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 Jugoslovenski Ovcarski Pas - Sarplaninac / Yugoslavian Shepherd Dog - Sharplanina / Yugoslavian Herder

 Jugoslawischer Hirtenhund-Sarplaninac

Siegreich KennelHungary Dog Breeders
Siegreich kennel

Information and photos about Bichon Havanese, Bolognese, Sarplaninac breeds and our breeding.

Bichon Havanese

KEF BreederMacedonia Dog Breeders
KEF Breeder of Sharplaninec

Everything you need to know for origin Macedonian Sharplaninec dogs you can find in breeding farm "KEF", with many pictures, history and standard of the rice, puppies for sale and ...

 Kennel des Hauts de MalforetFrance Dog Breeders
Les Sarplaninac des Hauts de Malforêt

The best breeder of Sarplaninac in France. Lot's of Champions of France, International, Europe and World . Since 1985 our passion: The Sarplaninac !

Kennel Efoly'sFrance Dog Breeders
Efoly's Sarplaninac

Passionate persons in the service of fascinating dogs ... Come to see our Sarplaninac, constant faithful companions.

 Les Sarplaninac des Vaillants de La CombeFrance Dog Breeders
Les Sarplaninac des Vaillants de La Combe

Découvrez le Sarplaninac sous toutes les coutures.

Sarplaninac des Gardiens de BrocéliandeFrance Dog Breeders
Sarplaninac des Gardiens de Brocéliande

Elevage familial de Sarplaninac, au coeur du Pays de Brocéliande ou vie de famille et socialisation sont à l'honneur.

Afin de préserver l'instinct naturel de nos Sarplaninac, chiens protecteurs de troupeaux, nous élevons nos compagnons parmis les moutons.

Crni Biser Sar-plannine KennelAustria Dog Breeders
Crni Biser Sar-plannine

Seit über 15 Jahren widmen wir unser Leben dem Sarplaninac. Der Sarplaninac ist bis heute eine sehr Ursprüngliche Rasse welche noch eher unbekannt ist.

Unsere Webseite ist die erste in Österreich, welche den Sarplaninac ausführlich in Wort und Bild erfolgreich präsentiert hat. Heute sind wir Ansprechpartner punkto Sarplaninac für viele geworden.

Les Montagnes serbes KennelBelgium Dog Breeders
Les Montagnes serbes

I am living with my favourite breed since 1978 and breeding since 1984. Many dogs issued from my Kennel are multichampions and own the certificates of obedience,so my Sarplaninac dogs are of excellent type, possess the beauty, the health and an excellent character. If you would like more informations on this extraordinary breed,you are most welcome to visit my site or my home.

Papillon, Pug and Sarplaninac kennel SkelligePoland Dog Breeders

We presents papillon from Poland.

Papillon         Pug

Sarplaninci Golden ShieldSerbia Dog Breeders
Sarplaninci Golden Shield

Sarplaninac kennel "Golden Shield". Kennel location : Serbia, city: Kragujevac

On our website you can find informations about as, our dogs, our breeding, history, rice standard and other news. Enjoy and catch you soon.

Jesbob Sarplaninacs & PugsFinland Dog Breeders
Jesbob sarplaninacs & pugs

Sarplaninacs and pugs from Finland!


Bentavölgyi Bátor Sarplaninac KennelHungary Dog Breeders
Bentavölgyi Bátor Sarplaninac Kennel

Sarplaninac kennel since 2001. Photos and information on our website or further information please contact via e-mail.

Suha's Kid KennelHungary Dog Breeders
Suha's Kid Kennel

Suha's Kid Sarplaninac & Shar-Pei Kennel in Hungary.

Shar Pei

Martomberg Sarplaninac KennelCroatia Dog Breeders
MARTOMBERG Sarplaninac

MARTOMBERG born to win Kennel.

 From Wolf Mountain Sarplaninac KennelBosnia and Herzegovina Dog Breeders
From Wolf Mountain - Sarplaninac Kennel

Persistent selection years we have achieved returning lost the original type Sarplaninca weight * Male 80-90 kg. Our dogs thanks to their devotion courage and incorruptibility seized the guard hall place, turquoise, persons throughout the region. Key to our success is primarily in the love to this breed and responsible breeding as the regular veterinary controls.

Varga's Bull kennelSimontornya, Hungary Dog Breeders
Varga's Bull kennel

Sarplaninac és Angol bulldog kennel.

English Bulldog

Od Vucije Planine sarplaninac kennelBosnia and Herzegovina Dog Breeders
OD VUCIJE PLANINE sarplaninac kennel

Many years, I keep Selection We have lost the original return already type Sarplaninac - male weight 80 -90 kg our dogs Thanks to its Loyalty courage and incorruptibility they had occupied hall place keeper, estate, people across the Region. Key to our success is primarily in the Rashi love to this and the regular responsible breeding veterinary controls.

Bienvenue au Clos de LuneHauterives, Drome, France Dog Breeders
Bienvenue au Clos de Lune

Elevage de Sarplaninac. Vous découvrirez tout au long de votre visite ce chien hors du commun.

by Nebojsa Sarplaninac kennelSerbia Dog Breeders
by Nebojsa Sarplaninac kennel

They are so lovable and amiable animals that, while looking at their photos, you might wish your life would last for good. That much love and joy could not bestowed on you even by the brightest star in the Sky. While playing with them a feeling of being a kid overwhelms you for ever still aware of being a grown-up man...

Sharplaninsko Bacilo - SarplaninacMacedonia Republic Dog Breeders
Sharplaninsko Bacilo - Sarplaninac

Our kennel is located at the foot of Mount Sar Planina in the town of Tetovo - Macedonia.We're breeding dogs - Sarplaninac over forty years.Our dogs are placed well in competitions like here and around the world.Our kennel always offers dogs with excellent quality exhibitions, and also offers and excellent pets and guardians of your home.

Strażnik BrałkanPoland Dog Breeders
Strażnik Brałkan

Ouer breeder one of the first in Poland. Sarplaninac dogs are our passion. We invite.

Odgajivačnica šarplaninaca Balkan MountainsSerbia Dog Breeders
Odgajivačnica šarplaninaca Balkan Mountains

Odgajivacnica Sarplaninaca Balkan Mountains. Odgoj i prodaja štenad sarplaninca.

sarplaninac-kennel.huHungary Dog Breeders

We have brought Sarplaninac dogs from several parts of Kosovo in order to breed characteristic, perfect moving offspring with good nervous system.

Akela Népe Kennel, Akela's people Kennel, Római Mandula Kennel, Roman Almond Kennel, Kisbéri Szürke, Farkas, Kisbéri Grey Wolf Kennel.

Memorias de AfricaSpain Dog Breeders
Memorias de Africa

Desde 1997 criamos y seleccionamos el Braco de Weimar seleccionando belleza, carácter y funcionalidad. Cachorros disponibles ocasionalmente.

Cría y selección del Perro Pastor Yugoslavo o Sarplaninac. Somos pioneros de la raza en España.


Sarplaninec des Lions de Macédoine - Sarplaninci od Makedonski LavoviBelgium Dog Breeders
Sarplaninec des Lions de Macédoine
Sarplaninci od Makedonski Lavovi

Raising "Sarplaninec des Lions de Macedoine", presents this race with a lot of passion, because it is a breed that has a lot of character and they are very good guard!

Sarplaninac des Légendes d'AdnyaFrance Dog Breeders
Sarplaninac des Légendes d'ADNYA

Elevage familial de berger yougoslave / charplanina.

du Gardien de Velana
SarplaninacBelgium Dog Breeders
du Gardien de Velana Sarplaninac

Passionate about sarplaninac that we breed since several years, our kennel is located in Belgium (between Lille and Brussels) Passionnés par le sarplaninac que nous élevons depuis plusieurs années, notre élevage se situe en Belgique (entre Lille et Bruxelles).

Belbugar / Call of the WildCroatia Dog Breeders
Belbugar / Call of the Wild

A small FCI Kennel of Sarplaninac. Our puppies are well socialized with a good character and healthy when they leave us for a new family.

Awe some sarplaninac FCI 4302Serbia Dog Breeders
Awe some sarplaninac FCI 4302

Dog shows, breed standard, tv shows about sarplaninac dog, interesting stories and helpful tips and much more ...

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