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Deutsche Dogge / Great Dane - Dog Breeders and Kennels in Europe: We have owned harlequin and black Great Danes since 1970 and have been breeding since 1979; On July, 25th, 2007, the birth of new puppies is expected. We sell puppies with full registration. If you wish to have the puppy of the European type, write to me; We are great dane breeders in de colors black and black/white; Fawn and brindle great danes in Brittany; All of our puppies for sale are health guaranteed, Our dogs are huge, bony, with beautiful stylish head! In Luizador kennel is a lot of dogs of Champions; Topwining Harlequins and Blacks from Denmark; Dogs and puppies living in the house with family, children and other pet; We breed beautiful Great Danes in the coloure fawn and brindel and black and harlequin; We are an well recognised & respected breeder and exhibitor of Champion Great Danes with in excess of 25 years breed experience, known for danes of high quality, substance and exceptional temperaments within our breeding; Home breeding of black and harlequin Great Danes; We live in Moscow (Russia) and breed of Great Danes; Specialised of blue Great Danes we breed with european top-quality FCI-bloodlines. Becauce we care for our "babies" a doglife long, contact is desired to our future-families; Breeding only when fully developed in mind and body with a full colour history dating back to 1843, puppies for sale. Advance purchase registration form available to complete on our web site; We are breeding Great Danes in the 5 colors, with passion for more than 30 years and we are the most titled Spanish breeding of the history; We breed Great Danes in black and harlequin; Blue Great Danes since 1998, breeding in small scale. Great Dane puppies occasionally available out of fully health-tested and temperamentally sound parents. My dogs live in the house with me as family members for their whole life, and puppies are born and raised in home environment; A growing library of information about Great Danes, including the list of breeders; Visit our website for more information about us,and our Great Danes; Our dogs and puppies live with us, grow up in the house, garden, dog-house with outrun, other dogs and animals; We breed Grate Danes since 1967 especially blue and black from blue; At that time I haven't had my own kennel yet. We registered our dog into my dear friend Roland Ryttko's Kvezal Kennels. From this time on, we attended exhibitions abroad as well as in Serbia. We had more and more opportunities to strengthen our friendship with Hungarian kennels; Harlequin and Mantle Great Danes in the United Kingdom; Our Breeding Kennel existing for 16 years. At present time, Luizador kennel is engaged with breeding Great Danes of harlequin and black coloration. Luizador kennel uses in breeding the dogs taken from the well-known Kennels Europe; We are small family Europien kennel with Multi. Ch. Great Danes from Champion bloodlines who live with us in our house.

 Deutsche Dogge / Great Dane

 Dogue allemand

Kennel Quality DanesDenmark Dog Breeders
Quality Danes

Breeders of Black and Harlekin Danes.

Romanov KennelFrance Dog Breeders
Romanov Kennel

Breeder of Fawns and Brindles great dane championships bloodline and healthy bloodline quality over quantity.

Középföldi Great Danes KennelHungary Dog Breeders
Középföldi Great Dane Kennel

Fawn and brindle great dane kennel from Hungary. Please visit our website, you can find all infos about my dogs!!!!!!!

Great Danes Kennel Golden LineRussia Dog Breeders
kennel Golden Line

Kennel "GOLDEN LINE". Great dane, dogo argentino,french bulledogue. Puppies. It is a lot of photos useful references, regular updating.

Dogo Argentino         French Bulldog

Great Danes Kennel Del Castello Delle RoccheItaly Dog Breeders

Since 1994 we breed harlequin, mantle and black Great Danes. Visit our website "to meet" our Dogs.

Great Danes Kennel Claudia BohemicaCzech Republic Dog Breeders

Small, but the most successful kennel in the Czech Republic. We have owned harlequin, mantle and black Great Danes since 1995, and have been breeding since 1999. We bred for health and quality, not quantity. We have bred much International and National Champions.

Great Danes
TellusFinland Dog Breeders
Tellus Danes

Great Danes; blacks, mantles and harlequins.

JuanRona's Great Danes KennelSweden Dog Breeders
JuanRona's Great Danes

Harlequin Mantle Black & Blue Danes in Sweden.

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