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 Irish Wolfhound

 Lévrier irlandais / Irischer Wolfshund

Eolo Arfa Kennel FCI/LKDLithuania Dog Breeders
Eolo Arfa Kennel FCI/LKD

Bavarian Mountain Scenthound are newest dog in our kennel. Way from puppy to hunter.

Italian Greyhound         Bavarian Mountain Scenthound

Irish Wolfhounds Of Lahrob KennelHungary Dog Breeders
Of Lahrob Kennel

Of Lahrob Kennel - Irish Wolfhound.

Irish Wolfhound von Koppas HofDeutschland Dog Breeders
Irish Wolfhound von Koppas Hof

Wir züchten seit Jahren erfolgreich den Irish Wolfhound und geben zeitweise gesunde, sozialisierte und wesensfeste Welpen ab.

Aarkas-Eden Irish WolfhoundsCzech Republic Dog Breeders

Here you will find information about Irish Wolfhound and Australian Terrier Breeds, snapshots as well as everything about our breeding station.

Australian Terrier

Cría de Irish Wolfhound - CabrasfigasSpain Dog Breeders
Cabrasfigas - Cría de Irish Wolfhound

Celtic dogs, irish wolfhound breeder in the green Galicia (Spain),a country very similar to Ireland both the weather as the landscapes.

The greatest dogs, noble, active and all heart, !we are mad about them¡

Castaway West Highland White Terriers, South Russian Ovtcharka and Irish WolfshundsPoland Dog Breeders

Hodowla CASTAWAY - Wilczarz irlandzki & Owczarek południoworosyjski - Jużak  & West Highland White Terrier. Prezentacja naszych psów, galerie zdjęć, zapowiedzi miotów, oraz aktualne szczenięta w hodowli. Zapraszamy  do odwiedzenia naszej strony internetowej.

West Highland White Terrier         South Russian Ovtcharka

Liebhaberzucht von Irish WolfhoundGermany Dog Breeders
Liebhaberzucht von Irish Wolfhound

Seit ber 15 Jahren erfolgreiche Liebhaberzucht von Irish Wolfhounds. Unsere Hunde leben als vollwertige Familienmitglieder bei uns in Haus und Garten. Auf unseren 10 Hektar Grund d rfen sie sich nach herzenslust bewegen.

Irish Wolfhounds Kennel BledinoNorway Dog Breeders
Kennel Bledino

Irish Wolfhound breed in Norway.

Agartha Irish WolfhoundsCzech Republic Dog Breeders
AGARTHA Irský vlkodav

Czech breeding station AGARTHA - Irish wolfhound.

www.gruagach.netSweden Dog Breeders

Info about our Irish wolfhounds and Greyhounds - showresults, other news and our future.


Balmoral - Czech LegendCzech Republic Dog Breeders

Here you can find news about irish wolfhounds and australian terriers. Shows, puppies and our live with dogs!

Australian Terrier

Irish Wolfhound and Borzoi Kenell SnorlaxCzech republic Dog Breeders
Kenell Snorlax Irish wolfhound
and Russian Sithound-Borsoi

Kenell Snorlax berder  Irish wolfhound and Russian Sithound-Borsoi.

Zuchtstation der irischen wolfshunde und der barsoias im gebirgsvorland der beskiden. Die beratung, die einträge für die welpen im laufe des ganzen jahres.

... chovatelská stanice Ruských chrtů a Irských vlkodavů ...


The Delcantico KennelPoland Dog Breeders
The Delcantico Kennel

We are fully convinced that with enough love and devotion, both with technical and medical support we create optimal conditions for our pets."Cantico delle Creature" is the song of Saint Francis of Assisi. There he calls out the beast as his brothers and sisters. Just like we do! In 2004 we found it proper for us to make it the name of our kennel.

The term of the kennel brings rather procreative meaning of the word, and we do agree with that. But among our pets we have deserted, disables, lost and found without our help totally unable to carry the ballast of life. We treat them equally and pay as much attention and care as needed.In 2006 we registered us in FCI under the full name "Cantico delle Creature". Except that we are members of Polish Kennel Club - ZKWP, Italian Kennel Club - ENCI, Italian Club of Sighthounds - Club del Levriero - CDL and Italian Volpino Italiano Rescue Federation - ATAVI.

Thank you for interest of our site and welcome to The Cantico Kennel!

Pomeranian         Volpino Italiano         Peruvian Hairless Dog         Azawakh

PaluduzCzech Republic Dog Breeders

Kennel Paluduz breeds Irish wolfhound, Deerhound and Australian terriers.

Deerhound         Australian Terrier

Les lévriers de la famille Laigle-de La TailleFrance Dog Breeders
Les lévriers de la famille Laigle-de La Taille

Males avaible for stud for breeders only. This site are for the breeders of Barzoi or Irish wolfhounds that are looking for males for stud.


Sagittarius Irish WolfhoundsPoland Dog Breeders
SAGITTARIUS - Wilczarz Irlandzki

Oldest active kennel of Irish Wolfshounds in Poland

Description: I first saw a wolfhound in 1974 and I have been fascinated by the breed since then. All my expectations were met when I brought home my first wolfhound - Arabeska Santana Z Hubertowego Dworu (from Hubert's Manor).

Her parents originated from Sweden and she came from the first litter of wolfhounds born in Poland in modern times. She became mother of my first litter and lived for over 11 years. Since then I have had 54 litters of wolfhounds. In order to give my breeding a deeper meaning I have been always looking for valuable, new bloodlines and I have imported 15 wolfhounds over the years - from UK, Czech Republic, Denmark, Belgium, France, USA and Ireland. Hounds from my breeding won numerous champion and international champion titles as well as BIS titles. Some of my dogs have participated in therapy in schools and hospitals. In 2006 I have created the first Polish internet forum for wolfhound owners and breeders. I am always willing to give advice in the matters concerning the breed and I have been updating my database of all IW litters born in Poland since 1980.

Republika Marzeń Wilczarz irlandzkiPoland Dog Breeders
Republika Marzeń - Wilczarz irlandzki

We invite you to visit website of Irish Wolfhounds kennel "Republka Marzeń", and the first Irish Wolfhounds database born and imported to Poland.

Z Petrikovskych lesu Irish WolfhoundsCzech Republic Dog Breeders
Z Petrikovskych lesu

See our beutiful Wolfhunds!!!

 Irish Wolfhound kennel Dwarfs' ValleyLatvia Dog Breeders
Dwarfs' Valley - Irish Wolfhound kennel

"Dwarfs' Valley" kennel from Latvia is breeding Irish Wolfhounds since year 1991.

Temhair Irish WolfhoundsGermany Dog Breeders
Temhair Irish Wolfhounds

Small German Irish Wolfhound kennel with international Orientation.

Adh-Mór Irish Wolfhound kennelHungary Dog Breeders
Adh-Mór Irish Wolfhound kennel

Introduction of our dogs, our kennel and news.

Irish Wolfhound Kennel PhilipopolisBulgaria Dog Breeders

The first kennel in Bulgaria for irishwolfhound!!!

Knallåsen´s kennelSweden Dog Breeders
Knallåsen´s kennel

Home of Irish Wolfhound and Galgo Espanol.

Spanish Greyhound

Dragon Light's kennel Irish WolfhoundsSweden Dog Breeders
Dragon Light's kennel

Breeding Irish wolfhound and in family enviroment, to become happy, healthy and good socialized dogs.

Irish Wolfhound from StarstoneAustria Dog Breeders
from Starstone Irish Wolfhound

We have puppys of long live line. ÖKV,FCI,ÖKWZR All dogs are hart shall - 0 points. We hafe the dog in the house. The dog are Liver Shunt free. Eu Passport. chippet ... news at the home page.

Shanbally Irish wolfhoundsthe Netherlands Dog Breeders
Shanbally Irish wolfhounds

Shanbally Irish wolfhounds, the world most wonderful breed!

Kennel IrdalensSweden Dog Breeders
Kennel Irdalens

Welcome to Kennel Irdalens

We breed Irish wolfhounds and Jack Russell Terrier .. Welcome to visit our website:)

Jack Russell Terrier

Libami kennelCzech Republic Dog Breeders
Libami kennel

Libami kennel - ... feel free to contact us.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Chesapeake Bay Retriever         Parson Russell Terrier

of Joalland's BayVire, France Dog Breeders
of Joalland's Bay

Elevage familial d'un doux géant. L'irishwolfhound est un super lévrier, aussi grand qu'il est gentil. Venez les découvrir en Normandie.

stanice Od ČitunkyCzech Republic Dog Breeders
Chovatelská stanice Od Čitunky

Hello, we are a small breeding station from Czech republic.

King Charles Spaniel

Running Gag's Sighthounds Greyhound & Irish WolfhoundAustria Dog Breeders
Running Gag's Sighthounds
Greyhound & Irish Wolfhound

We are able to define what we think is important for breeding Greyhounds and Irish Wolfhounds alike:
1. Gentle, stable character and health
2. Sporting ability
3. Elegance at the stance and on the move


Irish Cream KennelHungary Dog Breeders
Irish Cream Kennel

At the first sight we fell in love with the magnificent irish wolfhound when we first saw one in book. Then, we decided to have one, no matter what.

When we finally got our first irish wolfhound, namely Cranberry of Twilight Zone (breeder: Szetei Viktória) we didn't even think that we would become breeders.

Since then, we have had 10 litters and we have participated on more than 300 dog shows including world and european dog shows. Our dogs have performad very well in 21 countries of Europe.

Health has always been a priority issue in our kennel, as well as the satisfaction of those who bought a puppy from us. Whenever they need our help they can call us anytime and anywhere. We offer our help in the way of keeping, grooming, training for shows and health as well.

Manowar Irish Wolhound & AffenpinscherSweden Dog Breeders
Manowar Irish Wolfhound & Affenpinscher

A small kennel located on the West coast of Sweden.


Lux Essenia - irish wolfhound kennelSlovakia Dog Breeders
Lux Essenia - irish wolfhound kennel

Irish wolfhound kennel in middle Europe, Slovakia, neer city Bratislava.

Vejgari Irish wolfhoundsLatvia Dog Breeders
VEJGARI Irish wolfhounds

We are breeding Irish wolfhounds - the most wonderful breed in the world - since 1994.

Our puppies grow up to get loving owners. As for all the dog's life one lives with the dog, not with his show results! At the same time our dogs are champions of many different counties.

vom Königsgut Irish WolfhoundsGermany Dog Breeders
vom Königsgut Irish Wolfhounds

Wir haben seit über 10 Jahren Irish Wolfhounds und sind seit 2010 Züchter im DWZRV.

Der Deutsche Windhundzucht- und Rennverband e.V. ist Gründungsmitglied des Verbandes für das Deutsche Hundewesen und betreut als ältester Windhundzuchtverband in Deutschland alle von der FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale) anerkannten Windhundrasse.

Wir haben das Züchterseminar absolviert und bilden uns ständig weiter um unsere Zuchtziele zu erreichen. Unsere Zuchtstätte wurde vom Landeszuchtwart abgenommen und entspricht allen Bestimmungen der Hundehaltung.

Unsere Hunde leben bis an ihr Lebensende bei uns in der Familie und sind ein fester Bestandteil unseres Lebens. Eine Haltung ausschließlich Draußen oder gar eine Zwingerhaltung kommt für uns nicht in Frage.

Wir geben unsere Welpen nur an Menschen weiter die die gleiche Auffassung von Hundehaltung haben. Für uns sind es nicht nur Haustiere es sind Freunde und Lebensbegleiter.

Wenn Sie Interesse an einem unserer Welpen haben und unsere Einstellung teilen können Sie sich gern mit uns in Verbindung setzen.

Immanitas Irish wolfhoundCzech Republic Dog Breeders
Immanitas Irish wolfhound

Irish wolfhound kennel - Floriana Aarkas Eden, Amy Anastacia Immanitas.

of Caer Dallben Irish wolfhoundCzech Republic Dog Breeders
of Caer Dallben Irish wolfhound

Welcome to the website of our beloved wolfhounds. Wolfhounds behave since 2002, so shortly. We try, that our Wolfhounds were healthy, strong and happy, just as well like puppies from us.

Dahmraks Irish WolfhoundsGermany Dog Breeders
Dahmraks Irish Wolfhounds

Liebevolle VDH-Hobbyzucht von Irish Wolfhounds, den sanften Riesen. 

Seit 1997 hat uns die Rasse Irish Wolfhound in ihren Bann gezogen. Unser Zuchtziel ist es einen formvollendeten, liebenswerten gesunden Familienhund zu züchten. Die Erfolge unsere Hunde im In und Ausland in den letzten Jahren sprechen für sich. Gerne laden wir Sie auf einen Besuch ein um uns und unsere Hunde kennen zu lernen, auch informieren wir Sie gerne über die Rasse und ihre Besonderheiten. Haben wir Ihr Interesse geweckt, dann besuchen Sie doch auch unsere Homepage.

Zur Zeit haben wir tolle Welpen, bester Abstammung mit VDH/DWZRV Papieren, welche einen neuen Wirkungskreis bei netten Familien suchen.

Für Infos rufen Sie uns doch einfach an Telefon...

Tiocfaidh'a'la-Irish-WolfhoundsGermany Dog Breeders

Seit fast 15 Jahren züchten wir Irish-Wolfhounds. Sorgfältig ausgewählte Elterntiere und nur 6 Würfe in dieser Zeit zeugen von Qualität und Zuchtverständnis. Zahlreiche Champions- national und international- sind daraus hervorgegangen.

Unsere Irish leben mit uns im Haus und teilen mit uns das Sofa. Zur Zeit haben wir Welpen abzugeben.

Szare Stado  Purebred KennelPoland Dog Breeders
SZARE STADO Purebred Kennel

We invite you to visit website of Irish Wolfhounds end South Russian Shepherd Dog kennel "Szare Stado"!

South Russian Shepherd Dog

Overijse Labradors and Irish WolfhoundsSweden Dog Breeders
Overijse Labradors and Irish Wolfhounds

In England we bred and showed Labradors for over 15 years, in 2010 we moved to the beautiful High coast of Northern Sweden where we have added a lovely Irish Wolfhound to our family. We will be campaigning her this summer. Please visit our site to see our dogs and what they are up to.

Labrador Retriever

Zagubione Marxenia (FCI)Germany Dog Breeders
'of Great Promise' - Podengo portugese, Irish Wolfhounds

Frist Kennel of Podendo portugese pequeno wire hair in Germany. Small breeding with Top Winning Show Kennel of Portuguese Podengos Pequenos. To know more, please, visit our website. We are looking for podengo lovers worldwide. English and german spoken.

Portuguese Warren Hound

Cormac Kennel - Irsk ulvehundNorway Dog Breeders
Cormac Kennel - Irsk ulvehund

Norwegian Irish Wolfhound breeder.

Barachois Newfoundlands and Irish WolfhoundsUK Dog Breeders
Newfoundlands and Irish Wolfhounds

Licenced Breeders of Newfoundlands and Irish Wolfhounds. Black and Brown Newfoundlands, all health screened and superb examples of the breed. All fabulous temperaments in loving country home with 14 acres.


Ballygran Irish WolfhoundsNorway Dog Breeders
Ballygran Irish Wolfhounds

Breeder of Irish Wolfhounds in Norway.


Overijse WolfhoundsSweden Dog Breeders
Overijse Wolfhounds

We are an English family living on the beautiful High Coast of northern sweden, please visit our site to find out about our lovely dogs.

Of Black Highlander's Eireen Irish WolfhoundAustria Dog Breeders
Of Black Highlander's Eireen
Irish Wolfhound

Small kennel since 1998. Once a year we have puppies. Very strong and being strong dogs. Looking forward to your call or message. Best regards from Graz.

Cursus VentosiPoland Dog Breeders
Cursus Ventosi

Home kennel of Irish Wolfhound and Polish Hunting Dog

Welcome to the website of my kennel, which was initiated by passion... Passion to live surrounded by dogs, passion for thorough knowledge of canine characters and for work with dogs, passion for the best use of natural abilities and predispositions of dogs in the various areas of life.

All my dogs are working dogs. Each of them performs well in somewhat different fields and each dog skills are developed in the directions that suit her best. While working with dogs, I aspirate to not only to encourage them to achieve the best possible results, but above all, I try to raise my own professional qualifications and full of humility towards dog's involvement in everything what they do, I make an attempt to give from myself as much as dogs give from themselves in every activity. Dogs are not only great companions of human life - they are excellent teachers as well. It is only necessary to be able and keen to listen to them...

Polish Hunting Dog

Dolina Nirvany Irish WolfhoundsPoland Dog Breeders
Dolina Nirvany Irish Wolfhounds

I am an Irish Wolfhound lover for years. I would like to invite you to my World, world where Wolfhounds are an essence of life. You will find the story of my life on this website, I hope you are going to feel that magic.... Enjoy

Polish Greyhound

from Kingly Creek Irish WolfhoundsAustria Dog Breeders
from Kingly Creek Irish Wolfhounds

Wir als anerkannte Zuchtstätte des ÖKWZR sind bemüht gesunde, charakterstarke, wesensfeste und gut sozialisierte Irish Wolfhounds zu züchten. Unsere Welpen wachsen innerhalb der Familie mit Kindern, in Haus und Garten auf.

Miroir du RisèdFrance Dog Breeders
Miroir du Risèd

Elevage de qualité sur les origines et la beauté pour nos Boston terrier et nos Irish wolfhound. Chiots élevés uniquement en famille, socialisés. Qualités, santés, caractère.

Boston Terrier

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