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 Perro sin pelo del Perú / Peruvian Hairless Dog

 Chien nu du Pérou / Peruanischer Nackthund

Peruvian Hairless Dogs Kennel Fabled Fairie'sFinland Dog Breeders
Kennel Fabled Fairie's

Kennel Fabled Fairie's breeds peruvian hairless dogs in Finland.

Rahel KennelFinland Dog Breeders
Kennel Rahel

Kennel Rahel is a little home-kennel in the heart of Häme. Our aim is to breed well balanced, healthy, and naturally hairless, and well-sized Chinese Cresteds, and I as naturally erected ears as possible. And nice and good quality, outgoing, healthy and naturally hairless Peruvian Hairless Dogs.

All our liters has being carefully planned, and think about the litters to come, how these particuliar litters will serve the upcoming ones. We breed every litter at home enviroment, with great deal of love, care and attetion, every puppy and old dog is a family member to us, and we won't sell nor place them away, as their breeding or show career is over. They will grow old amongst us.

Chinese Crested Dog

Peruvian Hairless Dogs Moravian Pearl Czech Republic Dog Breeders
Moravian Pearl

Perro sin Pelo del Peru - small family kennel Moravian Pearl.

Marachinos Chinese Crested Dog and Perro Sin Pelo Del PeruSweden Dog Breeders
Marachinos Chinese Crested
& Perro Sin Pelo Del Peru

A small breeder with Chinese Crested Dog and Perro Sin Pelo Del Peru.

Chinese Crested Dog

Mexican Hairless and Peruvian Hairless Dogs Le Mont des SerfsNormandie, France Dog Breeders
les peruviens et les xolos du Mont des Serfs

Elevage français de xolo et péruviens. taille miniature et intermédiaire.

French breeder of Xolos and peruvians of mini and intermediar sizes.

Mexican Hairless Dog

Peruvian Hairless Dogs de l'Orchidée de LuneFrance Dog Breeders

Elevage de Perro sin pelo del Peru Une seule passion et une seule race élevée. Exportation dans le monde entier. Nombreux champions à l'élevage.

Kennel Milthon BohemiaCzech Republic Dog Breeders
Kennel Milthon Bohemia

We have a small family breeding with Xoloitzcuintle and Perro sin pelo del Perú. Welcome to visit our website!

Mexican Hairless Dog

Frendor'sGermany Dog Breeders

Breeder of Top Quality hairless dogs, sinc we more than 15 years. Our Dogs are registrered with FCI/VDH.

Chinese Crested Dog         Mexican Hairless Dog

Kennel  Mesicni kvetina Peruvian Hairless DogsCzech Republic Dog Breeders
Kennel Mesicni kvetina

We breed Peruvian hairless dogs from year 1996. On our web pages you can find Our female, Our litters, News of our kennel, Photogalery, About us and Links.

Kennel Caa-Allepo Hairless DogsFinland Dog Breeders
Kennel Caa-Allepo

Kennel Caa-Allepo breeds peruvian hairless dogs and American hairless terriers in Finland.

American Hairless Terrier

Xoloitzcuintle, Chien nu du Pérou de KorrantohFrance Dog Breeders
Xoloitzcuintle, Chien nu du Pérou

Elevage passion de Chien nu du Pérou petits et moyens.Nombreux titres et champions.

Xoloitzcuintles miniatures Elevage passion. Nombres titres et champions. Demandes bienvenues !

Mexican Hairless Dog

Chien du Perou de La Casa del Sol y la LunaFrance Dog Breeders

Chien du Perou nu et variete a fourrure.

Royal Ellesmera Peruánský naháčCzech Republic Dog Breeders

Chovná stanice Peruánských naháčů.

Anika VevosCzech Republic Dog Breeders
Anika Vevos

Peruvian hairless dog breeder in the Czech republic. Two males imported from Peru are aviable for mating in our kennel.

Nort Brun peruvian dogCzech Republic Dog Breeders
NORT BRUN peruvian dog

Peruvian hairless dogs are slim and elegant, with fine and smooth skin (Peruvian hairless dogs have a higher body temperature than other dogs), in bare form suitable for allergic people, very devoted to their family, heartbreaking for almost everyone, who gets to know them better.

Sapa InkaCzech republic Dog Breeders

Chovatelská stanice Sapa Inka se zabývá chovem peruánských naháčů.

Kennel Soncco CuaCzech Republic Dog Breeders
Kennel Soncco Cua

Kennel beautiful noble breeds with great temperaments. Kennel was founded in 2009 and every year we breed a litter of puppies. Our puppies are all over the world and are very successful at shows.

Chinese Crested Dog         Bull Terrier

Kennel Mayan MysticaFinland Dog Breeders
Kennel Mayan Mystica

Small home-kennel breeding peruvian hairless dogs and chinese crested dogs in Finland. Quality over quantity.

Chinese Crested Dog

Wanhan Wuoren KennelFinland Dog Breeders
Wanhan Wuoren Kennel

Wanhan Wuoren dogs are well known for its quality and genuine hairless, as well as good character and health checked dogs. Our puppies are growing in our home, our family. Our adults dogs also live with us, capturing our sofas and beds too.

Our puppies leave new homes checked by a vet, where a written statement. Chiped every puppy and vaccinated if this is necessary. Puppies have the Finnish Kennel Club registers. We do not send puppies solo journey, You pick up puppy from our home or then bring them to their own new home.

We do not normally sell adults dogs. Males available for breeding only responsible breeders, who committed to increase their hairless dogs genuine hairless.

Wanhan Wuoren Peruvian available from time to time, in all sizes. Also, copper color puppies.

Quality is the name of Wanhan Wuoren.

IcyStar's Peruvian Hairless and Alaskan MalamutesFinland Dog Breeders
Peruvian Hairless and Alaskan Malamutes

Alaskan Malamutes and Peruvian Hairless. Welcome to my website to get to know me, my dogs and my breeding. Both breed for shows, hobbies/working and home pet/familymember.

Alaskan Malamute

kennel Od JedíkaCzech Republic Dog Breeders
kennel Od Jedíka

Kennel Od Jedka breeds peruvian hairless dogs in Czech republic.

Perro sin pelo del Peru de VaccaresFrance Dog Breeders
Perro sin pelo del Peru de Vaccares

Vaccares kennel is renowned worldwide for the quality of its production. Founded in 1968; We have worked for over 40 years to selec and breed high quality English cockers.

Careful selection has given birth to very balanced dogs, with wonderful temperament and excellent health. We have always believed that a dog have to purpose to be the man's companion.

For that a dog must above all be in good health; with a good character, then and only then,we need to concentrate on the beauty (by trying to be as close as possible to the breed standard) and also the purpose of a dog (gundog, guide dog, guard, shepherd etc...depending on the breed).

In 2005 we discovered the "Perro sin pelo del Peru". After many investigationa, a little Peruvian dog "Douchy", entered the house to be our companoin and of course to be a show dog. This little dog made us discover a wonderful breed. So we decided to put our experience to try to breed quality Peruvian hairless dogs.

To know more about this breed we have traveled around Europe: Denmark, Hollant, Finland, Czech republic and this autunm we will go to Peru to see the "Inca dog show".

A new adventure begins.
Our experience and our passion will guide our steps.

Sweety Punk - peruvian hairless dog kennelBelgium Dog Breeders
Sweety Punk - peruvian hairless dog kennel

Sweety Punk - peruvian hairless dog kennel - medium and large size.

Sweety Punk is a mother-daughter association. So really a family kennel ! Our dogs live with us in our home and they even spent our sofas, our beds, ... to our pleasure!

Our goal: to give birth to beautiful babies with pedigree fci well in the standard, with good temperament and socialized to join their new family in the best conditions, babies in good health followed closely by a team veterinarian.

We have selected our breeding dogs carefully (origins, construction, type, character)...

we speak english, nous parlons français, Hablamos español.

Crazy in LoveCroatia Dog Breeders

We are small kennel with big heart. All our dogs are family members. We have standard poodle, coton de tulear, bichon frise and Perro sin pelo del Peru.

Poodle         Coton de Tuléar         Bichon Frise

Les Péruviene du Jardin de GuanglyingFrance Dog Breeders
Les Péruviene du Jardin de Guanglying

Petit élevage familial situé en Bretagne.

'Jack Spark' Peruvian hairless dogPoland Dog Breeders
'Jack Spark' Peruvian hairless dog

Breeding the small hairless Peruvian dogs "Jack Spark" in Poland in Ostrow Wielkopolski area. It is a breed of dog with its origins in Peru.The breed is quick witted, calm and intelligent, it is usually good with children, gets along with other dogs, but wary of strangers.

'Jack Spark - Jack Russell Terrier
Jack Spark - Jack Russell Terrier

We breed smooth coated Jack Russell Terrier. Our kennel is registered in Poland. The dogs have got the recognition of FCI. Please visit our website for more information.

Jack Russell Terrier

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