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Croatia - Dog Breeders and Kennels: Great Dane kennel in Croatia; Home of best awarded male of Croatia for 2005; Shih-Tzu kennel located in Zagreb, Croatia, Europe; Club and Croatian Rottweiler Club since 2007;Kennel of Chesapeake Bay, Nova Scotia duck tolling, Curly coated and Golden retrievers; You are welcome to see our quality dogs and puppies; We are the members of Croatian Kennel Rottweiler Kennel in Croatia - with 10 years expirience working with Rottweilers and with Champion bloodline in Kennel; We have breed and/or owned over 40 Champions in all three colours. The only Collie Kennels in Croatia who owned all breeds Best in Show Winner; Breed of very Quality English mastiff lots of praises on euro dog show; The home of Staffordshire bull terrier, based in Zagreb, Croatia; Breeder We are small but ambitious kennel, with clear vision of what we seek from our dogs who are full memebers of our team; Breeders of standard wire haired dachshunds. Dogs that can be used as show dogs, working dogs or just love them for beeing with You; of english bulldog in Croatia; Spotted passion since 1992, selective breeding on the best old english and scandinavian lines. The home of World, European, International, National, Club champions and multiple best in show winners; Primarily take into account the health of our dogs and puppies and working through the breeding plane to maintain typical character and exterior which breeds grown; One of the best siberian husky kennel in Croatia; You can see our quality dogs and puppies.

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Od Stjepanovih DvoraCroatia Dog Breeders
Od Stjepanovih Dvora

We are small kennel located in Slavonija, Croatia, Dogs are our passion, love and life. Feel free to contact us if you have any question.


Belbugar / Call of the WildCroatia Dog BreedersBelbugar / Call of the Wild

A small FCI Kennel of Sarplaninac. Our puppies are well socialized with a good character and healthy when they leave us for a new family.

Yugoslavian Shepherd Dog - Sharplanina

Bordomax farmCroatia Dog Breeders
Bordomax farm

Kennel of French Bulldogs and Dogue de Bordeaux with great experience in Croatian.

Dogue de Bordeaux         French Bulldog

Millennium Diamond's Havanese KennelCroatia Dog Breeders
Millennium Diamond's Havanese Kennel

Millennium Diamond`s is a registered kennel of F.C.I. (Federation Cynologique Internationale) No. 21/14 and registration number 14/0683-II of Croatian Kennel Club as well as a member of the Toy Breeds Club Zagreb.


De Trappist BeauceronsCroatia Dog Breeders
De Trappist Beaucerons

We are small home kennel of this fantastic breed. We have just 2 girls! Our girls are high title show girls, both are World Winners and also Working title girls IPO 1 - 3 .

But on first place our girls are home, family pet, which enjoy every day in nature, with doggy friends and with a peoples. High energy girl has a lot of activity during the day. We produce morphology nice dogs but with great, open i fearless character.


Nymeria's kennelCroatia Dog Breeders
Nymeria's kennel

We are small show kennel which main point is to breed healthy show Siberians and happy pets for each family!

Siberian Husky

Tatsuya KenshaCroatia Dog Breeders
Tatsuya Kensha

We are a Japanese Akita Inu Kennel from Croatia. Our breeding is based on health, quality and stable character. Our dogs are one of the top winning Japanese Akita Inus.

Japanese Akita Inu

Allrussian Borzoi KennelCroatia Dog Breeders
ALLRUSSIAN Borzoi Kennel

Borzoi kennel Croatia. Beauty and performance.


Gray StormCroatia Dog Breeders
Gray Storm

Wellcome to official “Gray Storm” kennel web page. Here you can find all importatnt information about our dogs and litter.


Black Wind RetrieversCroatia Dog Breeders
Black Wind Retrievers

Flat coated retriever Kennel from Croatia.

Flat Coated Retriever

Akai KazeCroatia Dog Breeders
Akai Kaze

We are a small kennel that has only one litter per year. Our bitches are our pets and successful show dogs. We have the litters in our apartments so the puppies are accustomed to home environment from the very beginning.

Shiba Inu

De Roxy Box Boxer and Malinois KennelCroatia Dog Breeders
De Roxy Box
Boxer and Malinois Kennel

We are a Kennel from Croatia! We have dog of excellent quallity, allways we have at least one litter available!

German Boxer         Belgian Shepherd Dog - Malinois

Apache's Dream kennelCroatia Dog Breeders
Apache's Dream kennel

Our kennel Apache's Dream is registrated in 2013, in Croatia. We started with one female (our first siberian) HONEY LUNA SIBERIAN NIGHT STAR.

On the site you can find information about our huskies, shows and breeding plans, as about avaliable puppies. At the moment we have 2 siberian huskies, Luna and Max. I hope that you will enjoy at our website and our huskies, and that you will try to experiance ''husky love''.
Boško & family

Siberian Husky Dog Breeders

Dva pulija iz Zagreba, Arnika i Tibor imaju prekrasna tri crna štenca, dečka i dvije cure. Štenci su oštenjeni 14.05.2013. Za više informacija pogledajte našu stranicu.


Simply Magical KennelCroatia Dog Breeders
Simply Magical Kennel

We are a beagle breeders from Croatia.


Noaland KenelCroatia Dog Breeders
Noaland Kenel

Welcome to Noaland!

Labrador Retriever

Sanacore KennelCroatia Dog Breeders
Sanacore Kennel

Welcome to Zwergpinscher Kennel "Sanacore" (FCI/HKS/KPS). We are a small family who runs Kennel and of course our dogs live with us as family members. Our dogs are socialised with children and cats from the very first days of their lives.

To see our breeding, stud dogs, puppies and kennel news go to our website. We hope you will enjoy your stay at our Homepage and find the information you need, otherwise feel free to contact us.

Miniature Pinscher         Croatian Sheepdog

Compania Vivaz - Bichon Havanese kennelCroatia Dog Breeders
Compania Vivaz - Bichon Havanese kennel

Our family has been breeding dogs for a long time. We started with the Newfoundland breed and we were very successful. We had the first croatian champion in that particular breed.

Today, we are proud owners of havanesers and we want to achieve far better results in breeding than we did with Newfoundlands. We found in havanesers lively and amiable friends of our whole family. All of our activities in breeding will be unselfishly shared with you through this web page.


Aussie Dream Australian Silky TerriersCroatia Dog Breeders
Aussie Dream Australian Silky Terriers

Mother: De Brisilk Heavens Lil Angel Father: Curiosity Winner Take's It Given the imminent return of Angie back to her roots in Australia, this was her contribution to the breed in Europe. This beuatiful daughter of the famous Darsa Access Denied, who unfortunately has not been shown much due to family obligations, has been mated with the Top Finish Silky Curiosity Winner Take's it.

Australian Silky Terrier

Rarum Virtatis Cane Corso kennelCroatia Dog Breeders
Rarum Virtatis Cane Corso kennel

Homekennel from Croatia, we breed Cane Corso and Dogo Argentino. Our dogs are our passion. Welcome to visit our site.

Cane Corso Italiano         Dogo Argentino

Aurora Panonica mastiff & CO kennel - uzgajivačnicaCroatia Dog Breeders
Aurora Panonica mastiff
& CO kennel - uzgajivačnica

Aurora Panonica is mastiff and Caucasian shepherd dog kennel established after 30 years of dog breeding experienc. Our family has been breeding sarplaninac for years and we still have one female. All our dogs are from chosen blood lines with great pedigree and qoulity.

English Mastiff         Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Ken Kamikaze Tosa Inu KennelCroatia Dog Breeders
Ken Kamikaze Tosa Inu Kennel

We are proud to say that "Ken Kamikaze" is the first kennel Tosa inu (Japanese Mastiff) in Croatia. Our website we wanted Tosu closer to those who do not know the breed and illuminate the mystery of Japanese "fighting" dogs to remove unfounded prejudices about these extremely fascinating dogs.

On our website you will find all the information about these dogs that will, hopefully, help you to understand that the ideal / the dog / dogs for you and your family. Are extremely devoted to their families, and they have an innate instinct to defend their family and territory, they are ideal guardians. However, their presence alone does not leave people indifferent, so they rarely approach without the presence and permission of the owner.

Tosa Inu

Smartvision kennelCroatia Dog Breeders
Smartvision kennel

Uzgajačnica petuljastih šnaucera.

Miniature Schnauzer

DivinesVilleCroatia Dog Breeders

Dobro došli na stranice uzgajivačnice DivinesVille. Mi smo obitelj Dević i živimo u Novoj Gradiški. Odgojeni smo tako da volimo životinje i oduvijek smo svoj životni prostor dijelili s psima. Kada smo se preselili u našu obiteljsku kuću 2010.g. stekli smo uvijete da naša retriverica Olga dobije društvo. Odluku o pasmini je donijela cijela obitelj. Sve ukućane sam pitala kakvog psa žele, a odgovori su bili: ne prevelikog, ne premalog, jako pametnog, da se ne linja, prilično aktivnog i ne preobičnog. Mađarski puli je baš takav. Matična zemlja pasmine nam je u susjedstvu i uskoro smo kući donijeli našu mezimicu Sikkes iz Szep-Apati uzgajivačnice. Ona je zaslužna što smo se odlučili baviti uzgojem ove divne pasmine. Poslije Sikkes je došla još jedna predivna curica Rasztari-Duci Pannonia Phebe. Krenuli smo u promociju pasmine po Hrvatskoj izlažući ih na izložbama HKS-a i naišli na veliku zainteresiranost ljudi za naše „rasta“ pse. Iduće godine curama se pridružio i mužjak Szep-Apati Guba. Ove jeseni se nadamo našem prvom leglu. Cilj nam je uzgojiti vrhunske predstavnike pasmine, strogo kontroliranog porijekla, stabilnih karaktera i odličnog zdravlja. Naši psi su punopravni članovi naše obitelji i potpuno su opravdali svjetski poznatu uzrečicu: PULI NIJE PAS, PULI JE PULI.


Daft of KendaCroatia Dog Breeders

We are the first and only breeders of Italian Greyhound in Croatia. Every year we have new litter so fell free to contact us!

Italian Greyhound

White Dream Team kennelCroatia Dog Breeders
White Dream Team kennel

Welcome to our world!

Dear friends,
we have bravely stepped into the amazing world of breeding. Our motto is: health, brains & beauty! We will always try to breed healthy dogs with the best character possible presented in outstanding looks. Considering our magnificent foundation dogs Brit and Bura, and our long friendship, we're on a pretty good way!

Our swiss white shepherds are: Multi Ch, Euro winner 2010 BURA (Ulma Fliegeland)& Multi Ch Beau Brit Od bijelih andjela We wish you a nice stay and hope you'll like what you see!

Goga & Brit & Katarina & Bura

White Swiss Shepherd Dog

d'Altiro kennel BologneseCroatia Dog Breeders
d'ALTIRO kennel Bolognese

The very first Croatian Bolognese dog kennel with: Mo Muse Aphaia, from fameous Aphaia Kennel & Giulio Coniglio del Nebbioso, desc. of Intl, W.and E.Champ.


Kan Trace kennelCroatia Dog Breeders
Kan Trace kennel

Kan Trace kennel is home of European and World winners. Home of BIS, BISS winners and multi champions. We are breeding Weimaraners, PBGV`s, Dachshunds SS and Lagotto Romagnolo.

Weimaraner         Petit Basset griffon vendéen

Dachshund         Romagna Water Dog

Brinska - Epagneul Breton kennelCroatia Dog Breeders
Brinska - Epagneul Breton kennel

Brinska is Epagneul Breton kennel from Croatia.

Brittany Spaniel

VitteoCroatia Dog Breeders

A small Croatian kennel based in capital city Zagreb. Occasionally we have puppies.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Magesse del VanoraCroatia Dog Breeders
MAGESSE del Vanora

We are a small home kennel and our dogs are part of the family although we breed primarly show dogs and have had lots of success. We do our best to breed for good health and happy minds as well as beauty. Our puppies are raised on a large, multiple acre, clean, open run, inhome kennel.

German Spitz - Kleinspitz

Kennel from MapabebeCroatia Dog Breeders
Kennel from Mapabebe

Basenji breeder from Croatia.


Sherlock bulldog knightCroatia Dog Breeders
Sherlock bulldog knight

Breeding English and French Bulldog Bulldog Sherlock Knight is registered in the Croatian Kennel Club (HKS) under number 11/7374-II as well as records of the International Kennel (FCI) under No. 119/11. Careful and planned breeding of quality we choose mates for our dogs to maintain the quality of our line of dogs.

Nam is the first essential quality not quantity. Poječujemo all exhibitions in our country as well as environmental states to choose their top-dog lovers or lovers :) We chose these two "at risk" breeds and we want their experience, work and commitment to future owners to provide Quality pets with less visits to the vet. We are happy when we contact people who have purchased dogs from us and when we feel that they are happy puppy from our kennel.

Our dogs live with us in the house and are equal members of our family. Prior to the sale of our new dog owners want to meet with the new owner to find out where and how to take care of our dog. My dogs do not sell or give no home to people who only want to use for pure profit.

English Bulldog         French Bulldog

Corona CroaticaCroatia Dog Breeders
Corona Croatica

Breeder of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Pug with championship origin.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel         Pug

Crazy in LoveCroatia Dog Breeders

We are small kennel with big heart. All our dogs are family members. We have standard poodle, coton de tulear, bichon frise and Perro sin pelo del Peru.

Poodle         Coton de Tuléar         Bichon Frise

Peruvian Hairless Dog

Long Enough BullmastiffCroatia Dog Breeders
LONG ENOUGH Bullmastiff

Kennel "Long Enough" has been registered under the FCI 52/07, established in 2007 after acquisition of the first female bullmastiff. Currently we have 5 dogs that live with us in the house.

All our dogs are extremely the calm temperament, good with people, especially gentle with children. Regular visits to exhibitions and competitions, but we do not base priority in breeding. We are located near Zagreb, on the slopes of Medvednica, in a small house with a fenced yard and garden for the dogs.

We hope your upcoming visit to our home or meeting at one of the exhibition.

Neven Čujić, "Long Enough" kennel.


Bashira BasenjisCroatia Dog Breeders
Bashira Basenjis

Welcome to Basenji kennel in Croatia. We are a small kennel who fell in love in Basenji breed. Our dogs live with us as family members. Our main emphasis as breeders is quality over quantity, most importantly on the health, wellbeing and temperament of our Basenjis.

Reared in the family home and well socialized with children. You are welcome to contact us at any time for more information about our dogs and our kennel.


Sandy PoodleCroatia Dog Breeders
Sandy Poodle

Ever since I can remember I have loved dogs! The fist dog I got my nickname Siba after, was a mix breed female dog that I met on the way home from elementary school. We adopted her and she made me very happy with several broods of puppies that I extremely loved. One of the pups stayed in our family and started the “parentage” of dogs named Gipsy. The first black poodle came into our home from Germany in 1975. Two years later an apricot female poodle Suzy was bought from the kennel “Mali suncokret” (Little Sunflower, owner Dragutin Vukasović).

In 1980 I started practicing grooming on my dog, and soon after that I was grooming other poodles. Today, after years of grooming, I only groom and fix up my own dogs for shows.

On a World Dog Show in Brno, in 1989, I bought a white male dog Buby from the poodle kennel “Billy Crystal”, whose owner is my dear friend Jana Prochazkova. I won a lot of titles with Buby, the worthiest of which was the 3rd place on the European Dog Show in Budapest in 1993, as well as Croatian Young Champion and Croatian Champion. Buby had numerous offspring and has definitely left trace in Croatian kinology.

In 1990, at the University of Agriculture in Osijek, I defended my bachelor’s thesis titled “The Morphological Characteristics of The German Pointer’s Denture”.

I became a kinology judge on August 21st 1993. I stayed engaged in kinology and applied for the master’s degree programme in kinology, which provided me with the knowledge that helps me judging, as well as breeding today.

Today I am an international kinology judge for the FCI group 9, and am very delighted to judge and socialize with people who are in kinology because of their love toward dogs.

I live with my family in Rovinj and we have a private catering trade – a restaurant.

Kinology has always been and always will be nothing but pleasure and love, never a job.

Poodle - white dwarf

Riomadea GrandeCroatia Dog Breeders
Riomadea Grande

We would like to introduce our two and four legged family, share some information's about beautiful breeds to which we have dedicated our lives, and which in return keep the constant smiles on our faces...

Bernese Mountain Dog

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