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Wilcza SagaPoland Dog Breeders
Wilcza Saga

Kennel of Czechoslovakian wolfdogs. Dogs are our passion, our lives and dreams. There are members of our family and our friends. Because is there anything more beautiful than gold wolf eyes?

Czeslovakian Wolfdog

Musterland (FCI)Poland Dog Breeders
Musterland (FCI)

Kleiner Munsterlander Kennel in Poland.

Small Munsterlander

Eaglefield Irish Red SetterPoland Dog Breeders
EAGLEFIELD Irish Red Setter

Animals are our friends and members of our family!

Irish Red Setter

Z domu Rosa - Chihuahua'sPoland Dog Breeders
Z domu Rosa - Chihuahua's

Since my childhood my biggest passion were animals, but the most interesting animals are dogs. The first dog I got from my parents at age of seven, it was a short-haired fox terrier.

From her, I began my adventure with breeding dogs. Two years ago I decided to restart breeding dogs, I had only to choose the right breed for me. I was looking for a small dog which is economical for a large house or as well for a small apartment, which could easily go on holiday with hi owner. Chihuahua was my decision. I started to collect information about this breed. I read books, meet breeders and searched the internet.

Due to my high expectations it took me a long time to find the perfect female, which could be the best for my breed. Finally, I went to an international exhibition in Germany, and I talked with a breeder who took the first place. Then I visited his kennel and chose a lovely female chihuahua. Liliana von Candybell surpassed all my expectations. In addition to personal charm, dignified gait she is also incredibly intelligent. She is very clean at home, does not bark, outdoor she can walk without a leash, I just wish all of Chihuahua's were such nature as Lili. Therefore, I recommend puppies from our kennel.


Roztoczańskie EchoPoland Dog Breeders
Roztoczańskie Echo Karelian bear dog

Karelian bear dog - hunter from Zamość, Poland.

Karelian Bear Dog

Zakira - kennel Jack Russell TerrierPoland Dog Breeders
ZAKIRA - kennel Jack Russell Terrier

Welcome to all lovers of the breed JRT. We fish these small, energetic and happy pets.In a small body Holy Spirit!

Jack Russell Terrier

Andruszewsky Zakątek FCI HavanesePoland Dog Breeders
Andruszewsky Zakątek FCI - Havanese

I invite to the side of our home farming havanese.


Hodowla Terra Atlantis FCI - ChihuahuaPoland Dog Breeders
Hodowla Terra Atlantis FCI - Chihuahua

Chihuahua Rodowodowe Krótkowłose - Hodowla  *Terra Atlantis* FCI. Sprzedaż szczeniąt.


Glitter StarsPoland Dog Breeders

Breeder of Bullmastiff in Poland. Information about our dogs and the breed.


Kalong - Beauceron, Chart Polski, Charcik Włoski, Owczarek
Podhalański, Pinczer ŚredniPoland Dog Breeders
KALONG - Beauceron, Chart Polski, Charcik Włoski, Owczarek Podhalański, Pinczer

Hodowla kalong oferuje psy rodowodowe następujących ras: Deutsche Pinscher (pinczer średni), Tatra Shepherd Dog (owczarek podhalański), Polish Greyhound (chart polski), Beauceron (owczarek francuski-beauceron), Italiano Greyhound (charcik włoski).

Beauceron         Polish Greyhound         Italian Greyhound         Tatra Shepherd Dog

German Pinscher

Amicus CanisPoland Dog Breeders

Shorthair and longhair Chihuahuas.


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