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Labradorzucht von ZollernGermany Dog Breeders
Labradorzucht von Zollern

We are breeding Labrador Retriever (Showline) in South Germany (Bavaria) We are a small family breeders and not mass breeding. Visit our Homepage to get more informations.

Labrador Retriever

Easdales Kerry Blue TerrierSaarland, Germany Dog Breeders
Easdales Kerry Blue Terrier

We are a small breeder of Kerry Blue Terrier and West-Highland-white-Terrier located in den south of Germany near Munich. All our dogs and the puppies lieve in our house as a part of the family. We breed for you with all our care, so you can join this wonderful breed.

Kerry Blue Terrier         West Highland White Terrier

Sylness - PudelGermany Dog Breeders

Besides photography since many years our love belongs to the smallest of a big breed, especially to the colour apricot. The unique combination of intelligence, vitality and endearing charm make these funny guys to something special!

In society and on events the little SYLNESS's inspire with her temperament, her elegance and her lovable charm - at home, our poodles are just hot beloved family members. At this point a big thank you to all who support our passion with joy!


Camino Del Alba - Golden RetrieverSaarland, Germany Dog Breeders
Camino Del Alba - Golden Retriever

Camino Del Alba - Golden Retriever aus dem Saarland. Noch wenige Welpen sind da! Besuchen Sie doch unsere Homepage.

Golden Retriever

Silvermoon ColliesGermany Dog Breeders
Silvermoon Collies

We breed rough collies in tricolor, blue merle, sable and white factored in the American type. Our focus is on health, temperament, and a moderate length coat.

Collie Rough

von Rheinhorst Kerry Blue TerrierGermany Dog Breeders
von Rheinhorst Kerry Blue Terrier

25 Jahre erfolgreiche Kerry Blue Terrier Zucht

Oberste Maxime meiner Zucht ist es erbgesunde, standardgerechte Kerrys zu züchten, die durch ihr fröhliches und freundliches Wesen bestechen und ihren neuen Besitzern als Weggefährten über viele Jahre große Freude bereiten. Diese Familientradition führe ich in der 3.Generation fort. Weitere Informationen und viele Bilder finden sie auf der angegebenen Homepage.

Kerry Blue Terrier

Matamba's Spirit of AfricaGermany Dog Breeders
Matamba's Spirit of Africa

A special breed with a very rare bloodline. Ntchwaidumela EastLuis and Adia of Ekongo Kaross ... are proudly present 14th healthy puppies.

7 boy (2 Liver) and 7 girls (3 Liver) all puppies with ridge, no knicked tail and no DS!!! Now you can look at oure webpage the pictures and write me an e-mail for more informations.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Wild Divine Australian ShepherdsGermany Dog Breeders
Wild Divine Australian Shepherds

Breeder of Australian Shepherds from working lines since 1996 (VDH / FCI). Our offspring successfully trained for herding, in every variety of dog sports, especially agility, and are used as therapy and rescue dogs.

Australian Shepherd

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