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 Old Tyme Bulldog / Olde Tyme Bulldogge

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We are a small kennels based in heart of England in Worcestershire.

Our passion in the bulldog breed is to breed a healthier, fitter bulldog which you see in today's world. More than 20 years ago a gentleman called Ken Mollet started a breeding program to create a dog as it excisted in Victorian times.

Ourselves have been following the progress of theses dogs we have had a lot of help and guideance from Ken's brother Derik Mollet who begin the breed with the late Ken Mollet.

What started as a hobby has now become my strong passion to breed these bulldogs.

Old Tyme Bulldog

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Black Skull Bulldogs are aiming to find the perfect Olde Tyme Bulldog with great muscular strength, stability, athleticism and health . So with our dogs you will not be disappointed as we have some of the best bloodlines in the UK.

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