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X Ni Ra Siberian HuskiesBulgaria Dog Breeders
X Ni Ra Siberian Huskies

FCI Registered breeder of Siberian Huskies. Member of Montenegro Kennel Club. We've been breeding, exhibiting, working and rescuing Siberians since 1996.

Siberian Husky

Manicheta - Pomeranian dog kennelBulgaria Dog Breeders
Manicheta - Pomeranian dog kennel

Here you will find useful information about Pomeranians as well you'll have the opportunity to meet the dogs which we look after and breed. We are a registered kennel in BRFC/FCI.Our breeding program includes Pomeranians breed.

Our dogs are registered and they have pedigrees which certifies that they are pure-bred. Dogs are kept in our home, as part of our family. These beautiful creatures are raised with love and actively participate in our life. Our aim is not to simply breed dogs for business. Our aim is they are to be healthy and happy ,both with us and with the new owners.


Silk Touch ChihuahuasBulgaria Dog Breeders
Silk Touch Chihuahuas

Our kennel is officially registered in FCI/BRFC, and works with carefully selected bloodlines of proven top breeders worldwide. Shorthaired and longhaired Chihuahua live in our kennel. Health, beauty and temperament are the Three basic principles of our breeding program! Occasionally we have available puppies or adults for show and pet. We live in Sofia, Bulgaria. Our dogs are carefully selected and carry one of the best bloodlines - Italy, England, Finland, Poland, Russia & USA.


Evrazia - Kennel Caucasian shepherd dogBulgaria Dog Breeders
EVRAZIA - Kennel Caucasian shepherd dog

Kennel Evrazia is situated in the northwest part of Bulgaria. This kennel breeds strong, beautifull and health caucasian shepherd dogs with good guard qualities and stable character...

Kennel Evrazia FCI
Kennel Evrazia FCI

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Kennel VekamalBulgaria Dog Breeders

Small homekennel in Bulgaria, breeding french buldog.

French Bulldog

Chow HeavenBulgaria Dog Breeders
Chow Heaven

FCI kennel for smooth and rough chow chows.

Chow Chow

bpc.alle.bgBulgaria Dog Breeders

We are the only Pitbull Club in Bulgaria. for international applicants: Please use our e mail.

Pit Bull Terrier

Rodopa Mountain Standard/Mittel SchnauzerBulgaria Dog Breeders
Rodopa Mountain
Standard/Mittel Schnauzer

FCI and Bulgarian Schnauzer Club member. We are breeding Black Standard/Mittel Schanauzer. Our dogs are lovely and well trained, winners in many shows. To see our puppies, please visit the site.

Standard Schnauzer

Russian Roulette FCI Kennel For ChihuahuaBulgaria Dog Breeders
Russian Roulette FCI Kennel For Chihuahua

Russian Roulette is officially registrated in FCI and BRFK bulgarian kennel for chihuahua. We breed high quality chihuahua dogs. Our dogs are carriers of one of the best blood lines in Europe - Italy, Spain, Russia and England!

On the pages of our web site you can meet our work, our dogs, show success and their generations! Our main goal is to make healthy and beautiful representatives of the breed without genetic diseases!

Welcome to our web site


Adorable Bears'Bulgaria Dog Breeders
Adorable Bears'

We are a small kennel in Ruse, Bulgaria. Our goal is to breed healthy dogs with temperament and exterior features as close the standard of the Bernese Mountain dog, as possible.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Defender of Bulgaria - FCI Dobermann KennelBulgaria Dog Breeders
Defender of Bulgaria
FCI Dobermann Kennel

Defender of Bulgaria is a FCI registered dobermann kennel. We are international kennel from Bulgaria. We are using only high quality dogs with excellent look, health and character in our breeding programme.


Sweet Addiction KennelBulgaria Dog Breeders

Kennel for Yorkshire terriers - healthy and beautiful! Welcome to our website!

Yorkshire Terrier

Loved by The SeaBulgaria Dog Breeders
Loved by The Sea

Kennel for Landseer e.c.t. in Bulgaria.


Goldmell KennelBulgaria Dog Breeders
Goldmell Kennel

Kennel for Golden Retrievers.

Golden Retriever

Nylabell kennel for Siberian HuskiesBulgaria Dog Breeders
Nylabell kennel for Siberian Huskies

We are a small kennel situated in the capital of Bulgaria-Sofia, registered in FCI and Bulgarian Republican Federation of Cynology in 2009. We breed Siberian huskies with good temperament, show and work qualities.

Siberian Husky

Plovdiv Bull KennelBulgaria Dog Breeders
Plovdiv Bull Kennel

PLOVDIV BULL KENNEL is a single breed kennel for bullterriers, established in 2008 year / FCI 13/08/ in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The kennel owner is Krasimir Bakov, member of BKKABT.

Nowadays in PLOVDIV BULL KENNEL are available 1 male and 4 female English bullterrier dogs with the best origin. The kennel aim is to reproduce show class puppies that will grant success to their owners in competitions not only in Bulgaria but also abroad.

Please, be welcome!

Bull Terrier

Lorindely Artemida KenigyBulgaria Dog Breeders
Lorindely Artemida Kenigy

A Kennel for Golden Retrievers.

Golden Retriever

Piece of Gold KennelBulgaria Dog Breeders

We are a small kennnel for Golden retriever. We are in Varna, Bulgaria. Enjoy our website!

Golden Retriever

Iberian StarBulgaria Dog Breeders
Iberian Star

My name is Vyacheslav Zhechev and I want to represent you my small Kennel “IBERIAN STAR” for Cavaler King Charles Spaniel breed. The Kennel is located in Sofia., Bulgaria.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Kennel T&IA zwergpinscher and german shepherdBulgaria Dog Breeders
Kennel T&IA
zwergpinscher and german shepherd

Kennel T&IA for zwergpinscher and german shepherd dog FCI 49/99

We are very fan of Miniature Pinschers and feel passion of breeding of this breed. Dog quality: character , beauty and they are working dogs - it's the basic purpose for us!

We train our dog agility and obedience, some of them are therapeutic dogs for people with disabilities.

Miniature Pinscher         German Shepherd Dog

Polimar PomeraniansBulgaria Dog Breeders
Polimar Pomeranians

We are a small kennel in Bulgaria. We breed and pomeranian. Welcome to our website!


Diamanti Neri Fiona's Cane Corso KennelBulgaria Dog Breeders
Diamanti Neri Fiona's Cane Corso Kennel

Welcome to kennel Diamanti Neri Fiona's.

Diamanti Neri Fiona's kennel was registered in FCI in February 2010 for Cane Corso Italiano breed. Named after its our pride - bitch Fiona Sangue Magnifica. Kennel is located in Sofia. The purpose of the kennel is correct selection, preservation of the breed type of the breed of Cane  Corso and finally breeding healthy dogs. Avoidance of genetic disease is our top priority. We work with proven lines, healthy generations.

For now the only bitch is a part of the family home.

Natural and necessary condition for breeding is proven health of parents, the absence of diseases such as hip and elbow dysplasia, brucellosis and other serious diseases passed on to offspring.

We would cooperate in all matters within our competence for the proper care of dogs by breed.

Cane Corso Italiano

Caelus Antiquum - Cane Corso kennelBulgaria Dog Breeders
Caelus Antiquum - Cane Corso kennel

Breeder of Cane Corso Italiano in Bulgaria. You are welcome to visit us!

Cane Corso Italiano

Paskova Borzoi KennelBulgaria Dog Breeders
Paskova Borzoi Kennel

Kennel for borzoi.


Biala Liastovica South Russian OvtcharkaBulgaria Dog Breeders
Biala Liastovica South Russian Ovtcharka

FCI registered kennel for South Russian Ovtcharka

We keep SRO-s for 20 years. Recently we finally decided to start breeding this rare but very interesting breed. Just stop and have a look at our site. You won't be sorry.

South Russian Shepherd Dog

Elf 's Wonderland - Chihuahua KennelBulgaria Dog Breeders
Elf 's Wonderland - Chihuahua Kennel

Kennel Elf's Wonderland is officially registered in FCI and BRFK. Our aim is to select high quality dogs according to the breed standard. They are all different: long-haired and smooth coat. It is our passion and joy to breed and show chihuahuas. I hope that the career of my dogs will be successful.


The Small Step kennelBulgaria Dog Breeders

Kennel for kleinspitz located in Bulgaria. Welcome in our blog.

The Small Step kennel
The Small Step kleinspitz kennel

Hello. My name is Tsvetana Mileva and I am breeding german spitz -small (kleinspitz) in colors : black and tan, cream, cream sable, orange, orange sable and black. Location Bulgaria (Plovdiv, Asenovgrad)

German Spitz

National Rottweiler Club (NRC) - Bulgaria, SofiaBulgaria Dog Breeders

Our club has been established in January 1992 and is named National Club Rottweiler – NKR, the Republic of Bulgaria, seat – the city of Sofia.

The club is a juridical unit according the laws in the Republic of Bulgaria. It is member of BRFC, FCI and IFR.Membership of the club is prestige and responsibility and by this reasons the requirements to the applicants for membership are higher.

For the period of existence of NKR in the Breeding Book have been entered 1100 Rottweilers.

Rottweiler is already well known in Bulgaria owing to the activity of NKR. The club aims some more popularity, spreading and clear race breeding of healthy Rottweilers.


Bossilek - Rottweiler kennelBulgaria Dog Breeders
Bossilek - Rottweiler kennel

The "Bossilek" Specialized Kennel was established in 1988 by importing the first two dogs from this breed from the former Czechoslovakia. Our pets are excellent show dogs, and bear the now required breed standard traits and behaviour for the rottweiler. They have a stable type of nervous system/temperament, they have well-developed protection skills and working abilities, too.

They are amiable and confident, and basically suitable for a companion to our family and attachment to other representatives of the animal world, showing all this in passing the exams for socializing and breeding appropriateness. We usually breed one bitch per year and select the future owners of our litters of puppies.


Charm Step GoldensSofia, Bulgaria Dog Breeders
Charm Step Goldens

Kennel for Golden Retrievers.

Golden Retriever

Streletz KennelBulgaria Dog Breeders
Streletz Kennel

Streletz is a Bulgarian Kennel for Anglish Buldog and Caucasian Shepherd. Our dogs are kept free with love!!!

English Bulldog         Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Angel's StaffBulgaria Dog Breeders

My name is Antoaneta Popantonova.
I have been engaged in breeding American Staffordshire Terriers since 1997.

In 2001 I founded the Angels’s Staff Kennel, located in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria, at the foot of the Vitosha mountain.

Since 2004 I am the Chairman of the Bulgarian Kennel Club for American Staffordshire Terrier.

I am international FCI judge in groups 2, 3, 4, 8 and 9.

I chose the name “Angels’s Staff” for my kennel because the dogs of this breed are simply divine. The first dogs raised in my kennel are Anubis and Atina for Angels’s Staff - a brother and a sister of a same litter, born in 2001. These two dogs left a lasting trace in the history of the breed in Europe. The daughters, sons, grandchildren and grand grandchildren of Atina for Angels’s Staff consolidate her achievements on the big European showrings.

Living with my dogs I am falling in love with them more and more each year. This breed impressed me with its attitude towards people. These animals have incredible psyche. They are infinitely loyal and sociable and they show unique attention and respect towards children. They are obedient and susceptible to any training. These dogs could think and understand people’s reactions. They will never bother you when you are nervous and they will fulfill any order.

This breed is suitable for young dynamic people. The Staffordshire would participate in each of their activity - whether it would be a walk in the nature or sport – and will be happy to be a partner and companion of its owner. On the other hand, the American Staffordshire Terrier is and excellent guard of your home. When properly trained, its a dog you can rely on.

The dogs of this breed are very gentle and attentive to your children. The real Amstaff will never hurt a child. It is able to sit hours on end by the baby’s crib, he would carry the toys dropped down and then would be happy to participate in the games and pull the sledges with several children on them.

The specific dominant character of the dogs, their energy and strive always to be the winners require any serious breeder to select carefully their future owners.

I owe my success in Kennelogy to keeping one single principle – uncompromising and rigorous strictness in breeding (concerning both the health and appearance of the dogs) and later a professional targeted work with the best dog trainers and ethologysts.

Special thanks to all of the people who were and still are beside be during the years, to all who keep supporting me, believe in me and help me.

American Staffordshire Terrier

Hachimantai Japanese Akita and Shiba kennelBulgaria Dog Breeders
Japanese Akita and Shiba kennel

Hachimantai Kennel: Since 1999 we have been breeders of Japanese Akita and Shiba Inu directly imported from Japan by ourselves.

We continually strive to introduce new bloodlines from Japan's top breeders and as a consequence have acquired several Japanese winners of AKIHO Headquarters shows.

Akita Inu         Shiba Inu

Kennel JhamalitsaBulgaria Dog Breeders
Kennel Jhamalitsa

Kennel for Black Russian Terriers in Bulgaria. Please, be wellcome to visit our forum and look at our dogs! Have a nice time!

Black Terrier

Anastasia York KennelCroatia Dog BreedersBulgaria Dog Breeders
Anastasia York Kennel

My name is Maria Tzaneva and I'm from Sofia (Bulgaria) but at the present moment I'm living in Split (Croatia). The love of my life is my family, my two children, Anastasia, after who I have named the kennel, my son Martin and my Yorkshire terriers which is my hobby. At this moment I am President of the Bulgarian Yorkshire Terrier Club, FCI judge for 3rd and 9th groups as well as a professional handler. Everything started back in 1993, when it was still not so famous in Bulgaria and it was almost impossible to find a puppy in here. So with a lot of desire and impatience in 1994 I bought my first Yorkie from a foreign country. Her name is Von Sternfeld Happiness. Later she became a mother of four wonderful puppies, two of them, Zino and Sherry left in my home. Soon after that they started their appearence on shows and they took some well deserved awards, but that was only the beginning...

With the time, my love for Yorkies grew bigger and bigger and so does the number of Yorkies in our home. Some of my colegues compare the love for the Yorkies with "contagious desease", the cure for which is only buying a Yorkie. Our breeder owns doggies from famous european and world breeders. The main goal of our breeder is to improove the breeding selection in order to get healthy and beautyful puppies. Last but not least we're proud with our new friends, not only from our country but from countries worldwide. Now I wish You a pleasent day and a joyful stay on our site and if you feel captive of those lovable Yorkies, feel free to join the family and be our friends too!

Best Regards: Maria Tzaneva

Yorkshire Terrier

Braverys French Bulldog KennelBulgaria Dog Breeders
Braverys French Bulldog Kennel

Welcome in our website dedicated to French bulldogs, which have become inseparable part of our daily life. They live in our homes and are members of our family. Our dogs are excellent representatives of their breed, combining appearance qualities, stable breed temper and good health.

Their parents and ancestors descend from the leading breeding farms of French bulldogs - de la Parure, Noblige, A'Vigdors, Fivelzight, Exclusive French, Iz Palevih Buldogov and others. If you have any questions, please, do not hasitate to contact us!

French Bulldog

JhamalitsaBulgaria Dog Breeders

Our kennel is smal kennel for Black Russian Terriers!

Russian Black Terrier

Labrador Retriever Kennel KalpazanBulgaria Dog Breeders
Kalpazan Labrador Retriever Kennel

Labrador Retriever Kennel "Kalpazan".

Labrador Retriever

Kennel Smile Sunny PomeraniansBulgaria Dog Breeders
Kennel Smile Sunny - pomeranians

Our small kennel for Pomeranians 'Smile Sunny' is registered in FCI in 2008. It is located in Sunny Beach, which is situated on the coast of the Black Sea in Bulgaria. Hopefully in the near future, our beautiful pomeranians, their pedigree and blood lines justify our dreams for healthy and quality generations.


Irish Wolfhound Kennel FilipopolisBulgaria Dog Breeders

The first kennel in Bulgaria for irishwolfhound!!!

Irish Wolfhound

Velvet Heart Shar-PeisBulgaria Dog Breeders
Velvet Heart Shar-Peis

VELVET HEART kennel for Chinese Shar-pei is a small kennel in Sofia, Bulgaria. We only have one dog at the moment, be we highly appreciate all advantages of living with a shar-pei and we try to work for the breed in Bulgaria.

Shar Pei

Desire for Touch Kennel English BulldogBulgaria Dog Breeders
Desire for Touch - English Bulldog Kennel

Welcome to Desire for Touch Showbulldogs! Wishing you to spend a pleasant time as a guest on our web site! Desire for Touch Kennel- Bulgaria.

English Bulldog

Pamper Pom PomeraniansBulgaria Dog Breeders
Pamper Pom

Pamper Pom is not a commercial web site. It was made for all of us who like this extraordinary breed.


Black Balkan LionsBulgaria Dog Breeders
Black Balkan Lions

We are a small family kennel for Russian Black Terrier and Japanese Chin, situated in Bulgaria.

Black Terrier         Japanese Chin

Yorkibows KennelBulgaria Dog Breeders
Yorkibows Kennel

Kennel for Yorksire Terriers - small, sweet and beautiful.

Yorkshire Terrier

Fyrex Gold KennelBulgaria Dog Breeders
Fyrex Gold Kennel

Fyrex Gold is one of the youngest kennels for Golden retrievers in Bulgaria. Welcome in our website.

Golden Retriever

Orchide In Blossom White klein spitz kennelBulgaria Dog Breeders
Orchide In Blossom White klein spitz kennel

I am from Bulgaria and I breed white klein spitz. Please visit my website and see my dogs.

German Spitz - Kleinspitz

German Spitz Foxy NoseBulgaria Dog Breeders

We are a small kennel in Bulgaria. We breed kleinspitz and pomeranian. Welcome to our website!

German Spitz - Kleinspitz, Pomeranian

Cherni Lom - German Shorthaired PointerBulgaria Dog Breeders
Cherni Lom - German Shorthaired Pointer

In Cherni Lom kennel we breed German Shorthaired Pointer and Eastern Siberian Laika. Welcome to visit our site.

German Shorthaired Pointer         East Siberian Laika

Poodles Just RadiantBulgaria Dog Breeders
Just Radiant Poodles

Just Radiant Poodles is a hobby kennel, located in Sofia, Bulgaria. We breed Standard poodles in black and white. Welcome to our webpage!


Shar Pei Kennel FortepianoBulgaria Dog Breeders
FORTEPIANO Shar Pei Kennel

FORTEPIANO is a small FCI registered kennel located in Rousse, Bulgaria. Our dogs are not only show and breeding dogs from prooven bloodlines, they are an important part of the family and they live with us.

Shar Pei

'Sholin Vikris' FCI KennelBulgaria Dog Breeders

Sholin Vikris is a Bulgarian kennel for Chihuahua. We breed our dogs with much love and care. All of them are different. We select our chihuahua dogs from different champion bloodlines. The puppies have its own color, vision charm and character. Chihuahuas are our passion!!!


Bulldog Feeling KennelBulgaria Dog Breeders
Bulldog Feeling Kennel

We are a small kennel and we are very select and only breed from quality stock as our objective is to breed healthy, standard weight, bulldogs of the correct type.

English Bulldog

Labrador Retrievers Vilgolab's kennelBulgaria Dog Breeders
VilgoLab's kennel

Kennel for labrador retrievers.

Labrador Retriever

Pugs and Chinese Crested Dogs KingonaleashBulgaria Dog Breeders

Welcome to our kennel. We breed Pug and Chinese Crested Dog from proved bloodlines. On our web site you will find valuable information such as photos, dog show results and titles and pedigrees as well.

Pug         Chinese Crested Dog

Pug Kennel BaskervilBulgaria Dog Breeders
Baskervil Pug Kennel

Kennel for pugs.


German Shepherd Dogs Kennel v.d Alexander-IBulgaria Dog Breeders
Kennel v.d Alexander-I

A small Kennel dedicated to breeding and showing quality German Shepherd Dogs.

German Shepherd Dog

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