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 Irish Red Setter

 Setter irlandais rouge / Irischer Roter Setter

Reddy Irish setter Russia Dog Breeders
Irish Setter REDDY

Welcome to Home page of my dog. There is much interesting about the Irish setters.

Irish setters of RussiaRussia Dog Breeders
The Irish setters of Russia - Catalog

Genealogical and the photograph of the Irish setters of Russia from the first brought dogs to the the contemporary.

Original Irish Setters kennelFinland Dog Breeders
Original Irish Setters

Irish Red Setters in Finland - owned and loved by Pauliina Artiola.

Breeding station Of Mahagon LineCzech Republic Dog Breeders
OF MAHAGON LINE Breeding station

Web pages of breeding station "OF MAHAGON LINE" located in the beautiful center of Europe, in Prague, Czech Republic. Founder of breeding station, which was founded in 2003, is a female dog Melody Jenny's Irsal, International champion, Champion of Czech republic, Champion of Slovakia.

Karmino Made Irish SettersLithuania Dog Breeders
Karmino Made Irish Setters

A website dedicated to our wonderful dogs - two female Irish setters from Karmino Made kennel: Karmino Made Improvisation and Karmino Made Light Delight.

Redacaju Irish SettersRomania Dog Breeders
Redacaju Irish Setters

Irish Setters with great temperament! Great hunters and companions.

Setters Sarmando Dream kennelLatvia Dog Breeders
Sarmando Dream kennel

We're breeding english, irish red and gordon setters. Please come to us kennel!

English Setter         Gordon Setter

Irish Red Setter degli Angeli Rossi KennelItaly Dog Breeders
degli Angeli Rossi Kennel

Irish Setter Kennel website.

Neiven irish setters kennelPoland Dog Breeders
NEIVEN irish setters kennel

Irish setters owned and loved by Agnieszka Dufrat. Excellent dogs with grate pedigrees. Occasionally outstanding puppies.

Клуб Порода - сеттеры и спаниелиRussia Dog Breeders
Клуб Порода - сеттеры и спаниели

Клуб "Порода" - племенное разведение собак всех пород, опыт работы 19 лет. Оказываем помощь в подборе щенка, в дальнейшем индивидуальное обслуживание на дому: контроль здоровья, воспитание и дрессировка, подготовка к выставкам, хэндлинг, подготовка к охоте.

Основная специадизация: английский сеттер.Клуб является членом НКП "Английский сеттер". Национальный клуб породы «Английский сеттер» (НКП) - межрегиональной общественная кинологическая организация, созданная в соответствии с законодательством Российской Федерации и нормативными документами РКФ. Дата создания 28.05.2003. НКП представляет породу в РКФ и отечественное её состояние в ФЦИ.

English Setter         English Springer Spaniel

Juggernaut's Irish SettersNetherlands Dog Breeders
Juggernaut's Irish Setters

The Irish Setters own us since 1983 and we breed them since 1997. We love to tell you all about this fantastic breed. We like to share with you all the experience we have with our Irish.

Irish Red Setter Kennel OinasSweden Dog Breeders
Kennel Oinas

Welcome to Kennel Oinas, breeder of Irish Red Setter, located in Ornskoldsvik, norhten Sweden. We have a small family kennel and the dogs lives close to us and shares the daily life with us. We have interesting old fashion breedlines with god health and very nice mentality.

Reddeer Irish SettersAustria Dog Breeders
Reddeer Irish Setters

A small young kennel for Irish Red and White Setters and Irish Setters. We breed for work and show combined and we are in contact and co-operation with the best breeders in Ireland, UK and Scotland.

Irish Red and White Setter

Irish Red Setters Kennel Cherry Bloom'sSweden Dog Breeders
Kennel Cherry Bloom's

Small breeder of Irish Red Setters.

Kanelin kennel Irish Red SettersFinland Dog Breeders
Kanelin kennel

Irish Red Setters from the year 1990.

All Irish GoldPoland Dog Breeders

Sincerely Welcome
You are on our site about professional breeding of horses and Irish setters. Our passion and eternal dream were always horses. From recently we not only break in the horses but we also have a breeding.

We are still finding something new in the beauty of horses. They are unrivalled ideal. When we were trying to find their impersonation in other animals we found Irish setters.

Setters are for us a reflex the charm of mobility, flexibility and intelligence of horses. From this time, like a wind we are going together finding great joy in this passion which is horses and dogs. Please visit next page

Rhapsodie Boheme Dachshunds and Irish SettersGreece Dog Breeders
Rhapsodie Boheme
Dachshunds and Irish Setters

We breed for excellence as well as character. All our dogs live either in our house or our garden. They are all socialized and proven child and pet friendly.

We only chose to breed very sparingly and the main object is to produce dogs of the highest standard. Feel free to contact us for any question about our breeding programs and our litters. We will always have a soft spot for people who we will be seeing in shows with our dogs.


 Saturnii Cartoon's Irish & Gordon SettersBelgium Dog Breeders
Saturnii Cartoon's Irish & Gordon Setters

Saturnii Cartoon's Irish Red Setters & Gordon Setters Kennel/Belgium.We breed since 1983 year. Irish Setter puppies occasionally available.

Gordon Setter

Les Setters irlandais de la forêt de massongeFrance Dog Breeders
de la Forêt de Massonge
Setters irlandais

La passion du beau et bon setter irlandais depuis 30 ans.

Red Joker - Irish Red Setter KennelCzech Republic Dog Breeders
RED JOKER - Irish Red Setter Kennel

The Irish Setter is an ancient, aristocratic breed from Emerald Isle recognised throughout the world for his silky crimson coat and rollicking personality.

Irish Setter is often described as the most beautiful of all dogs,friendly, devoted,loveable clown and sometimes downright rebellious devil.

It stays a puppy for a long time, and retains some of its merry Irish character forever.

Affordance kennelPoland Dog Breeders
Affordance kennel

Small, family kennel located in Poland. We breed for temperament, health and type using english and belgian bloodlines. Occasionally we offer high quality puppies for loving show homes.

Irish Setters from WolmarLatvia Dog Breeders
from Wolmar Irish Setters

We breed irish Red Setters of Latvian lines in Valmiera. The Irish Setter is the personification of intelligence, reliance and most worthy friendship. And we love them more than anything for that. Warm greetings to You all from us! Come visit our site!
Sincerely, Oksana Ulanovska.

 Irish Setter Kennel ... vom KapellenpfadGermany Dog Breeders
'... vom Kapellenpfad' Irish Setter Kennel

Welcome to our Website! We breed Irish Red Setter for Hunting and Field Trial.

Jet Setter Irish SettersRussian Federation Dog Breeders
Jet Setter Irish Setters

This site is about irish red setters. You could see dogs of our kennel and also a lot of information about this wonderful breed - standart, grooming advice, advice for buying and growing the puppy.

Here You could find almost all answers on questions interested to You. A lot of photos from homelife, show, fieldtrials and so on. Enjoying being on our web!

Contario Ode Irish Setter kennelRussia Dog Breeders
Contario Ode Irish Setter kennel

We own Irish Setters since 1995. This breed is our love and great passion. We breed setters for shows and hunting. Welcome to our kennel "Contario Ode". We are happy to meet new friends!

Riverwood Irish red setters KennelBelgium Dog Breeders
Riverwood Irish red setters Kennel

Quality that shows ...

A young kennel which can't wait to be able to make an impression ! Riverwood irish setter are breeding for beauty, health, temperament and poise !

Greenmore Special Irish Red and White SetterAustria Dog Breeders
Greenmore Special
Irish Red and White Setter

We are a small kennel of Irish Red and White Setter, located in Vienna.

Irish Red and White Setter

Meldor-Sett FCI KennelPoland Dog Breeders
Meldor-Sett FCI Kennel

Irish setter Meldor kennel is a home developing breeding. Our dogs come from very well known kennels in England. Our aim is to breed dogs pure english lines. In puppies' pedigrees you can find famous english dogs.

Puppies from our kennel are bred at home as family mammbers. Thanks to this they have superbe contact with people. Thay are healthy, well cared and under the eye of a veterinary. Puppies from Meldor find new homes in loving familys all around Europe. With their owners they have many succes on shows. Thanks to their grate hunting instinct they feel marvoulously hunting in the fields.

English Setter         Ariege Pointing Dog

Modder Rhu DreamlandItaly Dog Breeders
Modder Rhu Dreamland

Modder Rhu Dreamland is an Italian Red Irish Setter Kennel in the neighbourhood of Rome. In the site you can find a lot of pictures, news, jokes, and even more.

Dachshund Kennel Elimar DoubravaCzech Republic Dog Breeders
Elimar Doubrava - kennel of long haired
teckels and irish red setters

We are breeding standard, miniature, kaninchen long haired teckels and irish red setters.


Caemgen's Irish SettersSweden Dog Breeders
Caemgen's Irish Setters

Irish Setter kennel in Sweden. Please come and visit my website to learn more about my dogs and puppies.

Of Straddles HomeAustria Dog Breeders
Of Straddles Home

Im Frühjahr 2003 zog unser erster Irish Red Setter "Bounty designed by Wolf", von uns Bella genannt, bei uns zu Hause ein. Von da an war nichts mehr wie früher, alles drehte sich nur mehr um sie.

Wir unternahmen mit unseren Freunden, natürlich auch alles Setterbesitzer, viele lustige Sachen: spazieren gehen, wandern, baden... und dadurch lernten wir immer mehr diese wundervolle Rasse kennen und lieben.

Ein Jahr später im Juni bekamen wir unsere zweite Hündin, einen Gordon Setter mit dem Namen "Crazy Blue designed by Wolf".

Mittlerweile haben wir drei Irish Setter Hündinnen und 2 Gordon Setter Hündinnen.

Unsere Hunde teilen mit uns das Haus und einen großen Garten, wo sie sich fast überall frei bewegen können.

Gordon Setter

Zarcrest Show DogsUnited Kingdom Dog Breeders
Zarcrest Show Dogs


We hope you enjoy your visit and call back soon,
We have been involved in the world of dogs since 1968, something of a lifetime that we never expected and yet our passion is still as strong as it was then ...

Zarcrest is primarily an experienced Hound hobby kennel, having made up Champions covering four breeds within that group,

It is currently active and highly successful in the two longhaired dachshund varieties, Zarcrest covers three generations of humans with the younger member exhibiting Gundogs.

Want to Learn more? ... Then Enter The Website

Will Harris is one of the Our Dogs principal photographers covering major championship dog shows and canine events in the UK, Will also builds websites both flash or static and specializes in advert design, his repositary for his work is known as Snap An Image...We have put together a small amount of information here, for you to get a better idea of what we do.

Want to Learn more? ... Snap Am Image


Karhutarhan SettersFinland Dog Breeders
Karhutarhan Setters

Setter breeder in Finland.

Gordon Setter

of Eylinn Dream Irish red settersBelgium Dog Breeders
of Eylinn Dream Irish red setters

Young Irish Red Setters kennel in Belgium - owned and loved by Philippe, Christiane & Laure Vaeremans !

Jet Star's - Irish SettersFinland Dog Breeders
Jet Star's - Irish Setters

We breed Irish Setters in small based kennel in Southern Finland. Quality puppies available occasionally.

Cormallen Welsh Springer SpanielsSpain Dog Breeders
Cormallen Welsh Springer Spaniels

Cormallen Gundogs bred for confirmation and temperament. A small established kennel breeding quality Welsh Springer Spaniel puppies.

Welsh Springer Spaniel

Irish Red and White Setter

Eaglefield Irish Red SetterPoland Dog Breeders
EAGLEFIELD Irish Red Setter

Animals are our friends and members of our family!

Sangarah Irish SettersHungary Dog Breeders
Sangarah Irish Setters

I have been in love with the breed since 1992. Our website with a lot of professional photos presents our quality dogs from pure English bloodlines.

My ambition is to breed and share life with true type and kind character Irish Setters. Litters from special combinations are very rarely planned, and only when I want a new puppy for myself. Have a look at our pages and get to know us better!

Hunting House PajkicSerbia Dog Breeders

It is the most natural for us to love and to breed setters. Our dogs are the family members, our companions in hunting and our pride at the dogshows. We live with eight english setters: Argus, Byron, Bright Gentleman, Breeze, Bell, Grace, Darsy and Lara, three irish setters: Alister, Conor and Dandrenor Reign, and one gordon setter Zenith Heart. Once you get to know setters all you can do is to love them and respect them as friendly, intelligent and extraordinary beings.

English Setter         Gordon Setter

hodowla Rude Ziółko - Setery IrlandzkiePoland Dog Breeders
hodowla Rude Ziółko - Setery Irlandzkie

Irish Setter. Pedigree puppies after hunting champion dogs.

Hodowla Rude Ziółko Setery Irlandzkie. Seter Irlandzki szczeniaki.

Irish Devils KennelPoland Dog Breeders
Irish Devils Kennel

This page is dedicated to our wonderful boys. We are proud owners of Flash - Cordarragh PICASSO and Nathan - Copper's MAGIC MASTER. Here you can find sad stories about our beloved Neo.

We offer assistance in preparing a dog for the show. Here you can find information about our stud dogs and puppies. We invite you to read.
Aleksandra Janik

Garis izpod Belšce & Knacker Red NokomisSlovenia Dog Breeders
Garis izpod Belšce & Knacker Red Nokomis

We are owners of two dogs: irish red setter Ch. Garis izpod Belšce and irish red and white setter JCh. Knacker Red Nokomis. They are show dogs with many successes. Garis is also available for stud to suitable bitches.

Irish Red and White Setter

Diamonds & RustPoland Dog Breeders
Diamonds & Rust

Breeding Irish Setters Diamonds & Rust offers puppies from a unique combination of English dogs (about Thedara Stisfaction them Evenflow Spring Wake Up). Puppies bring together the best of British breeding lines and Jonola Thendara, have the most successful pedigree dogs in Europe.

Puppies are free of genetic diseases, vaccinated, provided with metrics and layette ready to move into new homes. Feel free to contact both the exhibitors and lovers of the breed.

L'Ange Rouge France Dog Breeders
L'Ange Rouge

L'Ange Rouve élevage de setters irlandais.

Ipanema's SetterGermany Dog Breeders
Ipanema's Setter

We are breeders from germany. Sinse many years we love Setter. We breeding Irish Setterfor the show and for the family. Please take a look our site

Irish Red Setter

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