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 Labrador Retriever

 Retriever du Labrador

Elevage Labradors des Selkies O'NaïadeFrance Dog Breeders
Elevage Labradors des Selkies O'Naïade

Elevage familial de Labradors Retrievers chocolats et noirs LOF. Nous sommes situés en Lorraine, dans la Moselle, aux frontières de l'Allemagne, de la Belgique et du Luxembourg. Nous sommes Membres du Retriever Club de France.

Labradores Vikingos do UllaSpain Dog Breeders
Labradores Vikingos do Ulla

Cria y Selección del Labrador Retriever.

Hodowla Blue of BluesGliwice, Poland Dog Breeders
Hodowla Blue of Blues

Domowa Hodowla Psów rasy Labrador Retriever i Flat Coatet Retriever. Serdecznie zapraszam do odwiedzenia naszej strony.

Flat Coated Retriever

Labradors du Plateau Verdoyant
France Dog Breeders
Labradors du Plateau Verdoyant

Élevage de Labradors Retrievers situé en Haute-Normandie (27).

Nous élevons avec passion et veillons particulièrement au choix des étalons que nous utilisons ainsi qu'à la sociabilisation de nos chiots. Nous avons peu de portées, ce qui nous permet de nous consacrer pleinement à nos bébés.

Overijse Labradors and Irish WolfhoundsSweden Dog Breeders
Overijse Labradors and Irish Wolfhounds

In England we bred and showed Labradors for over 15 years, in 2010 we moved to the beautiful High coast of Northern Sweden where we have added a lovely Irish Wolfhound to our family. We will be campaigning her this summer. Please visit our site to see our dogs and what they are up to.

Irish Wolfhound

Roslieve KennelIreland Dog BreedersUnited Kingdom Dog Breeders
Roslieve Kennel

ROSLIEVE KENNEL Maintaining History by Planning For the Future

Welcome to ROSLIEVE KENNEL. We are situated in the outstanding Natural Beauty Landscape of ROSTREVOR, nestled in the Valley at the foot of the Mountains. We are a small Kennel dedicated to Showing and Breeding quality stock for Health, Soundness, Breed Type and Temperament. Each of these charactoristics are very important to us when breeding to try and give building blocks for a well balanced animal that will intergrate within a family home/environment. The two breeds close to my heart are the Labrador Retriever and the Siberian Husky. Puppies available from time to time. We breed only to have a youngster for showing. If you are interested in a puppy please contact us via our contact form and we can place you on our waiting list. All Enquiries Welcome.

Siberian Husky

Kadoris Newfoundland and Labrador RetriverBelarus Dog Breeders
Newfoundland and Labrador Retriver

Welcome to a site Kadoris!

We are engaged in breed Newfoundland and a labrador retriever. Here you will find a lot of information on dogs, and also on zootherapy in Belarus.


Di Nobile MorganaItaly Dog Breeders

Allevamento di Boston terrier e Labrador con esperienza pluriennale, dal 1989. Allevo cercando sempre di privilegiare salute e carattere, ma senza trascurare la bellezza.

Breeders from 1989, we enjoy our life with dogs and do all to give you happy and healthy puppies!!

Boston Terrier

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