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Ohoi NewfoundlandsNorway Dog Breeders
Ohoi Newfoundlands

Breeders of Newfoundland.


Local Hero's Xolointzcuintle and Chinese Crested DogsNorway Dog Breeders
Local Hero's

Breeder of Xolointzcuintle and Chinese Crested in domestic environment in Norway. Welcome to visit our site!

Xoloitzcuintle         Chinese Crested Dog

Kennel of the Witches MeltingpotNorway Dog Breeders
Kennel of the Witches Meltingpot

Breeder of Mastino Napoletano & Mastin Espanol, Norway.

Mastino Napoletano         Mastin Espanol

Kennel Reject Chinese Crested DogsNorway Dog Breeders
Kennel Reject

Exquisite topwinning Chinese Crested.

Chinese Crested Dog

Kennel Di ChiNorway Dog Breeders
Kennel Di Chi

Small scale breeding of minis black and silver, with focus on quality.

Miniature Schnauzer

Aroyal KennelNorway Dog Breeders

Top winning breeder of Am.Cocker Spaniel & Rottweiler in Norway.

American Cocker Spaniel         Rottweiler

French Bulldog

Kennel Top WesseltonNorway Dog Breeders

Top winning Am.Cocker & Berger de brie/Briard in Norway.

Briard         American Cocker Spaniel

Rottweiler Kennel Black RegencyNorway Dog Breeders

Rottweiler Kennel in Norway. Top Winning Show Dogs.


Le Sphinx BorzoiNorway Dog Breeders
Le Sphinx Borzoi

Le Sphinx are a Norwegian Borzoi kennel taking great pride and care in our special breed. Learn about Le Sphinx and Borzoi's at our site, with news and information, and lots of photos.


Kennel Riesen ArticNorway Dog Breeders
Kennel Riesen Artic

Giant Schnauzer black and salt/pepper.

Giant Schnauzer

Flor de Canela KennelNorway Dog Breeders
Flor de Canela

A small breed of chihuahua in home invirement .


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