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of Sommerville Beagle KennelHungary Dog Breeders
of Sommerville Beagle Kennel

The of Sommerville Beagle Kennel was registered in 2006 by the Federation Cynoligique Internationale (FCI). If you are interested in the beagle breed spend time on the browsing our pages.


Snoopy Kid Beagle KennelHungary Dog Breeders
Snoopy Kid Beagle Kennel

Snoopy Kid Beagle Kennel from Hungary.


Cool Valley kennelHungary Dog Breeders
Cool Valley kennel

High quality Golden Retrievers.

Golden Retriever

Irish Cream KennelHungary Dog Breeders
Irish Cream Kennel

At the first sight we fell in love with the magnificent irish wolfhound when we first saw one in book. Then, we decided to have one, no matter what.

When we finally got our first irish wolfhound, namely Cranberry of Twilight Zone (breeder: Szetei Viktória) we didn't even think that we would become breeders.

Since then, we have had 10 litters and we have participated on more than 300 dog shows including world and european dog shows. Our dogs have performad very well in 21 countries of Europe.

Health has always been a priority issue in our kennel, as well as the satisfaction of those who bought a puppy from us. Whenever they need our help they can call us anytime and anywhere. We offer our help in the way of keeping, grooming, training for shows and health as well.

Irish Wolfhound

Eszter-Házi Drótos Hungarian Wirehaired VizslasHungary Dog Breeders
Eszter-Házi Drótos
Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas from the original home of the breed! Please visit our webpage!

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla

Scubulorum Coton de Tulear kennelHungary Dog Breeders
Scubulorum Coton de Tulear kennel

We breed Coton de Tulear. Please take a look at our website for more information. Best regards!

Coton de Tuléar

Szőlőhegy Szépe Great Dane kennel Hungary Dog Breeders
Szőlőhegy Szépe Great Dane kennel

Szőlőhegy Szépe Great Dane kennel from Hungary. Please visit our website!

Great Dane

Dashing Dawn shepherdHungary Dog Breeders
Dashing Dawn shepherd

White suisse shepherd & border collie kennel (2007).

White Swiss Shepherd Dog         Border Collie

Naughty Hunter English SettersHungary Dog Breeders
Naughty Hunter English Setters

We are a small Kennel of English setters located in Hungary. Please have a look at our website.

English Setter

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