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Tornarosa Alaskan Malamute & Labrador RetrieverPoland Dog Breeders
Tornarosa Alaskan Malamute
& Labrador Retriever

We live in Sroda Wielkopolska in Poland Our home is locate near beautiful lake and forest. We have many place to walks with our dogs and for canicross. Our dogs live in our home, If they will they have possible spent many time in the garden.

Puppies always born and grow up in home. Our dogs are feed by Eukanuba. We will breed Alaskan Malamute in type similar to Nanuke line. We are also breeder of Labrador Retrivers we love England lines.

Alaskan Malamute         Labrador Retriever

Illamar Alaskan Malamute & Siberian HuskyPoland Dog Breeders
ILLAMAR Alaskan Malamute
& Siberian Husky

Welcome in our website
Our kennel was registret in 2001, the kennel name in Native American People mean friend.

The first Alaskan Malamute appear in 1999 and change all my life . In our breeder plan we aspire to old Storm Kloud type from `80s.

Our All breedings are carrefullmatch, profound analyses pedigrees, working predisposition, health, character and appearance. We havent`s many dogs, because we belive and practise that each need only for own 5 minutes .

Our committed and toil put in kennel, our dogs whichone live with us and where breed by us gived and give many reasons to be happy and proud.

We live in Poland in really small village Wolica Piaskowa We decide for this place,because it`s our dream come true - we have small home in forest, where we have many many forest path for walks, sledding,we have many meadow, and small lake

This place permit for many activity connected with northern dogs , its our paradaise on the Earth. Whatever dogs have place outside, in home always is minimum one Puppies always born and grow up in home, but when weather is great and they are enought large, they are enjoy when have possible to spent many time in puppy pen.

Alaskan Malamute         Siberian Husky

Malamute Sanctuary FCI - Alaskan MalamutePoland Dog Breeders
Malamute Sanctuary FCI
Alaskan Malamute

Our kennel is very young since 2006, first litter born in 2008. But acquisition of knowledge in the direction of Alaskan Malamute become from 1997.

Each par are in our breeding carefully selected in order to achieve our goal, which is beautiful, powerful introduce, and at the same time full of zeal for work, with typical of the breed for appearance and character, healthy Alaskan Malamute. We don't try to breed a luxury or a typical " working malamutes - we aim to balancing of these features. We try to continuing the breeding works on which is heart of the thrust and commitment famous breeders in the country of born the breed. We want to breed in order to consolidate and recorded features beautiful Alaskan Malamute. to be surrounded a beautiful, healthy malamutes, forming a good team in sled to the beauty of values demonstrated in the exhibition of dogs and, above all, provide a valuable genetic baggage for further generations. We hope that this what we do be appreciated and we will invite You to visit our virtual and real kennel. On our website will continuously arrive information about malamutes and photos not only our malamutes. Our dogs is ours love, ours world.

We live in a small village near Rzeszów in Poland surrounded by meadows and forests. Malamutes at home are permanent, in the garden also they have spacious dogs pen. Puppies in the first weeks is staying at home, however, and when the weather is conducive and they are older, spend their days on the puppypen just for them, in which there is a mini playground for puppies.

Alaskan Malamute

from Marcyporeba Great Dane and English Bulldog kennelPoland Dog Breeders
from Marcyporeba
Great Dane and English Bulldog kennel

The great danes and english bulldog kennel from Marcyporeba is inviting in to our website. We love great deans, which are living with us.

Great Dane         English Bulldog

CARMEN spod Góry ŚlężyPoland Dog Breeders
CARMEN spod Góry Ślęży

Date of birth: 15.04.2009r.
Tattoo ID: R281
Mental Tests: 5 / 5
Dysplasia: HD: A ED: 0 / 0
Breeding Status: Breeding Female
Puppies: Litter T,
Father: Junior Champion  Ch.Pl Int.Ch Chuck Tanais
Mother: BAXA spod Raduni

Gay funny girl, with strong bones and typically feminine head, fond of small children, caring, self-confident. As a puppy she liked to catch his grandmother and me and the rest of the family, was very fond of her, always keeping pace with me, always support me in spirit, and for that I love her.: ** I have from the beginning I knew that this little girl will stay with me! : D

Bernese Mountain Dog

Tores z Klanu PosokowcówPoland Dog Breeders
Tores z Klanu Posokowców

Zapraszamy do odwiedzenia naszej strony, reproduktor Tores z Klanu Posokowców FCI.

Bavarian Mountain Scenthound

Hodowla psów rasowych FuriaPoland Dog Breeders
Hodowla psów rasowych FURIA

Hodowla z wieloletnim doświadczeniem znajdująca się w centrum Polski. Akita amerykańska oraz Shiba inu .

American Akita         Shiba Inu

BulmaroPoland Dog Breeders

"BULMARO"! Welcome to the kennel boston terrier. The best in Poland. BERTA Bulmaro, Excellent puppies.

Boston Terrier         Rottweiler

DominatorPoland Dog Breeders

Witam serdecznie na stronie domowej hodowli piesków do towarzystwa DOMINATOR i zapraszam do jej obejrzenia.

Japanese Chin         Chihuahua

Sangoma Rhodesian RidgebackPoland Dog Breeders
SANGOMA Rhodesian Ridgeback

We are breeders and dog trainer. Ridgeback are our passion. Visit site to get more information about our dogs and puppies. Have fun :)

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Buldog Angielski - Hodowla Czin-CzinPoland Dog Breeders
Buldog Angielski - Hodowla Czin-Czin

Hodowla Buldogów angielskich w Polsce. Zapraszamy do odwiedzin naszej strony internetowej.

Breeder of English Bulldog in Poland. Please visit our webpage.

English Bulldog

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