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Vanderzar Great DanesGreat Britain Dog Breeders
Vanderzar Great Danes

Home to Blue great danes bred for Temprement.

Great Dane

Innim AkitasUnited Kingdom Dog Breeders
Innim Akitas

We are a small show kennel located in Moreton-In-Marsh in the heart of the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire.

Our Akitas are well socialised with people, children and farm animals, they have daily access to 8 acres on our family run farm.


Devonelite LabradorsUK Dog Breeders
Devonelite Labradors

We can't really be called a kennel as all of the dogs at Devonelite live in the house and if they are not out on our walks on the black mountain then they can be normally be found on the sofas or curled up next to the fire.

We feel very privileged to have the dogs we have here at Devonelite, each have their own personality and approach to life but we are proud of the fact that we are producing dogs who have lovely conformation, breed type and true labrador temperament. Here at Devonelite we also have 3 GENERATIONS OF PETS AS THERAPY DOGS, which means the dogs can bring a lot of happiness to those in residential care and hospital.

At Devonelite we only breed when we want something for ourselves. We breed all 3 colours of labrador - black, chocolate and yellow. All dogs are KC Registered and have current hip and eye certificates. Quality puppies are occasionally available to pet/show homes. Our puppies are reared in the house with lots of handling and socialisation. They are raised with other dogs, cats and children.

Before anything else our dogs are much loved family pets and regardless of what they win in the ring etc they are the best dogs ever, who mean the world to us. The main emphasis for everyone at Devonelite is to HAVE FUN.

Labrador Retriever

Bullmastiffs UrbandreamEngland Dog Breeders
Urbandream Bullmastiffs

The Urbandream affix was granted in Dec 2006 (which was easy to pick due to my second love been Urban music). We believe our way forward for Urbandream is to only breed from Hipscored-DNA-Health tested dogs.

Rogan has been a Cruft Qualifier 2007 ..2008... 2009 she was consistently placed thoughtout her Puppy Career. We are not Kennel but a family with a passion for this wonderful breed all our dogs live in the home with us and are very much part of our family and are first and foremost are our much loved pets.

Ive owned this breed now for 7 years so are still very much a newcomers to the breed,We have meet some wonderful people (most have become very good friends) and Ive learnt so much .we do enjoy showing at both open and championship shows Its a great day out to meet friends " We also bring the best dog home".

We are also taking up obedience dog training in 2008 with Rogan **watch this space.


Chihuahuas SerendipitysUnited Kingdom Dog Breeders
Serendipitys Chihuahuas

We breed short haired Chihuahuas. We breed to KC standards and breed for excellent health and temperament. We also breed KC Reg Chocolate, Chocolate/tan, Blue, Blue/tan.

We will ship worldwide. We have also had a lot of experience dealing with pet passports Please feel free to contact us anytime for a friendly chat.


Deerhounds BreesfaltScotland Dog Breeders
Breesfalt Deerhounds

A site dedicated to our love of this very special breed, the Deerhound.


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