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Melaisey RottweilersGreat Britain Dog Breeders
Melaisey Rottweilers

Where Health Counts.


Fernhaven Border CollieLondon, UK Dog Breeders
Fernhaven Border Collie

Fernhaven is a small family Kennel of the United Kingdom, with many years of experience in sharing our life with the Border Collie.

Border Collie

Dogue de Bordeaux Gingerninga-KennelsEngland Dog Breeders

Welcome to Gingerninga Bordeaux!
We are Jonathan and Tracy Wall and our three daughters Ashley, Amy and Reece. We live in a small town in Nottinghamshire with our bordeauxs. We strive to breed all our dogs to the Kennl Club breed standard.

Our dogs are all hipscored and DNA profiled. We hope you enjoy looking around. First and formost all our Dogues are kept as part of our family. Our love and passion for this magnificent breed is second to none.

Dogue de Bordeaux

Taffbullola BulldogsEngland Dog Breeders
Taffbullola Bulldogs

We are a show small kennel based in Lancshire.


Maverick BulldogsUK Dog Breeders
Maverick Bulldogs

Maverick Bulldogs, Bulldog Enthusiasts, Exhibiters and Extremely good Bulldogs!

Description: A loving and caring home for our wonderful Bulldogs, No kennels just us and the settee!  Watch us on SKY 1 HD in the Dogumentary.  We love to show, and support our breed.  Member of the Junior Bulldog Committee and breed enthusiast!

Come in, look around we hope you like our website and don't forget to sign the guest book!
Thanks you


Datiro PugsUK Dog Breeders
Datiro Pugs

Datiro Pugs are a small kennel of Blacks and Fawns who we proudly show whenever possible. We do not breed on a large scale with only one, maybe two litters a year. However, enquiries and general puggy qustions always welcomed.


Lartamax LabradorsNorthern Ireland Dog Breeders
Lartamax Labradors

We are a small labrador kennel based in Northern Ireland with a keen interest in working labradors Retrievers.

We only to keep a small number of select dogs all of which will be from quality field trial lines. Our dogs are bred for good health, intelligence, good nose and reliability with the aim of producing excellent gundogs and family pets. We only breed the occasional litter of labrador pups and this is usually because we are trying to further our own lines and produce a pup for ourselves. All pups will be available to veted homes only. All our dogs are hip scored and have current eye test certificates.

Labrador Retriever

UK StaffiesUnited Kingdom Dog Breeders
uk staffies

A friendley forum recentley opened, come and chat about staffys and help members who need help and guidance in owning this beaytiful breed.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Cirneco dell Etna at Anharbn HoundsUnited Kingdom Dog Breeders
Anharbn Hounds

The small Hound that fits in any where. Pharaoh Hounds - Top Breeder.

Cirneco dell'Etna         Pharaoh Hound         Ibizan Hound

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