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The Delcantico KennelPoland Dog Breeders
The Delcantico Kennel

We are fully convinced that with enough love and devotion, both with technical and medical support we create optimal conditions for our pets."Cantico delle Creature" is the song of Saint Francis of Assisi. There he calls out the beast as his brothers and sisters. Just like we do! In 2004 we found it proper for us to make it the name of our kennel.

The term of the kennel brings rather procreative meaning of the word, and we do agree with that. But among our pets we have deserted, disables, lost and found without our help totally unable to carry the ballast of life. We treat them equally and pay as much attention and care as needed.In 2006 we registered us in FCI under the full name "Cantico delle Creature". Except that we are members of Polish Kennel Club - ZKWP, Italian Kennel Club - ENCI, Italian Club of Sighthounds - Club del Levriero - CDL and Italian Volpino Italiano Rescue Federation - ATAVI.

Thank you for interest of our site and welcome to The Cantico Kennel!

Pomeranian         Irish Wolfhound         Volpino Italiano         Peruvian Hairless Dog

Azawakhs De Garde-EpéeFrance Dog Breeders
De Garde-Epée Azawakhs

One of the most famous Azawakh kennel in the world since 1987. Mostly old French lines and NEW AFRICAN imported lines. Breeding mostly RED but also BRINDLE and SAND colors.

TigiditItaly Breeders

The only italian kennel recognized ENCI/FCI with kennel name got breeding azawakh. Operating since 1998. It combines the best European lines with recent African blood. Important resuls obtained in the most important show for breed and in coursing. Well balanced characters. Since 1999 also podenco ibicenco imported from Spain.

Ibizan Warren Hound

Jamarqui Borzoi  KC Registered Accredited BreederEngland Dog Breeders
Jamarqui Borzoi
KC Registered Accredited Breeder

We are a small kennel in the Hertfordshire counrty side, breeding selectively for health, temperment and type. Ensure all our stock is "fit for purpose" Our lines go back to the very old English hounds, all bred to the highest standard for substance, size and elegent gracefulness

Borzoi         Jack Russell Terrier

L'Epine à Miel - AzawakhsFrance Dog Breeders
de L'Epine à Miel - Azawakhs

L'azawakh, oska, lévrier du sahel, lévrier des touaregs, un compagnon attachant, intelligent, d'une grande sensibilité, un chien hors du commun. Une pure merveille. Origine coursing et beauté.

The Azawakh, Oska, Sahel greyhound, greyhound of the Tuaregs, an endearing companion, intelligent, high sensitivity, a dog out of the ordinary. A marvel. Origin coursing and beauty.

Der Azawakh, Oska, Sahel Windhund, der Tuaregs, ein liebenswerter Begleiter, intelligent, hohe Empfindlichkeit, einen Hund aus der gewöhnlichen Windhund. Ein Wunder. Origin Coursing und Schönheit.

Kennel al Peerrara !!Spain Dog Breeders
Kennel al Peerrara !!

Kennel al Peerrara. Berja, Almeria Spain. Breeder of Azawakh. Red, brindle and sand.

Takellaout N'afa AzawakhsHungary Dog Breeders
Takellaout N'afa Azawakhs

The only FCI registered Azawakh kennel in Hungary since 2005.

el GhafiriGermany Dog Breeders
el Ghafiri

Salukis since 1992 and now Azawakh ...


Eidi n'Amanar azawakhsPoland Dog Breeders
Eidi n'Amanar azawakhs

Our breeding Eidi n'Amanar in Tuareg language means dogs of Orion. Tuaregs believe that Orion is the place where these dogs come from.

My fascination with African greyhounds began many years ago, when I saw the first azawakh at the dog show in Lausanne. I decided to breed these wonderful dogs. So gradually I shall strive for diversity in the gene pool of these dogs and carefully selected dogs to be healthy, free from genetic diseases, have balanced the characters and enjoyed his oriental eyes, breathtaking design.

AtleticoPoland Dog Breeders

Welcome to the website of Dog Breeding ATLETICO. Our culture can boast 25 years experience. Dog breeds that we breed are: French Bulldog, Chart Azawakh African, Thai Ridgeback, Boston Terrier, English Bulldog. Come and visit us people interested in buying the mating females and pups. We offer our assistance and our knowledge.

Witamy serdecznie na stronie hodowli psów rasowych ATLETICO. Nasza hodowla może poszczycić się 25 letnim doświadczeniem. Rasy jakie hodujemy to: Buldog francuski, Chart afrykański azawakh, Thai Ridgeback, Boston terrier, Buldog angielski. Zapraszamy osoby zainteresowane kryciem suk i zakupem szczeniąt. Służymy pomocą i naszą wiedzą.

Thai Ridgeback Dog         English Bulldog         French Bulldog         Boston Terrier

Du Domaine des Trois Clefs azawakhFrance Dog Breeders
Du Domaine des Trois Clefs azawakh

Retrouvez sur notre site toutes les informations sur nos azawakhs, pédigrée, photo, résultats, en compléments des news du blogs et de notre facebook.

Find on our site all information about our azawakhs, pedigree, photo, results, in complement to the news of us blogs and to our facebook.

Eheren En Tufat AzawakhsAustria Dog Breeders
Eheren En Tufat Azawakhs

We are a small kennel in Austria. We are breeding with the aspects of health and for the love and the future of the breed. Our puppies grow up with relation to our family and to our aduld dogs.

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