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Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier kennel Modny StyleRussia Dog Breeders

Kennel Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier "MODNY STYLE".

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Shar Pei Chernyi ChizhRussia Dog Breeders
Chernyi Chizh Chinese Shar Pei

Top Russian Breeder 2005, 2006 according to rating of National Club, Breeder of J.European Winners`2006, Breeder of Res. World Winner`2006
Breeder of National Specialty Winners`2005,2007
Breeder of Eurasia Champions`2004, 2007, 2008.

We have been breeding and exhibiting Chinese Shar-Pei since 1994, finishing more than 40 FCI championships. All of our dogs excel in type, movement and longevity.All our Shar Pei puppies are kept indoors. From the early age they adjust to the environment in the best possible way. All of our Shar Pei dogs have wonderful loving temperaments and reproduce this temperament in their puppies.

Shar Pei

Our dogsRussia Dog Breeders
Our dogs

The site is devoted to our dogs: to St. Bernards and Japanese chins.

St.Bernard         Japanese Chin

American Staffordshire Terriers Victory Way kennelRussia Dog Breeders
Victory Way kennel
of American Staffordshire Terrier

American Staffordshire Terriers, Puppies, Fotos, Results of Dog Show.

American Staffordshire Terrier

Brussels Griffon Surprise from Moscow RegionRussia Dog Breeders
Surpriz iz Podmoskovya
(Surprise from Moscow Region)

Natalya Novikova is well known as one of the leading experts and the most dedicated breeders of the Griffon Bruxellois in Russia. She started breeding the rough and smooth-coated Griffon Bruxellois a decade ago and continues to exercise professional and dedicated approach in doing so.

Natalya has bred several generations of domestic and international dog show winners with the Syurpriz iz Podmoskovya affix.

Brussels Griffon

Boxers Almera'sRussia Dog Breeders
Almera's Boxer Kennel

Boxer kennel from Russia.

German Boxer

Среднеазиатская овчарка в МосквеRussia Dog Breeders
Среднеазиатская овчарка в Москве

Среднеазиатская овчарка в Москве. Алабай, САО, Среднеазиатский волкодав ... Наши Азиаты - рабочие собаки. Работают на охране объекта и участвуют в соревнованиях по ОКД, ЗКС, вейтпуллингу и даже аджилити.

Central Asia Shepherd Dog

Bullterrier on-lineRussia Dog BreedersUkraine Dog Breeders
Bullterrier on-line

Bullterrier on-line Russia, Ukraina, Belarusia, Latvia, Litva, Estonia. Foto, pedigree, kennels, shows.

Bull Terrier / Miniature Bull Terrier

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