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kennel Amanauz StaffMoscow, Russia Dog Breeders
kennel Amanauz Staff

A private kennel "Amanauz-Staff" and Kennel Club "ESC", Moscow - We are pleased to invite you to our website and in our big happy family.

Our dogs of various breeds, large and small, but it's our family, they all share a great character, good health and love for us. Our nursery is engaged in breeding several breeds: American Staffordshire Terrier, Siberian Husky, Russian Toy Terrier, West Highland White Terrier, Beagle.

The club unites the real professionals in their field, dog handlers and dog lovers.

American Staffordshire Terrier         Russian Toy         West Highland White Terrier


Del Terro Perros - Dog kennelMoscow, Russia Dog Breeders
Del Terro Perros - Dog kennel

Dog kennel "Del Terro Perros" registration in FCI-RKF, a member of IBC (Internationaler Biewer Yorkshire Terrier Club e. V.). Breeding Breeds - Chinese Crested, Yorkshire Terrier and Biewer York.

Chinese Crested Dog         Yorkshire Terrier

akita-american.ruRussia Dog Breeders

Американская акита - питомник собак.

American Akita

Salonga kennelRussia Dog Breeders
Salonga kennel

Kennel Basenji. Articles about the breed, photos and video dogs.

Питомник басенджи. Статьи о породе, фото и видео собак. Породный форум.


KinterraRussia Dog Breeders

Welcome to my website! Bedlington Terrier - my favorite breed!

Bedlington Terrier

Наши йорки и их друзьяRussia Dog Breeders
Наши йорки и их друзья

Welcome to website  "Наши йорки и их друзья"!

Сайт и форум  для любителей  йорков и других пород собак, кошек... На форуме Вы найдете информацию о породе - выбор, уход, сожержание воспитание, много статей, фотографий видео, полезной информации, научим Вас шить бантики, одежду для своих питомцев, много выкроек... Приятного просмотра! Мы ждем Вас !

Yorkshire Terrier

Chinua Chihuahuas kennel ot ChernovoyRussia Dog Breeders
CHINUA Chihuahuas kennel ot CHERNOVOY

We are passionate about breeding and showing at exhibitions of the smallest the world's breeds of dogs native to the American Continent.

The basis of our breeding stock up dog exclusively American lines the most successful kennels of America and Canada - such as:  DARTAN'S, QUACHITAH, BURGUNDY, MAR-RICH'S, MINA'S,  MISALOU'S, MARLISA'S, FANDANGO, MINEGOLD, PICASSO'S. Our Chihuahua are the descendants of the most prominent and well-known dog breeds of all time - № 1 in the rock in places of origin of the breed.


Kennel Iz Goluboi LagunyRussia Dog Breeders

Welcome to Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier from Kennel “IZ GOLUBOI LAGUNY”.

Welcome to Siberia!

Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

kennel Angrly CharlyRussia Dog Breeders
kennel Angrly Charly

Our "Angrly Charly" kennel has 6 years history. We breed irish soft couted wheaten terier Our dogs have good health, stable psycology and fine resuits at dog shows.

Питомник "Ангелы Чарли" занимается разведением мягкошерстных пшеничных терьеров. Собаки, рожденные в нашем питомнике,имеют крепкое здоровье, уравновешенную психику и хорошие выставочные результаты.

Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Sher Multibreed kennelMoscow, Russia Dog Breeders
SHER Multibreed kennel

Kennel Sher - airedaleterriers, Russian toys, papillons. Puppies, dog-shows, grooming, handling, many photos of dogs.

Airedale Terrier         Russian Toy         Papillon

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