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 Retriever du Labrador

Bens-soul-angelsGermany Dog Breeders

We breed Labrador Retriever with passion and love. All your dogs live in our home and stay all the time by us. The puppies are have the whole family to play and we told them all they thinks they must learn for their life.

Celia's Labradors - Labrador Retriever KennelItaly Dog Breeders
Celia's Labradors
Labrador Retriever Kennel

Small Breeder of Labrador Retriever, yellow and black few litters a year. Dogs officially checked for hereditary diseases.

Animal Learn allevamento Labrador RetrieverFiuminata (MC), Italy Dog Breeders
Animal Learn
allevamento Labrador Retriever

Animal Learn,è un allevamento di Labrador Retriever e Cocker spaniel inglese,ottimi soggetti, garantiti geneticamente e caratterialmente. Dottoressa Giusy Mazzalupi,specialista in Comportamento animale.

English Cocker Spaniel

Kennel Ja-Sta CzechCzech Republic Dog Breeders

Hallo , Our kennel was established in 1992 . Our first was litter Golden retriever , Beagle and Labrador . Since 2006 breed Portuguese watter dog . The all our family lived dogs !

We breed dog only with exelent temperament , standard pups and with good work . More informaton we contac me , please . :)

Portuguese Water Dog         German Shorthaired Pointer         Bedlington Terrier

Flat Coated Retriever

Tumbarumba LabradorsDenmark Dog Breeders
Tumbarumba Labradors

Dedicated to quality breeding of multi-purpose standard Labradors in all three colours. Our aim is to breed and raise well motivated, healthy and happy Labs that do equally well as companions, in the field or in the show ring. We breed in accordance with the Danish Kennel Club (FCI) and Danish Retriever Club code of ethics for breeders.

Kwiat Pustyni Labrador RetrieverPoland Dog Breeders
Kwiat Pustyni Labrador Retriever

You can see our puppies almost as soon as they are born, so that as their future owner you could participate in their upbringing from the day one and create a strong bond, while it will be easier for us to part with them.

When ready to be handed over, the puppies will have been debuggeg, vaccinated, and protected from ticks. They will have also undergone the breeding inspection. The dogs will have their birth certificates entitling to a pedigree chart, the "layette" and a list of recommendations concerning feeding, health care and training. You can visit us any time without a former notice. Our dogs grow up in family atmosphere among children, and they love guests as much as we do.

If you do inform us about your visit in advance, we will greet you with a home-made cake. We can also offer you bed and breakfast. As we care immensely about our dogs, we reserve our right to choose their future owner. Please contact us via email rather than phone, as we need to consult our interpreter.

Labradorzucht von ZollernGermany Dog Breeders
Labradorzucht von Zollern

We are breeding Labrador Retriever (Showline) in South Germany (Bavaria) We are a small family breeders and not mass breeding. Visit our Homepage to get more informations.

Allevamento della ProvedaItaly Dog Breeders

Allevamento riconosciuto ENCI FCI per la selezione del Terranova, del Labrador Retriever, del Golsden Retriever, del Coton de Tulear. I nostri cuccioli sono allevati amorevolmente in casa e socializzati...

Newfoundland         Golden Retriever         Coton de Tuléar

Malis-MaizerRussia Dog Breeders

Давайте знакомиться- Я,  Мария Геннадьевна Ступницкая владелец питомника Малис Майзер, Россия, г. Волгоград. Питомник FCI-РКФ № 9193 Малис Майзер под своим названием был официально зарегистрирован  в 2008 году.

В то время поголовье собак составляли такие породы, как Американский бульдог, Ши-тцу и Таксы Стандартные.... Все эти собаки неоднократные участники и призеры выставок различного ранга и просто наши верные друзья!

С тех пор многое изменилось... Изменились или лучше сказать пополнились породы, которые привлекли наше внимание....

В питомнике появились Йоркширский терьер, Аргентинский дог и Лабрадор ретривер, о всех них можно говорить и писать часами, я постараюсь сделать это на их личных страничках!

В питомнике Малис Майзер представлен целый ряд собак редких пород.

Реально же питомник был основан в 2004 году.

Цели и задачи питомника-  выведение породных животных,  поддерживается линейное разведении, плановые вязки осуществляются путем постоянного отбора высокопородных и титулованных производителей. Осуществляется контроль и помощь в выращивании, воспитании полноценных, надежных и психически уравновешенных животных !

Воплощение мудрости и таинственности востока, собака хризантема или просто Ши-тцу. Благородный Лабрадор, Изысканный Аргентинский дог, очаровательная такса-Питомник Malis-Maizer предлагает щенков VIP класса.

Питомник гордится своими потомками и продолжает заниматься линейным разв-ем - Английские крови.

Shih Tzu         Dachshund         Dogo Argentino

believeme kennelSlovakia Dog Breeders

BELIEVEME kennel - labrador retrievers chocolate and black colors. We are family kennel.

Kennels Lusso AngeloRussia Dog Breeders
Kennels Lusso Angelo

Labrador-retriever, flat-coated retriever. Dogs, puppies, show.

Flat Coated Retriever

Allevamento My LabradorItaly Dog Breeders
Allevamento MY LABRADOR

Allevamento My Labrador, cuccioli di labrador retriever gialli, neri e chocolate con pedigree ENCI-ROI. Vaccinati, microchip, sverminati con certificato di garanzia sulla salute, pedigree Italiano. Genitori Italiani controllati per patologie anche e gomiti.

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