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Kennel SawagesBosnia and Herzegovina Dog Breeders
Kennel Sawages

More than 25 years of experience in breeding Doberman.


canecorsobih.comBosnia and Herzegovina Dog Breeders

Cane Corso Kennel BiH's most first and only kennel breed Cane Corso in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Established in 21.07.2007 year. We have a very good top dogs bloodlines, resulting in superior results, which you can read more on the taboo results.

Cane Corso Italiano

del Kambi - Dobermann kennelBosnia & Herzegovina Dog Breeders
del Kambi - Dobermann kennel

A kennel with a long experience in breeding dogs with, not only a good look, but also a high character of the best breeding lines.


Od Vucije Planine sarplaninac kennelBosnia and Herzegovina Dog Breeders
OD VUCIJE PLANINE sarplaninac kennel

Many years, I keep Selection We have lost the original return already type Sarplaninac - male weight 80 -90 kg our dogs Thanks to its Loyalty courage and incorruptibility they had occupied hall place keeper, estate, people across the Region. Key to our success is primarily in the Rashi love to this and the regular responsible breeding veterinary controls.

Yugoslavian Herder

 From Wolf Mountain Sarplaninac KennelBosnia and Herzegovina Dog Breeders
From Wolf Mountain - Sarplaninac Kennel

Persistent selection years we have achieved returning lost the original type Sarplaninca weight * Male 80-90 kg. Our dogs thanks to their devotion courage and incorruptibility seized the guard hall place, turquoise, persons throughout the region. Key to our success is primarily in the love to this breed and responsible breeding as the regular veterinary controls.

Yugoslavian Herder

White Rhapsody Maltese kennelBosnia and Herzegovina Dog Breeders
White Rhapsody - Maltese kennel

First registrated maltese kennel in Bosnia and Herzegovina!


Goldwyn StaffBosnia and Herzegovina Dog Breeders
Goldwyn Staff

American Staffordshire Terrier kennel.

American Staffordshire Terrier

Laminačka Labrador RetrieverBosnia and Herzegovina Dog Breeders

Odgajivačnica Labrador Retrivera među prvim na rang listi prfesionalnih odgajivačnica u Bosni i Hercegovini!

Labrador Retriever

Srpski Zmaj od Krajine Sarplaninac Republika Srpska Dog Breeders
Srpski Zmaj od Krajine

Our sarplaninci are brave, fearless serbian dogs, that are one of the best quardian dogs for your cattle, home, yard, etc... They would rather die, than let anyone-stranger or an animal in and do something to his master or property ... Anyone who once had had sarplaninac, he had them for the rest of his life!

Yugoslavian Herder

Wonix Rot RottweilersBosnia and Herzegovina Dog Breeders

My job and passion are Top Rottweilers - champions - since 1989.


Kennel Od AvramovicaBosnia and Herzegovina Dog Breeders

Kenel from Bosnia odavramovica.


Andromeda Stars Dobermann KennelBosnia & Herzegovina Dog Breeders
Andromeda Stars - dobermann Kennel

Doberman kennel in Bosnia. Top dog. Best european blood lines.


Design & Handling by Jovana DanilovicBosnia and Herzegovina Dog Breeders
Design & Handling by Jovana Danilovic

Jovana Danilovic is young but successful photographer, designer and Dog handler. On this Web Page You are able to see a lot of works.

Dog Web Design

Rottweiler Kennel House of Stanisic Lu-FiBosnia Dog Breeders
House of Stanisic Lu-Fi Rottweiler Kennel

New rottweiler kennel in Bosnia, breeding top rottweilers of best european blood lines.


Siberian Huskies Bosniak siberiansBosnia and Herzegovina Dog Breeders
Bosniak siberians

Show siberian husky kennel. Features pictures, pedigrees and show results! Located in Bosnia and Herzegovina. English and Bosnian!

Siberian Husky

Rottweiler Kennel Von Bistua NuovaBosnia and Herzegovina Dog Breeders
Von Bistua Nuova Rottweiler Kennel

Rottweiler kennel in Bosnia.


Rottweiler Kennel from BasilicaBosnia and Herzegovina Dog Breeders
from Basilica Rottweiler Kennel

Rottweiler Kennel "from Basilica" was established 2007. in a little town, Breza, 30km north from Sarajevo. Kennel got her name from an old Romen Castle, which walls are in the ground of Breza today, and it makes Breza, historicly interesting.


St. Bernard Bernardinci-MikiBosnia and Herzegovina Dog Breeders

This Site is from kennel Bernardinci Miki. You can see a lot of quality dogs. Please feel free to visit us, to give us comments, or mail us. Thanks

St. Bernard

Haus of Lazic RottweilersBosnia and Herzegovina Dog Breeders

Site from Kennel "HAUS OF LAZIC" we have a lot of quality dogs (females, males, puppies for sale). You can visit our site and send us mail if You are interested in some of our dogs.


Newfoundland Vom Darius Land kennelBosnia and Herzegovina Dog Breeders
Vom Darius Land kennel

Newfoundland Kennel - Vom Darius Land.


Rottweiler Naomi Star*s KennelBosnia and Herzegovina Dog Breeders
Naomi Star*s Kennel

FCI registred top quality dogs. We are a Bosnian kennel breeding top show and work lines. All of our dogs have the perfect Rottweilers tempermant as well as excellent confimation. Information and pictures of our dogs, show results. All dogs for sale.


Dobermann Semberia Land KennelBosnia and Herzegovina Dog Breeders
Semberia Land Kennel

Dobermanns kennel in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


White Swiss Shepherd Dog Aron & Guadalupe White ApacheBosnia and Herzegovina Dog Breeders
Aron & Guadalupe White Apache

Aron is a beautifull FCI stud dog from the Bosnia, with a great character, verry strong dark pigment of skin, super male head, beautiful white coat, and huge super chest, boneand elegant, harmonious outline. He is JCHSCG, CHBIH, CHSCG, CHHR, CH MNE. Guadalupe Is beautiful young female ...

White Swiss Shepherd Dog

Dobermann Kennel Nobleman's GardenBosnia and Herzegovina Dog Breeders
Nobleman's Garden Dobermann kennel

Nobleman's Garden - dobermann kennel located in Bosnia & Herzegovina, where we strive for excellence in all facets of the Dobermann breed.


Black Novak
DobermannRepublik of Srpska Dog Breeders
Black Novak

Breed dobermann since 1997 Years. We are small kennel in city Banja Luka with many love for dogs.


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