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Besnyöfalvi-Bojtor KennelHungary Dog Breeders
Besnyöfalvi-Bojtor Kennel



Fehér Csavargo Kuvasz kennelthe Netherlands Dog Breeders
Fehér Csavargo - Kuvasz kennel

Kuvasz kennel: Fehér Csavargo presents their Kuvasz. Please visit our website and you will find lots of interesting information and hundreds of beautiful pictures of this beloved breed: the Kuvasz. From time to time we breed a litter for the serious Kuvaszlover. You are welcome to visit. Thanks

Barátságos Bolyhos KuvaszkennelBelgium Dog Breeders
Barátságos Bolyhos Kuvaszkennel

Since 1983 we breed Kuvasz. We breed with good healthy dogs. Hipdysplasia free and PRA free. Our dogs have good characters and our puppy's are good socialized. You are always welcome to visit us or our website.

Kuvasz kennel Északi Irányban Belgium Dog BreedersNetherlands Dog Breeders
Északi Irányban  Kuvasz kennel

Since 2004 whe breed Kuvasz. Whe breeding one good characters and with good healthy dogs. Hipdysplasia free. Our dogs have good characters and whe socialized are pups very good. From time to time whe breed a litter for the serious Kuvasz Lover.

Visit our website and you will find lots of interesting information and beautifol photo's from this beloved breed. You are always welcome to visit us.

Kuvasz kennels A Gazdaság Ról & Egymásra TaláltunkNetherlands Dog Breeders
Kuvaszkennels A Gazdaság Ról
& Egymásra Találtunk

For Kuvasz information, kennel information and a lot of Kuvasz pictures, you have to visit our homepage. We are the Ackermans family and the Koogje family and we have been engaged with Kuvasz for many years.

We spoil them, play with them and take them for a walk. We breed the dogs and take them to exhibitions. But most of all, the Kuvasz brings a lot of joy into our lives.

Kuvasz Kennel ÉszbontóFrance Dog Breeders
Észbontó Kuvaszkennel

Welcome to the Észbontó-Kuvaszkennel. We are a small kennel who breeds Kuvasz in home enviroment.

Bienvenue chez Észbontó-Kuvaszkennel. Elevage familial pour la beauté et la noblesse du Kuvasz.

Willkommen im Észbontó-Kuvaszkennel. Wir sind eine kleine Hobbyzuchtstätte und unser bestreben ist es familienfreundliche und gesunde Kuvaszog zu züchten.

Häggblomman's Kuvasz KennelSweden Dog Breeders
Häggblomman's Kennel

Breeder of Kuvasz.

kennel Red Dog'sSweden Dog Breeders
kennel Red Dog's

Welcome to take a look on our wonderful breed Kuvasz.We live in a lovely place ,we have woods around us.We only have litters from time to time, becuse we want to give puppies the best you can get, like socialistion, food, care and every litters are part of a long time breeding plan.Please take a look and see our breeding, plans, Champion and mutch moore.

Kennel CsigoraSweden  Dog Breeders
Kennel Csigora

Kennel Csigora are situated in the south of Sweden and we have Kuvasz and Puli. Our goal is to produce top quality dogs for family life, shows and breeding. You are very welcome to visit our webpage for more information about Kuvasz, Puli, our coming puppies and plans for the future.


White Motion KuvaszUkraine Dog Breeders

Our house and our kennel are located in Kharkiv, Ukraine. The country has rich traditions of cynology; however, it is practically impossible to find dogs of Hungarian Kuvasz breed here.

Kuvasz-Zucht Vom QuecksilberGermany Dog Breeders
Kuvasz-Zucht Vom Quecksilber

In service of the Kuvasz since 1973; in 1980 we started breeding, full of idealism and inspired by our passion for the Kuvasz, but at the same time following a professional breeding concept.

Until today, Quecksilber-Kuvasz won more than 150 titels at european dog shows. Success came from responsibility, broad experise and a far- sighted breeding program, together with deep love for our companion, the dog.

We live closley together with our Kuvaszok and will give our kuvasz-puppies only to people sharing our idea and style of dog keeping.

Visitors are hearty invited to have a look at our beautiful kuvasz; on our website our maybe at home.

We are looking forward to your visit.

Kuvasz Zucht WigdalirBerlin, Germany Dog Breeders
Wigdalir - Kuvasz Zucht

Wir haben seit 1987 Kuvasz und pflegen Internationale Kontakte zu Züchter im In-und Ausland. Sie finden bei uns aktuelle Würfe und unseren eigenen Deckrüden.

Háromszéki Góbé Kennel - Puli, pumi, kuvasz &
komondorRomania Dog Breeders
Háromszéki Góbé Kennel
Puli, pumi, kuvasz & komondor

Puli, pumi & kuvasz dogs from the Háromszéki Góbé breed. Dr. Blága Zsolt István

Puli         Pumi         Komondor

Kennel EcarpadiSweden Dog Breeders
Kennel Ecarpadi

Kennel Ecarpadi is situated in Sweden, on the countryside right in between the three biggest towns; Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. We're a small kennel, run by mother and daughter, with a huge interest in dogs.

Welcome to visit our website! Unfortunately it's not yet translated to English, but just click around and have a look at our beautiful dogs, or send us an email.

Meresz - Élevage amateur de Bergers Hongrois KuvaszFrance Dog Breeders
Meresz - Élevage amateur de Bergers Hongrois Kuvasz

Après une première expérience dans les années 70, nous avons décidé de renouer avec cette race, qui a beaucoup de qualités. C'est non seulement un chien de protection, mais c'est aussi un excellent compagnon, très intelligent, très attaché à sa famille, très protecteur avec les enfants. Nous aimerions la faire connaître en France, alors que la race connaît le succès  ailleurs que dans son pays d'origine, notamment en Amérique du Nord et du Sud ainsi qu' au nord et à l'ouest de l'Europe.

Nous avons un couple FILONILLAN DORA CSILLAG, championne de France et MARUD VOM HÖLLENBRAND, RCACIB à la Mondiale 2011 à Paris.

Nous élevons depuis 26 ans des teckels nains à poil dur. Nous avons deux reproductrices dont une, USHUAÏA à la retraite et MERESZ FALBALA , sa fille  18 mois;


Tanyacsárda Őre Kuvasz KennelHungary Dog Breeders
Tanyacsárda Őre Kuvasz Kennel

: Welcome to Tanyacsarda Ore Kuvasz Kennel's website. We keep kuvasz since 1987, they are part of our lives.Our goal is to breed big dogs with strong bones,who can do their job fully,who show a real kuvasz character and can become the family's best friends. In 2011 we have the following dogs in our kennel: ...

Dorozsmai fehér kennelHungary Dog Breeders
Dorozsmai fehér kennel

Hi. Welcome to the Dorozsmai White Kennel High quality Puli és Kuvasz breed from Hungary. We proudly present our own dogs. Come and see our champions and available puppies. Family of healthy and top quality excellent show dogs. Puppies is looking for loving home.


A VízimalomBelgium Dog Breeders
A Vízimalom

We're a young family with 3 children and a heart filled with Kuvasz love. Our dogs are not onlu very healthy, they have a golden caracter and are very well socialised. They live among us and they live together with lots of other animals (dogs, cats, horses, a pig, sheeps, a bird and a goat). If you're also passionate bu Kuvasz, feel free to visit our website!

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