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Dog Breeders in Lithuania: Miniature Pinschers (Zwergpinscher) kennel from Klaipeda, Lithuania. We are home based kennel. We try to breed funny, brave, healthy, and good temperament minipinschers; Champion pedigree Japanese Akita-inu in Lithuania; We bred healthy, good tempered, show type Sharpei; Kennel of BIS winning whippets in many countries; Staffordshire bull terriers and ambulldogs in Lithuania; Australian Shepherd dog kennel in Lithuania. These dogs are perfect for agility, flyball, obedience; Our breeding dogs are the winners on Europe dog shows; Smooth and long-coated chihuahua kennel in Lithuania; We are a little Bernese Mountain dogs kennel near the Baltic sea in Lithuania; Shiba dogs of Japanese quality for shows and home; Breeding, consultation, puppies for sell, forum; We are selling puppy,we have stud males from famous kennel in EU; We are home breeding based kennel trying to breed quality, healthy and good temperament dogs; Berner Sennenhund, German Spitz and Australian Shepherd kennel from Lithuania; Central Asian ovcharka. Bloodlines of famous Turkmen dogs, old Latvian and Lithuanian bloodlines too; .

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'Mano Cerberis' Boston Terrier and CAO kennelLithuania Dog Breeders
'Mano Cerberis'
Boston Terrier and CAO kennel

We are a family kennel - small amount of dogs but everyone is loved and receive enough attention. We plan increase quantity of our dogs moderately to ensure good spiritual and physical health. We are determined to breed good, meeting standard dogs suitable for shows and loving homes.

Boston Terrier

'Mano Cerberis' Central Asian shepherd and Boston Terrier kennel
'Mano Cerberis' Central Asian shepherd
and Boston Terrier kennel

We are a family kennel – small amount of dogs but everyone is loved and receive enough attention. We plan increase quantity of our dogs moderately to ensure good spiritual and physical health. We hope that future generations of our dogs will transfer such great love and protection for their masters. We are determined to breed good, meeting standard dogs suitable for shows and loving homes.

Central Asia Shepherd Dog

Audra KenshaLithuania Dog Breeders
AUDRA Kensha

Small Japanese Akita Inu kennel with focus on breeding quality Japanese line Akitas. Our stud dog Nigiyaka Go Namitori is Akita Cup 2014 winner.


Kennel ErsketisLithuania Dog Breeders
Kennel Ersketis

Akita-inu kennel "Erškėtis" in Lithuania.


Super ElitasLithuania Dog Breeders
Super Elitas

We are breeder from the Lithuania. We breed Zwergspitz / Pomeranian with love. You are welcome at our website:...


'Tibeto Liutas Shih Tzu KennelLithuania Dog Breeders
'TIBTO LIŪTAS' Shih Tzu Kennel

"TIBETO LIŪTAS" - LKD-FCI breeding-ground is engaged in breeding decorative Shih Tzu.

Shih Tzu

Sinchronija Longhaired weimaraner kennelLithuania Dog Breeders
Longhaired weimaraner kennel

Our kennel main aim is to breed healthy puppies with the highest quality bloodlineslines for shows, hunting, home. Dogs of our kennel are multi-champions, are working and are fantastic companions.


Milzino sirdisLithuania Dog Breeders
Milzino sirdis

Bernese mountain dig kennel in Lithuania. Our goal is to breed healthy and show class bernese mountain dogs with great bloodlines from all Around the world. For now we have a litter C for sale!

Bernese Mountain Dog

Rytu DeimantasLithuania Dog Breeders
Rytu Deimantas

Kennel "Rytu Deimantas" is the first kennel of thai ridgeback dog in Lithuania.

Thai Ridgeback Dog

Kennel Mafija GracijaLithuania Dog Breeders
Kennel Mafija Gracija

We are Toma and Viltė, two enthusiasts from capital of Lithuania -Vilnius and owners of this small kennel. All started in 2013 when we met each other, then Viltė became handler of Toma's dogs. It was beginning of our friendship and collaboration. We decided to register our own kennel of breeds we are passionated- miniature schnauzers, whippets and lhasa apsos.

Now our goal is to breed healthy, highborn and great puppies for loving owners. We hope that after hard work and efforts our kennel will be known all around the world. All our puppies from birth lives with us and are grown with passion and love. In the future we would like to add 2 more breeds: boxers and greyhounds, but about this - little bit later. Now our small kennel consists of 2 whippet females: our 1st girl Felicity Tarytum Vėjai and Tylko Ty Kurkuma - hope of the kennel. Also, we have 2 miniature schnauzer males: champion Thunderbird Tyras Akvamarinas and retired sofa champion Ebony Devil Jūros Puta. And finally long waited lhasa apso girl came to join us this year! Never hesitate to contact us for more info about upcoming litters, questions about whippets/schnauzers, shows or only to know us.

We will be happy to help. With love,
Toma and Viltė

Miniature Schnauzer         Lhasa Apso         Whippet

Kraft Swiss Dream - Great Swiss Mountain DogLithuania Dog Breeders
KRAFT Swiss Dream
Great Swiss Mountain Dog

KRAFT Swiss Dream - Great Swiss Mountain Dog in Lithuania

Great Swiss Mountain Dog

Angelo Slėnis - White Swiss Shepherd dogsLithuania Dog Breeders
Angelo Slėnis - White Swiss Shepherd dogs

We are kennel "Angelo Slėnis" of white swiss shepherd dogs.

White Swiss Shepherd Dog

Kennel Imperijos PerlasLithuania Dog Breeders

Kennel pekingeses and cichuachua.

Pekingese         Chihuahua

Alpiu slenis kennel Bernese and Shih TzuLithuania Dog Breeders
Alpiu slenis kennel Bernese and Shih Tzu

Hello, my name is Andrina, I am a breeder and owner of two excelent breeds Bernese Mountain dogs and Shih Tzu. I breed for the ten years now. My kennel aim is to breed healthy dogs first and for the most. But my dogs are also very succesful in dog shows too. I choose the mating pair very carefully sometimes I even need to go to the other side of Europe, just to get the best puppies ever! My bred puppies live all around the world.

Bernese Mountain Dog         Shih Tzu

'Titanium foot' <br> English Staffordshire Bull Terrier kennelLithuania Dog Breeders
'Titanium foot'
English Staffordshire Bull Terrier kennel

English Staffordshire Bull Terrier kennel "Titanium foot" registered on 2013. Already have the first litter of puppies! Why did we choose "Titanium foot" name? For us it sounds like a strong sleek and light name which better descbe our dogs. English Staffordshire Bull Terrier is really like our name: physically strong, with shiny fur and obedient character dog.

Why we chosed this breed dog? The answer is simple - we wanted a friendly, active only outside and obedien character dog which always be in love with our childrens.For fourth year we are excited and proud of our dog Ruby (real name LADY CAMELORPARDALIS), which came to us directly from the famous England KENNEL Club. She is smart, good mother, a very good nanny to our children (yes yes, check how these dogs called in England - "Nanny Dog"), strong, obedient, quiet, she always take care of her family. In her pedigree tree are even 18 world champions! The best rating for us is not to win the show,but your gratitude and compliments that comes from our new puppy owners. Thank you!

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Tauro KennelLithuania Dog Breeders
Tauro Kennel

Welcome to our kennel! We work with the several blood lines. In our kennel we have Champions, World Champions and Multi champions. Our dogs are the part of our life! We are interested in a healthy generations. Please, visit our site.

Maltese         Bichon Frise         Poodle         Pomeranian

Kennel Ciurliu Kamane Bernese Mountain DogLithuania Dog Breeders
Kennel Ciurliu Kamane
Bernese Mountain Dog

About 10 years ago, we heard about Bernese mountain dog and since that time we became interested in this breed. Unfortunately, then we were living in a relatively small flat while we thought that such especial dog should have a lot of space.

The first dog Gloria came to our family in 2008 when we thought we already have suitable conditions. Now we are happy that our dogs can freely walk and play in a territory of about one hectare. One of the most important things for us is the health of puppies. For this, we very carefully choose food. When puppies find their new homes, we are further concerned about them and their nutrition. Also since dog is the best friend of human we devote a lot of time for communication in order to make them even more friendly and to heighten their intellect. We think that dog is kept not only for the protection purpose but also for being a friend. As we (and probably everyone who has a pet) noticed they have special abilities, better that any human to make us forget everyday problems.

Bernese Mountain Dog

'LAIMĖS ŽVAIGŽDĖ' Boxer KennelLithuania Dog Breeders

Boxer with love from Lithuania!

German Boxer

Vandenio Era kennelLithuania Dog Breeders
Vandenio Era kennel

Labrador retriever kennel in Lithuania.

Labrador Retriever

Kennel 'Nuo Sedulos'Lithuania Dog Breeders
Kennel 'Nuo Sedulos'

We invite all of you to visit our web pages and we will be happy at everybody whose heart will be won by Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.
With love, Audra and Gintautas

Great Swiss Mountain Dog

Cikuta Dogo argentino kennelLithuania Dog Breeders
Cikuta Dogo argentino kennel

Dogo Argentino - Coat of white satin, body of steel, heart of gold.

Dogo Argentino

Pasiliu Saule Bernese Mountain Dog Kennel Lithuania Dog Breeders
Pasiliu Saule
Bernese Mountain Dog Kennel

We do everything naturally as it comes from our hearts - to create nice and pleasant living. Dogs are the natural part of our life in nature, good and faithful friends. We want this pleasure - communication with Bernese Mountain Dogs - share with the world by breeding them. We prepare puppies in the way that the new owners have as few as possible hassle of. Therefore we sell puppies only with pedigrees, vaccinated, with international vaccines passports and labeled with integrated circuits ("Microchip").

Bernese Mountain Dog

Plienine-Auksine Yorkshire Terrier KennelLithuania Dog Breeders
Yorkshire Terrier Kennel

Small kennel in Lithuania. Trying to make sure that puppies gets a new owner in good hands Yorkies for You to Love!

Yorkshire Terrier

'Mini Karambolis' Miniature Smoothair DachshundsLithuania Dog Breeders
'Mini Karambolis'
Miniature Smoothair Dachshunds

Our small kennel "Mini Karambolis" is located in Lithuania, the town named Kaunas. All our dogs live with us, at home. We are adicted with this breed. Most of our dogs are shown at the dog shows. We don't have lots of litters- for us every litter is a very big responsibility. For every puppy we are looking for the most responsible owners.

For us the most omportant thing is to have and produce the most healthy and happy dogs for shows and for loving at their new homes. You are always welcome to our "Mini Karambolis"!


'Rasos Perlai'Lithuania Dog Breeders
'Rasos Perlai'

Shih Tzu and Bernese mountain dog kennel "Rasos Perlai".

Shih Tzu         Bernese Mountain Dog

cockers.ltLithuania Dog Breeders


We are cocker spaniel lovers Kristina and Julius from Lithuania. We are very happy, that you've visited our site! Here you'll find information about our dog - Coco Chanel Smeline Svaha, fci standard and illustrated cocker spaniel standard by Tais Vagostelo!

Also, we want to share all precious moments of our life - you'll find them in gallery. Please read our advices if you are going to buy a puppy! And do not hestitate to contact us if you have any questions - we will answer with pleasure! Best wishes to you and your dogs! We also have a breedig plan for future!

American Cocker Spaniel

Demetra kennelLithuania Dog Breeders
Demetra kennel

Siberian husky kennel Demetra in Lithuania and England.

Siberian Husky

Kalnų šuo Berner sennenhund kennelLithuania Dog Breeders
Kalnų šuo Berner sennenhund kennel

Our kennel is in Raseiniai, Lithuania. We breed just promising puppies :)

Bernese Mountain Dog

'Gintarinė Širdis' CAO kennelLithuania Dog Breeders
'Gintarinė Širdis' CAO kennel

Please visit our site, devoted to our passion - Central Asian Shepherd Dogs (Sredneasiatskaja Ovtcharka. We are located in Lithuania, East Europe, where we strive for excellence in all facets of the Central Asian Shepherd breed.

Central Asia Shepherd Dog

Oeno chihuahuasLithuania Dog Breeders
Oeno chihuahuas

Small hobby kennel in Lithuania, owner Karolina Kunigelyte. Member of FCI/LKD.


Simpatija Miniature pinscher Lithuania Dog Breeders
Simpatija Miniature pinscher

Kennel Simpatija is a big miniature pinscher breeder in Lithuania. We offer a great puppies for sale.

Miniature Pinscher

Devizas Beagle kennel<Lithuania Dog Breeders
DEVIZAS Beagle kennel

Lithuanian beagle kennel "DEVIZAS".


Berno laimė - Bernese Mountain DogsLithuania Dog Breeders
Berno laimė - Bernese Mountain Dogs

Welcome to our home page about wonderful dogs - Bernese Mountain Dogs! More information about breed, puppies on e-mail, tel or skype.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Kennel Mini MafijaLithuania Dog Breeders
Kennel Mini Mafija

Smooth - haired Russian Toy kennel in Lithuania. Take a visit.

Russian Toy

Laimus Black Russian Terrier kennelLithuania Dog Breeders
LAIMUS Black Russian Terrier kennel

Black Russian Terrier kennel ''LAIMUS'' Small, nice, warm kennel fro Europe, Lithuania. More then 20 years experience.

Russian Black Terrier

Kennel DraugasLithuania Dog Breeders

Hello, my name is Loreta and my husband name is Darius. We live in Lithuania, in a nice village of Veivirzenai on a bank of beautiful river Veivirza. We have a small family kennel Draugas, it means “friend” in English.

Our dogs are our family members. They live with us inside of our home, we don’t approve of big kennels, where dogs live separated from human everyday life. We love our animals, they travel with us everywhere, and we often go near the Baltic Sea just for our dogs joy.

Our kennel started with Bernese Mountain dog girl Barcelona. We fell in love with this breed, when we saw first Berner in dogs show in 2005. We learned more about this breed and we loved every bit information about these friendly and very intelligent dogs. So we got our first girl Barcelona in 2007. She is intelligent, very calm and friendly girl with all people to come to our home. We are very proud of her. It is an excellent breed for a family, who likes calm life. Bernese mountain dog will be active for a short time and then he/she will lie at the foot of his family member, they don’t need a lot of exercise.

Later, we decided that we need more active breed to add to our family. We have been looking for some time and eventually we found an agile and quite rare breed in our country - Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. We have some challenge to find a nice girl, but we were lucky and found our girl in Siberia (Russia). When Shivari arrived to us in 2009, we couldn’t believe how active she is. She invites to play any possible animal around - dog, cat or bird. But the biggest joy for her is to get attention from human. She loves any given attention, she seeks contact with human, she want to play, and she want to learn. That is a perfect breed for active people, who love to travel on foot, by bicycle or loves agility challenge.

We pick mates for our girls very carefully. We look for healthy males, who are tested for hereditary disease like Hip dysplasia and Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA). Of course their achievements in dog shows are important too. But firstly and foremostly we wish our puppies a long, healthy and happy life.

Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier         Bernese Mountain Dog

ŠunsnukynasLithuania Dog Breeders

German Shepherd Dog and Central Asia Shepherd Dog kennel in Lithuania. Register in FCI.

German Shepherd Dog         Central Asia Shepherd Dog

kennel Zunda Black Russian TerriersLithuania Dog Breeders
kennel ZUNDA Black Russian Terriers

Black russian terriers kennel ZUNDA. Available puppies! Lithuania, Kaunas. Contacts ...

Russian Black Terrier

Pamario Vilkė - White Swiss, German and East European shepherdsLithuania Dog Breeders
Pamario Vilkė - White Swiss, German and East European shepherds

We are dogs kennel from Lithuania. Visit our website for more information.

White Swiss Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd Dog         East European Shepherd

Kennel Kongo GazelėLithuania Dog Breeders
Kennel Kongo Gazelė

Basenji kennel from Lithuania. Please visit our website to learn about our multi BIS champion dogs and the puppies.


Stabmeldys WhippetsLithuania Dog Breeders
Stabmeldys Whippets

Whippets puppies are born at 6th of September!

3 males (1 silver brindle, 1 reddish brindle with white trim, 1 brindle white)
2 females (1 white with brindle, 1 brindle with white markings).


Veislynas IŠ GARGŽDŲLithuania Dog Breeders
Veislynas IŠ GARGŽDŲ

Iš gargždų, aviganiai, šveicarų baltasis aviganis, rytų europos aviganis.

German Shepherd Dog     White Swiss Shepherd Dog

Kantata Great Dane kennelLithuania Dog Breeders
KANTATA Great Dane kennel

Black and harlequin Great Dane.

Great Dane

Ausytė - Australian Shepherd kennelLithuania Dog Breeders
Ausytė - Australian Shepherd kennel

Aussies for shows and working! Australian Shepherd dog kennel in Lithuania. These dogs are perfect for agility, flyball, obedience... The best friend and companion you could ever find! For more information please contact us via e-mail.

Australian Shepherd

Veislynas Ištikimas šuoLithuania Dog Breeders
Veislynas Ištikimas šuo

Please visit our website for further informations and contacts. Jack Russell Terrier - Australien Top Lines.

Jack Russell Terrier         Beagle

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