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Kennel Zecim'sSweden Dog Breeders
Japanese Spitz & Shetland Sheepdog

Welcome to Zecim`s! We are a small kennel who breeds Japanese spitz in home enviroment. We live in Frövi a small village about 3 kilometers from Örebro. We train and compete with our dogs in both agility and show. Maybe we see you there!!!

That dogs we use are both AD/HD and patella checked. For the moment we have to males! Enfloy`z Kidoo the Northern star and Rowley`s Son of A Gun. Which both are available for breeding. Our goal as a kennel are to breed as nice and typical japanese spitz as possible.

Regards Madde and Emma

If you want more information mail us or give us a call!!

Japanese Spitz

Mali Zmaj BreederSerbia Dog Breeders

In Mali Zmaj kennel we breed Shetland Sheepdogs, Chinese Crested Dogs and Miniature Pinschers. It is mostly mater to us to breed healthy dogs with good character and also good quality. We have only show dogs in breed and occasainally offer puppies for sale. Welcome to visit our site.

Chinese Crested Dog         Miniature Pinscher

Armonia di colori BreederBulgaria Dog Breeders
breeding farm Armonia di colori

In Armonia di colori kennel we breed Shetland Sheepdogs and Collie Rough. Welcome to visit our site.

Collie Rough

Casa Mont'Alves KennelPortugal Dog Breeders
Casa Mont'Alves
Laekenois & Shetlands

Site dedicated to the belgian shepherd and Shetland sheepdog breeds. Our dogs go throught the PRA, HD and ED tests before they are breed from. We also test them in Caracther, both in portugal and Abroad.

We also show our dogs in Holland, belgium, Gibratar, Spain and off course Portugal.


Gummi Bears Shetland Shepdog and Bichon Frise kennelHungary Dog BreedersThe United Kingdom Dog Breeders
Gummi Bears Shetland Shepdog
and Bichon Frise kennel

Gummi Bears kennel is a hobby kennel with high priority in health, appearance and character. We breed lovely, elegant bichon frises, and American type, shelties Located in South of England and Hungary. Puppies from our kennel go to loving pet home only.

Bichon Frise

Vanilla Hills Collie Rough & Shetland SheepdogPoland Dog Breeders
Vanilla Hills Collie & Shelties

Strona hodowli psw rasy: Owczarek szkocki Collie oraz Owczrek Szetlandzki SHELTIE (Shetland Sheepdog)- Vanilla Hills.

Collie Rough

Vesca Montana FCI sheltie kennelPoland Dog Breeders
Vesca Montana FCI sheltie kennel

Vesca Montana is a little home kennel. We breed dogs since 15 years. Vixit our home page, there you will able to know our males and females. All of them are champions and Interchampions.

Ria-Henria Shetland Sheepdog kennelCzech Republic Dog Breeders
Ria-Henria kennel

A small sheltie kennel near Prague.

Dogue de Bordeaux and Shetland Sheepdog Kennel ze Zlaté hvězdyCzech Republic Dog Breeders
Kennel ze Zlaté hvězdy

Small show kennel in Prag - Dogue Bordeaux and Shetland Sheepdog.

Dogue de Bordeaux

Ch. Paint In Black From Shamrock RiverCroatia Dog Breeders
Ch. Paint In Black From Shamrock River

European Champion, Croatian Champion, Austrian Bundessieger & BOB Group placed.

Shetland Sheepdogs kennel ze Skalní vyhlídkyCzech Republic Dog Breeders
ze Skalní vyhlídky - shelties kennel

The small kennel of shelties in Czech Republic.

Shetland Sheepdogs kennel Shetlandská hvězdaCzech Republic Dog Breeders
Shetlandská hvězda - kennel

Shetland sheepdog kennel from Czech Republic. Show, agility, ...

Del Passo del TurchinoItaly Dog Breeders
Del Passo del Turchino

Allevamento per la selezione del Chihuahua, shetland e collie.

Chihuahua         Collie Rough         Collie Smooth

Shetland Sheepdogs Navarette FCIPoland Dog Breeders
Navarette FCI
Sheltie - Owczarek Szetlandzki

Strona poświęcona hodowli Sheltie "Navarette" FCI. Dokładne opisy wraz z rodowodami i zdjęciami naszych suk oraz bardzo jeszcze młodego pieska tricolor... Planujemy szczenięta. Zapraszamy miłośników rasy.

Shetland Sheepdog Perla z PolabíCzech Republic Dog Breeders
Perla z Polabí

Small sheltie kennel in Czech Republic breeding english type of good exterier and working posibility.

Shetland Sheepdogs Secret MysteryNetherlands Dog Breeders
Secret Mystery Shetland Sheepdogs

I'm a small Hobby breeder living in the Netherlands. Try to use the best from Both American and Englisch bloodlines. Please meet us and our dogs and feel free to see our website i's translated.

Lazurnij Frant kennelBelarus Dog Breeders
Lazurnij Frant kennel

The kennel was founded in 2004. We breed 3 breeds: shetland sheepdog, pomeranian spitz, zwergpincher. We hope you'll enjoy our website, where you can see the photos of all our dogs and the dogs who was born in our kennel, besides you'll have a chance not only see the pedigrees but to get acquainted with our dogs' relatives on photos! Welcome!

Pomeranian         Miniature Pinscher

Shelties of Magical Seasons (FCI)Luxembourg Dog Breeders
Shelties of Magical Seasons (FCI)

Hi. I have a little sheltie kennel (FCI) in Luxembourg, Bertrange. I'm planning my first tricolour litter for july 2008. The puppies grow up in the family until 10 weeks and will be good sozialized. A lot of informations about my dogs, agility, puppies, school, of myself ... you will find on my homepage. ;-) Bye

Prince of Sunlight Rough Collies & ShetlandsHungary Dog Breeders
Prince of Sunlight Rough Collies & Shetlands

We are a small but very successful kennel in Hungary.

Collie Rough

Double Vision FCIPoland Dog Breeders
Double Vision FCI

Welcome to shetland sheepdog, border collie & papillon kennel.

Border Collie         Papillon

Shelties and Kooikerhondje kennel BellamoonCzech Republic Dog Breeders
Bellamoon Shelties
and Kooikerhondje kennel

We have one bitch, which is very successful on agility, but also on shows. We plan puppies sometimes.

Kooikerhonjde Amber's Sunshine v.d. Toetesteijn, who is competing in agility and her puppies.

Small Dutch Waterfowl Dog

Surdykowska FCIPoland Dog Breeders

The purpose of my breeding is the development of the best features of a breed and showing the importance of having a four legged friend and how devoted one can be. I put pressure on strong psychic, brave character and dogs' health.

My dogs achieve success not only in dog shows but they also take part in different sports such as agility, flyball, obiedience and dogtherapy. It's my honor to invite You to look at the beautiful galeries of my dogs' life.

Collie Rough

Tingate's KennelSweden Dog Breeders
Tingate's Kennel

I have a small kennel breeding papillons and sheland sheepdogs of true Brittsh type. All my dogs are valued familymembers and every now and then I have puppies available. Please take a look at my website for more information!


Excellens Vivarium FCI SheltiesPoland Dog Breeders
Excellens Vivarium FCI Shelties

Welcome to Excellens Vivarium FCI Shelties!

We are located in South Poland. We have and raise shelties in colours: sable, tricolour, bi-black and blue merle with excellent European and some time ago American bloodlines (new USA import from Odyssey).

If you like the way we raise our dogs and want further information please visit our website.

Shetland Sheepdog Kennel Fulfilled DreamPoland Dog Breeders
Fulfilled Dream - Shetland Sheepdog Kennel

Small shelties kennel in Poland.

Joy & CORussia Dog Breeders
Joy & CO

The breed: collie, sheltie and german pomeranian spitzs! Information, pedegree, much photo of the our dogs and puppy in gallerys. The other sites links. Exchange links. Sale puppy collie and german pomeranian spitz!

Collie Rough         Pomeranian

North SheltieNorway Dog Breeders
North Sheltie

Welcome to Kennel North Sheltie !

Z Brodzieńskiego GroduPoland Dog Breeders
Z Brodzieńskiego Grodu

Welcome in the small home sheltie`s kennel. Our dogs, pedigrees, photos, videos from competitions agility, working with sheeps.

Shetland Sheepdogs Veramente FCIPoland Dog Breeders

We are small home kennel of shetland sheepdogs placed in Warsaw. Feel free to visit our web side and contact us.

Van-glenalan & Zeabo Collies & ShetlandsItaly Dog Breeders
Van-glenalan & Zeabo
Borders, Collies & Shetlands

English breeders, living in Italy, have been showing for more than 30 years and have over 70 champions.

Border Collie         Collie Rough

Mysticmoonlight Shetland Sheepdog kennelHungary Dog Breeders
Mysticmoonlight Shetland Sheepdog kennel

We are small sheltie kennel at Hungary.

Kennel Iz KnyagininoRussia Dog Breeders
Kennel Iz Knyaginino

The dog breed: collie, sheltie sheperd and german pomeranian spitz. Information, pedegree, much photo and video of the our dogs and puppy in galleries.

The other sites links. Exchange links. Sale puppy rough collie and german pomeranian spitz!

Collie Rough         Pomeranian

Siniketun Collies & SheltiesFinland Dog Breeders
Siniketun Collies & Shelties

Rough collie and shetland sheepdog breeder in Finland.

Collie Rough

Achor's Surprise SheltiesSwitzerland Dog Breeders
Achor's Surprise Shelties

Small Sheltiekennel in Switzerland.

Sherborne Collie & Sheltie KennelHungary Dog Breeders
Sherborne Kennel

Sherborne Collie & Sheltie Kennel in Hungary.

Collie Rough

Satriblue Shetland SheepdogsMalta Dog Breeders
Satriblue Shetland Sheepdogs

Satriblue is a small shetland sheepdog kennel situated in Malta. We aim to show and breed shetland sheepdogs of true british type.

Sheltie's kennel Wyspiarski Wiatr FCIPoland Dog Breeders
Wyspiarski Wiatr FCI - sheltie's kennel

Welcome in the small home sheltie's kennel.

St.Kilda's Shetland Sheepdog KennelNorway Dog Breeders
St.Kilda's Kennel

St.Kilda`s kennel is in Norway started in 1984. We breed Shetland Sheepdog and Pomeranian.


Strandvin Shetland SheepdogsNorway Dog Breeders

Welcom to Strandvin Kennel!

Forest Land Chilabo Border collie & shelties kennelPoland Dog Breeders
Forest Land Chilabo
Border collie & shelties kennel

Border collie & shelties kennel from Poland. Working lines.

Border Collie

Sheltie z KoziarniPoland Dog Breeders
Z Koziarni Sheltie

Small kennel of shelties and tervuerens, puppies good socialised at home, with peoples, with pedigree PKPR/F.C.I Perros de Pura Raza, microchiped.


Iowa IndianaCzech Republic Dog Breeders
Iowa Indiana

The small kennel of shelties in Czech Republic.

pod Borovú horu Collie Rough, Shetland SheepdogSlovakia Dog Breeders
pod Borovú horu
Collie Rough - Shetland Sheepdog

"pod Borovú horu" - kennel FCI breeding Collie Rough and Shetland Sheepdog.

Collie Rough

Kennel Running FreeCzech Republic Dog Breeders
Kennel Running Free

We have brown-white bitch border collie nad tricolor male sheltie. Our activities are agility, shows, obedience, dogdancing, coursing, ... And now in octobre we are waiting puppies of border collie by very good parents.

Border Collie

KoToRa Collies KennelPoland Dog Breeders
KoToRa Collies Kennel

Collies are our love and passion. Feel invited to check our website. We breed Rough Collies, Border Collies, Smooth Collies and Shetland Sheepdogs. Check out our recent and planned litters, see the shows we have been and browse through large galleries of pictures of adult dogs and puppies.

Collie Rough         Border Collie         Collie Smooth

Aurorox SheltieAustria Dog Breeders
Aurorox Sheltie

Hobbyzucht mit Herz und Verstand!

Wir-Coll Collie rough and sheltie kennelPoland Dog Breeders
Wir-Coll Collie rough and sheltie kennel

I have a seven Collie rough dogs. Five bitches witch are one of the best in Poland and two dogs. One of them is the best reproduktor in Poland 2009. He name is Old Brandy Vangeldis (import from Germany). I love Collies!!! I invite to my webside!!!!

Collie Rough

Fralenca KennelsSpain Dog Breeders
Fralenca Kennels

Pequeño Kennel familiar con adorable pasión por las razas de la familia Collie, en especial el Shetland Sheepdog y amantes del Pinscher Miniatura.

Small family Kennel with adorable passion by the breeds of the Collie family, especially the Shetland Sheepdog and lovers of the Minaiature Pinscher.

Miniature Pinscher

Höglias KennelSweden Dog Breeders
Höglias Kennel

Breeder of Shetland Sheepdog & Whippet.


Shetland sheepdogs Of Freedom IslandFrance Dog Breeders
Of Freedom Island Shetland sheepdogs

Breeding of true British type.

Dachshund & Shelties kennel z Dachu FCIPoland Dog Breeders
z Dachu FCI

Dachshund & Shelties kennel - Poland.


 Hermanova dvora FCI Shelties kennelCzech Republic Dog Breeders
Hermanova dvora FCI Shelties kennel

Welcome to Kennel "z Hermanova dvora" FCI Shelties ! We are breeding Top Quality Shelties of all colours.

Ares da Serra Collies & SheltiesPortugal Dog Breeders
Ares da Serra - Collies & Shelties

Breeder Lover of Rough Collie and Shetland Sheepdog. Healthy, happy and beautifull dogs living in one of the seven wonders of the world... Serra de Sintra.

Collie Rough

TornlundasSweden Dog Breeders

Breeding of Shetland Sheepdogs, Bullmastiff and French Bulldog.

Bullmastiff         French Bulldog

Gold Heathbell shelties & colliesRussia Dog Breeders
GOLD HEATHBELL shelties & collies

Welcome to Kennel Gold Heathbell! The small kennel breeding Collies and Shelties of true Brittish type. You can see many photo of my dogs, base pedigrees and photos and as it is a lot of nature photo. Please to visit our site.

Collie Rough

Verniy Drug - breeder of CheboksaryRussia Dog Breeders
Verniy Drug - breeder of Cheboksary

Site breeders city of Cheboksary. All breeds in one place.

American Cocker Spaniel         Slovakian Chuvach


Kennel CaravanSpain Dog BreedersNorway Dog Breeders
Kennel Caravan

Dogs since 1968. Showing since 1973. Breeding for form and function since 1980.

Saluki         Afghan Hound

American Cocker Spaniel

Lovesome  FCI - Shetland Sheepdog KennelPoland Dog Breeders
Lovesome FCI - Shetland Sheepdog Kennel

Welcome to Lovesome FCI - small Shelties kennel from Poland !!!
We are located in South-East Poland. We have and raise shelties in colours: sable, tricolour and blue merle with excellent bloodlines.

More information - please visit our website.

Rineweld Collie kennelHungary Dog Breeders
Rineweld Collie kennel

Show and Working collie breeder in middle-east Europe. Rineweld collie kennel in Hungary.

Collie Rough

Quoys FCI - shelties' kennelPoland Dog Breeders
Quoys FCI - shelties' kennel

Quoys is a small home kennel, situated in the South of Poland. We want to breed healthy dogs with good characters and temperaments.

Kennel Ventora - Shetland SheepdogPoland Dog Breeders
Kennel VENTORA - Shetland Sheepdog

I invite you to look at my website.

You can see all the information about my breeding Shetland Sheepdog - Sheltie "VENTORA". In our house the first sheltie to live with us in 1993, from this moment I can not imagine life without this wonderful breed. :)

Caramel Melange - Collie rough & shetland sheepdogPoland Dog Breeders
Caramel Melange - Collie rough
& shetland sheepdog

Collie rough & shetland sheepdog from Poland. We have puppies!!!

Collie Rough

Ga-Nu-Ti FCI sheltie kennelPoland Dog Breeders
Ga-Nu-Ti FCI sheltie kennel

Welcome to small shelties kennel from Poland! Our dogs are working with sheep and geese (2000).

Sheltiekennel De Casa WolvesonNetherlands Dog Breeders
Sheltiekennel De Casa Wolveson

Welcome to Kennel 'De Casa Wolveson'!

We are a small sheltiekennel in the Netherlands. You can meet our Shelties on our website. Puppies are born and raised in our bedroom, and move into our living room at 3 weeks of age. We try to breed sound and healthy shelties with a good temperament.

The small size of our kennel allows us to ensure that each puppy is properly socialized. Each puppy, no matter whether destined for the show ring or for a family companion, receives the same loving care. We provide ongoing support to all buyers and hope to continue to serve this lovely breed. For additional information please visit our website.

Jettie's Dream kennelPoland Dog Breeders
Jettie's Dream kennel

Welcome to our Jettie's Dream website to meet ORION FUTURE STAR Excellens Vivarium (tricolor) and BRIGHT STAR Casidi (sable and white). You can find us at our Web site.
Greetings :-)

Sättertorpets kennelSweden Dog Breeders
Sättertorpets kennel

A small family breeding of shetland sheepdog and German mittelspitz in Sweden.

German Mittelspitz

Simple EleganceCzech Republic Dog Breeders
Simple Elegance

Breeding station of sporty border collies, shelties and autralian kelpies.

Border Collie         Australian Kelpie

Serenczas FCI Shetland sheepdog and Great Dane kennelPoland Dog Breeders
Serenczas FCI
Shetland sheepdog and Great Dane kennel

Small breed shelties and Great Dane kennel. Sable, tricolor and bicolor colours. I invite you on my website.

Great Dane

Szetlandzka Perła FCIPoland Dog Breeders
Szetlandzka Perła FCI

Welcome to kennel Szetlandzka Perła FCI !

Szetlandzka Perła  is a small home kennel, situated in the South of Poland.

Olimpija SheltiesLithuania Dog Breeders
Olimpija Shelties

In our kennel we will strive to breed standart, healthy & temperamental shelties with their best quality!

Zivile & Monika Cekytes, Vilnius (Lithuania).

CluainUltaigh Shetland Sheep DogsIreland Dog Breeders
CluainUltaigh Shetland Sheep Dogs

We are a new Shetland Sheepdog Kennel based in County Cork in Ireland. We have only started to show dogs over the last 3 years and to breed dogs in the last year, our dogs are firstly pets and show dogs second, dogs make our lives whole.

Rubin Rose kennel Sheltie & Collie & Golden retrieverItaly Dog Breeders
Ululallaluna Shetland Sheepdog

Allevamento di Shetland Sheepdog selezionati per Agility Dog e Sheepdog!

Ekwiwalent - Collie Rough & Shetland SheepdogPoland Dog Breeders
Collie Rough & Shetland Sheepdog

Kennel be existing from 1993. Our dogs are perfect type and great pedegree and exterier. Shelties are english type. Every dogs are interchampions and champions of the Poland.

Collie Rough

Diabelskie Rozdroże (FCI) - Shetland sheepdog kennelPoland Dog Breeders
Shetland sheepdog kennel

We are a small family breeding in Poland. We breed only shetland sheepdogs.

Medina MayurcaSpain Dog Breeders
Medina Mayurca

Cria familiar y selectiva del Shetland Sheepdog y del Teckel Miniatura de pelo largo.


Lumiste Shelties FCIBelarus Dog Breeders
Lumiste Shelties FCI

FCI Sheltie Kennel in Minsk Belarus. 20 years with shelties.

Z Bučávky Shetland SheepdogCzech Republic Dog Breeders
Z Bučávky Shetland Sheepdog

Klein Hobbyzucht - shelties, australien sheepherd.

Australian Shepherd

Lohrien Shetland SheepdogPoland Dog Breeders
Lohrien - Shetland Sheepdog

Lohrien Shetland Sheepdog
Lohrien - Collie Rough

Rough Collie breeder in Poland since 1995. Prestigious Lohrien Kennel (FCI) breed Collie Rough. Awarded a Silver Badge Kennel Club in Poland.

Collie Rough

Lohrien White Swiss Shepherd Dog
Lohrien - White Swiss Shepherd Dog

Prestigious kennel White Swiss Shepherd Dog. Awarded the Silver Medal of Polish Kennel Club. Only ones a year a litter puppies born and raised with all our love in our family.

White Swiss Shepherd Dog

Sparks Of The Tempest Shetland sheepdogs kennelCzech Republic Dog Breeders
Shetland sheepdogs kennel

Welcome to the SPARKS OF THE TEMPEST Shetland sheepdogs kennel. We are a small family based kennel. Our dogs always were, are and will be equal and legitimate members of our family. They live in our household under one common roof and participate at everything that is going on in our lives.

Their health and well-being are most important for us. Our breed is based on english and scandinavian pedigrees mostly. We are aiming to keep and venerate a true british type of our shelties in the future aswell.

con CollinaPoland Dog Breeders
con Collina

Collies and shelties from Poland. Best Kennel Club 2009.

Collie Rough

Collina dei Ciliegi kennelItaly Dog Breeders
Collina dei Ciliegi kennel

Kennel for selection rough collies, border collies, shetland sheepdog.

Collie Rough         Border Collie

Rainbow Glory Shetland SheepdogsThe Netherlands Dog Breeders
Rainbow Glory Shetland Sheepdogs

Our hobby is our dogs (and Ragdoll cats, ...). They are first and foremost our companions and we love to train with them Obedience and Agility. If everything regarding health and temperament checks out, we breed them after carefully selecting an appropriate mate. The puppies are raised in our living room and socialized to all kinds of regular household sights and sounds.

StasylineRussia Dog Breeders

Welcome to Stasyline!


Shellouer Shetland SheepdogsWales, UK Dog Breeders
Shellouer Shetland Sheepdogs

We are a small Kennel in South Wales Uk.

'Fedjevi' kennelRussia Dog Breeders
Kosta Felicitas

We have been breeding standard and miniature dachshunds kurzhaar professionally. You can to buy puppies for show, breeding and pet in our kennel sometimes. We devote special attention to good health, well-balanced mind and excellent temperament dogs for breeding.

Our kennel is actively developing. We have great expectations for completion of our young. New lines of kennel - Weimaraner, Collie rough, Sheltie. On the site you will find information of pedigree, show career of our dogs, current and planned litters. We are open for communication and look forward to all!

Dachshund         Weimaraner         Collie Rough

z Barbořinského vrškuCzech Republic Dog Breeders
z Barbořinského vršku

Jsme poměrně mladá chovatelská stanice, která se zabývá chovem převážně zlatých sheltií. Odchovaná štěňátka necháváme vyšetřit geneticky na CEA a MDR1.

Allevamento della Linea dei PensieriItaly Dog Breeders
Allevamento della Linea dei Pensieri

FCI kennel, shetland sheepdogs and border collies from from working lines. Our dogs live with us as members of the family. Health and environmetal stimulation are very important for us.

Border Collie

Kennel Sunnerby'sSweden Dog Breeders
Kennel Sunnerby's

Swedish breeder of Shetland Sheepdog.

Sassura FCI - Sheltie KennelPoland Dog Breeders
Sassura FCI - Sheltie Kennel

Sassura FCI is a small shetland sheepdog (sheltie) kennel in Poland. Closest to our hearts are sheltie blue merle and tricolor. Dogs are members of our family. More information on the website of our kennel.

Asturshelkie KennelSpain Dog Breeders
Asturshelkie Kennel

We are a small family kennel located in Northern Spain, we are dedicated solely to breeding Shetland Sheepdog breed, all dogs are raised in our home with all our love.

 Elevage des Bordes RougesFrance Dog Breeders
Elevage des Bordes Rouges

Petit élevage passion, sélection beauté/caractère.

Sheltie della Roccia RossaItaly Dog Breeders
Sheltie della Roccia Rossa

Shetland because it is the only small dog that is able to embrace quality of dogs considerably larger, of great beauty and character traits of the most unique and rare. Our strengths are: - Genetic control - Players officially judged excellent - Brought up in freedom, in the green, with high quality standards and food hygiene.

Unique SheltiesTurkey Dog Breeders
Unique Shelties

We live in Turkey and are the first and the lonely breeder of shetland sheepdogs in this country. Our dogs are all genetically tested for both CEA and MDR1. We love this breed and hope to succeed in making shelties welknown and appreciated also in Turkey.

Kennel tails of powerSweden Dog Breeders
Kennel tails of power

A small breed of shetland sheepdog in north of sweden, has bi black, bi blue, tricolor and blue merle dogs.

Kennel 'znad Antałowskiego Potoku FCI'Poland Dog Breeders
Kennel 'znad Antałowskiego Potoku FCI'

Home kennel shelties 'znad Antałowskiego Potoku'.

Kennel Sheltie 4 YouDenmark Dog Breeders
Kennel Sheltie 4 You

We will strive to breed typical shelties who are physically fit and mentally strong , in this way giving our puppies in the best position for a long and healthy life in their new families.

EsterbonEngland Dog Breeders

We are a small family run kennel in England. we have had dogs for over 30years, we now breed and campaign Shetland sheepdogs. including 2 bi black full English bred males, one who is our stud dog. all our dogs and puppies are health checked! emails,call and visits always welcome!

World-Sheltie FCIPoland Dog Breeders
World-Sheltie FCI

The small kennel of shelties in Poland.

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