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 Polski Owczarek Podhalanski / Tatra Shepherd Dog

 Chien de berger des Tatras / Tatra-Schäferhund

Gwiazda Podhala Tatra Shepherd DogsPoland Dog Breeders
Gwiazda Podhala

GWIAZDA PODHALA" kennel. Many photos of our dogs. Puppies for sale.

Ballada o WędrowaniuPoland Dog Breeders
Ballada o Wędrowaniu

Basenji puppies: Father ABOTERE'S Wahziri (tricolor) - Mother ABOTERE'S Zulika (reddish white).


Elevage du Printemps des OlivetsFrance Dog Breeders
Elevage du Printemps des Olivets

Notre Passion : Nos Chiens ....

Elevage au Grand Air des Montagnes de l'Oisans sur un domaine de 5 hectares

Bernese Mountain Dog         Havanese

Nes GwadianaPoland Dog Breeders

Fox Terrier Wire and Smooth, Polish Hunting Dog and Polish Shepherd. Top show and working dogs.

Fox Terrier (Wire)         Fox Terrier (Smooth)

Polish Hunting Dog

ChosnaPoland Dog Breeders

Kennel Chosna. Bernese Mountaind Dog, Labrador Retriever, Polski Owczarek Podhalanski (Tatra). Photos, our dogs, and puppies for sale.

Bernese Mountain Dog         Labrador Retriever

Kalong - Beauceron, Chart Polski, Charcik Włoski, Owczarek
Podhalański, Pinczer ŚredniPoland Dog Breeders
KALONG - Beauceron, Chart Polski, Charcik Włoski, Owczarek Podhalański, Pinczer

Hodowla kalong oferuje psy rodowodowe następujących ras: Deutsche Pinscher (pinczer średni), Tatra Shepherd Dog (owczarek podhalański), Polish Greyhound (chart polski), Beauceron (owczarek francuski-beauceron), Italiano Greyhound (charcik włoski).

Beauceron         Polish Greyhound         Italian Greyhound         German Pinscher

Bialy DomownikNetherlands Dog Breeders
Bialy Domownik

Bialy Domownik is the name of our kennel, which meaning is white friend of the house. All our dogs share our home and receive all the love, affection and experiences that home life brings.

Puppies that we breed are reared this way and are most of all loving affectionate companions therefore we do hope and expect that their new homes offer them the same quality of life.

Please take a look at some pictures of our beautiful dogs and their siblings. Enjoy Your Visit !

Питомник ИнгерманландияRussia Dog Breeders
Питомник Ингерманландия

Племенной Питомник (один из лучших на Северо-Западе России) занимается разведением собак породы:немецкая овчарка, польская подгалянская овчарка, вельш корги пемброк и вельш корги кардиган.

German Shepherd Dog         Welsh Corgi Cardigan       Welsh Corgi Pembroke

KÁN NUTRENA Owczarek Podhalanski Hungary Dog Breeders
KÁN NUTRENA Owczarek Podhalanski

Polski Owczarek Podhalanski Kán Nutrena - info about Kán, pictures pedigree results of dog shows.

'Nutrena' Tatra Shepherd Dog and Welsh Corgi Pembroke kennelPoland Dog Breeders
'NUTRENA' Tatra Shepherd Dog
and Welsh Corgi Pembroke kennel

Kennel of Tatra Shepherd Dog and Welsh Corgi Pembroke with tradition since 1970 recommended puppies and stud service.

Our long-term work with dogs, studies on department of biology and reproduction of animal and title of Assistant of Cynological Judge help us to lean new owners of Tatra Shepherd Dog and Welsh Corgi Pembroke in put first steps in breeding and shows.

Welsh Corgi Pembroke

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