog

Chinese Crested Dogs Modrý  VánekCzech republic Dog Breeders

Welcome to our kennel. We breed Chinese Crested Dog from proved bloodlines. We are from Czech republic.

Chinese Crested Dog

Bichon Frise kennel CharnettCzech Republic Dog Breeders
CHARNETT Bichon Frise

Kennel CHARNETT established in 1982, intent on a health, vitality and quality exterier of litters. Our puppies are bearers of more than 100 Champion-titles from different countries of the world.

Bichon Frise

Dachshunds z Jílovišťských lesůCzech Republic Dog Breeders
z Jílovišťských lesů

Breeding of standard long haired dachshunds /teckels/ in red colour. Kennel from Czech republic.


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