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 Thai Ridgeback Dog

 Chien thailandais ŕ cręte dorsale / Thailandischer Ridgeback

Turanka Thai Ridgeback DogCzech republik Dog Breeders
TURANKA - Thajský ridgeback

On these pages you can see my thai ridgeback dogs and their descendants. We also offer our handsome dog for dogs females.

Sahai PakdeeGermany Dog Breeders
Sahai Pakdee

Thailand-Ridgeback eine ganz besondere Rasse.

Thailand Ridgeback Manee SirungGermany Dog Breeders
Manee Sirung Thailand Ridgeback

Thailand Ridgeback Manee Sirung Caju Thai Bellijess schwarz / black Siam's TRB Cha-Am by DDP / isabella mit deutscher Zuchtzulassung / with german breeding license.

vom Crown Hill Thailand RidgebackGermany Dog Breeders
vom Crown Hill Thailand Ridgeback

Eine seltene, aussergewöhnliche, ausdruckstarke, exotische Hunderasse vom Uhrtyp.

Thai-Ridgeback von den drei KaiserbergenGermany Dog Breeders
von den drei Kaiserbergen Thai-Ridgeback

Selten, exotisch, ausdruckstark.

Thai Ridgeback Dog Kennel ThaimLine - ТаймЛайнRussia  Dog Breeders
Kennel ThaimLine - ТаймЛайн

ThaimLine is the first monobreed TRD kennel in Russia. Now we have the best blue TRD in Russia. We also have black and isabella colors. The Blue Diamond is the World winner 2008.

Hodowla z Lasow PreczowskichPoland Dog Breeders
Hodowla z Lasow Preczowskich

Site devoted to three breeds of dogs breeding, Weimaraner, Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, Thai Ridgeback. Our dogs win high marks for exhibitions. We are inviting cordially.

Weimaraner         Czeslovakian Wolfdog

Breeding station ThaivillageCzech Republic Dog Breeders
Thaivillage Breeding station

We are the new breeding station in Czech Republic.

mythaidog.comPoland Dog Breeders

Here you can find the information about Thai Ridgeback Dog, such as a history of the breed, its character and nature. You can also have the opportunity to learn more about Thai Ridgeback Dog according to FCI standard of this breed.

In the section "Hiro Thai Ponlamaj" you can make the  better acquaintance of our lovely blue Thai Ridgeback  Dog - Hiro Thai Ponlamaj.

kennel Victoria's CrownUkraine Dog Breeders
kennel Victoria's Crown

Kennel "Victoria's Crown" is the first kennel of thai ridgeback dog in Ukraine.

Thailiand Ridgeback von HeilingenGermany Dog Breeders
von Heilingen Thailiand Ridgeback

Eine seltene, außergewöhnliche Hunderasse. Wir züchten seit 20 Jahren erfolgreich im VDH/CER.

Khiri-khanCzech Republic Dog Breeders

Breeder Thai ridgeback dog.

Sofa Surfer Kennel - Thai RidgebackCzech Republic Dog Breeders
Sofa Surfer Kennel - Thai Ridgeback

A family kennel of blue Thai ridgeback lady Chang based in Prague.

HabasPoland Dog Breeders

I would like to invite everyone on my website Thai Ridgeback Dog kennel in Poland.

Ananda Tenderness Petal Of LotusUkraine Dog Breeders
Ananda Tenderness Petal Of Lotus

This site is devoted to a dog of unique and ancient breed - Thai Ridgeback Dog (shot variant TRD) You will find information about breed, literature about education and training of dogs and all about our favourite Nany.

Breeder AmebaPoland Dog Breeders
Breeder AMEBA

AMEBA is Polish kennel specialized in French Bulldog,Basenji,Thai Ridgeback and Weimaraner. News, our dogs, photos, shows, litters and puppies. Your always welcome to contact us for about our dogs.

French Bulldog         Basenji         Weimaraner

Neudor's Treasure - Thailand Ridgeback Kennel
Germany Dog Breeders
Neudor's Treasure
Thailand Ridgeback Kennel

Welcome to our website of Thai Ridgeback Dog Kennel "Neudor's Treasure"! Breeder - Breed info - Puppies - Pictures & Videos.

Herzlich Willkommen auf unserer Webseite des Thai Ridgeback Dog Kennels "Neudor's Treasure"! Züchter - Resseinfo - Welpen - Bilder & Videos.

AtleticoPoland Dog Breeders

Welcome to the website of Dog Breeding ATLETICO. Our culture can boast 25 years experience. Dog breeds that we breed are: French Bulldog, Chart Azawakh African, Thai Ridgeback, Boston Terrier, English Bulldog. Come and visit us people interested in buying the mating females and pups. We offer our assistance and our knowledge.

Witamy serdecznie na stronie hodowli psów rasowych ATLETICO. Nasza hodowla może poszczycić się 25 letnim doświadczeniem. Rasy jakie hodujemy to: Buldog francuski, Chart afrykański azawakh, Thai Ridgeback, Boston terrier, Buldog angielski. Zapraszamy osoby zainteresowane kryciem suk i zakupem szczeniąt. Służymy pomocą i naszą wiedzą.

Azawakh         English Bulldog         French Bulldog         Boston Terrier

MightyThai by LA - Thai Ridgeback kennelCzech Republic Dog Breeders
MightyThai by LA - Thai Ridgeback kennel

Despite the fact that we are a newly established kennel, breed and we are interested in this wonderful breed for several years. Thai Ridgeback in recent years has not only around the world but also in the country. And we are proud to be part of this wonderful expansion and still mysterious breed.

Our dogs in her veins the blood of authentic Thai and it also specific and interesting character. This breed is one of the primitive breeds, which means that today's Thai Ridgeback from its predecessor much different. It was originally thai, who lives only in a small mountainous region in Thailand, used to protect homes for rodents and snakes. Hunting instinct in these dogs remained still and moreover in these more developed and developing nature perfect companion and friend.

The nature of the Thai Ridgeback is not the easiest and initially not very well read, but if you learn to recognize and respect the Ridgeback, the dog will learn to do the same to you and becomes an integral part of your life. It's just a matter of hearts and love for life. We are proud of the fact that the blood of our dogs, one of the best of what the world of Thai Ridgebacks can currently offer. Come with us and discover the magic melts dogs, who are increasingly getting recognized by the wider public.

Caramel Suite der ThairidgebacksThe Netherlands Dog Breeders
Caramel Suite der Thairidgebacks

Alles über die Thairidgebacks: Standard, Rassenbeschreibung, Fotos, Welpen.

All about thairidgebacks: standards, breeddescription, photogalery, puppies.  Dog Breeders

Official Real Sociedad Canina de España for TRD Breeding Spain we live in Caudete - Albacete - Spain .

'Canis Regalis'  Thai Ridgeback Dog
 and Rhodesian RidgebackCzech Republic Dog Breeders
'Canis Regalis' Thai Ridgeback Dog
and Rhodesian Ridgeback

Welcome to our kennel "Canis Regalis". The name comes from Latin, Canis means dog and Regalis means royal. Our breeding kennel was established in 2012 and we are specialized in breeding Rhodesian Ridgeback and Thai Ridgeback Dog. We are located in Czech Republic.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Mani Daeng FCI KennelUkraine Dog Breeders
Mani Daeng FCI Kennel

Welcome to Mani Daeng FCI Kennel. We breed Thai Ridgeback Dog. Enjoy visiting our web.

Rytu DeimantasLithuania Dog Breeders
Rytu Deimantas

Kennel "Rytu Deimantas" is the first kennel of thai ridgeback dog in Lithuania.

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