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Landseer TeamPoland Dog Breeders
Landseer Team

We are inviting you to our website (in polish and in german). We introduce you a very beautiful and friendly puppies which are excellent choice if you need a loving family member.

We have much fun with them, they are intelligent and have a very nice character. They are the best choice if you are interested in breeding or showing! Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to have one of the boys :-)


Błękitna Przystań FCI Cane Corso ItalianoPoland Dog Breeders
Błękitna Przystań / FCI

Kennel of Cane Corso Italiano.

Cane Corso Italiano

Malinois Kennel Extreme SpitfirePoland Dog Breeders
Extreme Spitfire Malinois Kennel

Small kennel of belgian malinois. All about malinois!

Belgian Shepherd Dog - Malinois

Baluarte de Los Perros ex Ostoja Molosow KennelPoland Dog Breeders
Baluarte de Los Perros
ex Ostoja Molosow Kennel

Baluarte de Los Perros ex Ostoja Molosow - Dogo Canario vel Presa Canario Kennel. On this page you can find informations about the breed, kennel, our dogs and puppies and huge photo gallery.

Canary Islands Mastiff

havanese.orangespace.plPoland Dog Breeders

Welcome on my website! It's about havanese and yorkshire terriere. You can see on it my dog's and ours photo's. Best wishes!

Havanese         Yorkshire Terrier

Hodowla z Lasow PreczowskichPoland Dog Breeders
Hodowla z Lasow Preczowskich

Site devoted to three breeds of dogs breeding, Weimaraner, Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, Thai Ridgeback. Our dogs win high marks for exhibitions. We are inviting cordially.

Weimaraner         Czeslovakian Wolfdog

Thai Ridgeback Dog

Bisurman Tibetan MastiffPoland Dog Breeders

Hodowla BISURMAN zaprasza do odwiedzin naszej strony internetowej i rezerwacji szczeniąt.

Tibetan Mastiff

Grand Sen FCIPoland Dog Breeders
Grand Sen (FCI)

Standard Schnauzers Pepper & Salt from Poland.

Standard Schnauzer

swiatczarnegoteriera.republika.plPoland Dog Breeders

Site devoted Black Terriers from Poland, stud males, kennels, puppies, gallery with a lot of fantastic BRT's pictures, a lot of information about breed (grooming, health, behaviour, dog showe results and more) about 600 links from BRT's web page from all of the world.

Black Terrier

Lupusek KennelPoland Dog Breeders

Kennel of Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs.

Czeslovakian Wolfdog

kennel Dolce Perro BullmastiffsPoland Dog Breeders
kennel Dolce Perro - bullmastiffs

Dolce Perro is home kennel of bullmastiff from southern Poland.


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