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Dzhey Ti kennelRussia Dog Breeders
Dzhey Ti kennel

We do not pursue quantity - We Prefer Quality!

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Splendid Three Color - SennenhundsRussia Dog Breeders
Splendid Three Color - Sennenhunds

We have a small kennel. We love the Bernese Mountain Dog, Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, Entlebucher Mountain Dog and Apentseller Mountain Dog. Occasionally we have puppies. All dogs in the kennel are tests of health.

We also love Chihuahuas and Russian Toy!

Beauceron         Great Swiss Mountain Dog         Entlebuch Cattle Dog

Appenzell Cattle Dog         Russian Toy         Chihuahua         Papillon

Breeding PenkovaRussia Dog Breeders
Breeding Penkova

We have been working with dogs for over 10 years. We have been breeding Berger de Beauce and Bedlington Terrier. We follow the character and appearance. Dogs have long-range free and a lot of care.

Beauceron         Bedlington Terrier

Moolti (Мульти)Russia Dog Breeders
Moolti (Мульти)

To date, namely the end of 2011, in Russia there are only two Young Champion Of The World! (a breed Mini Bull) and they were born in my kennel! I'm extremely proud of it!

MOOLTI  kennel, rightly, considered to be the Best Kennel Miniature Bull Terrier in Russia!

After all, bring a good dog is easier than to give birth to her! and we have just given birth! Want to Mini Bull  excellence, growth, and the mind?? = Welcome To Us!!!

I am very grateful to all owners of my kids, love them! For honesty and integrity! I'm glad I was not mistaken in the choice! My children live the best!

Miniature Bull Terrier

GoldPom PomeranianRussia Dog Breeders
GoldPom Pomeranian

Nursery "GoldPom" Pomeranian spitz-dogs in Russia, (Moscow).  Dogs for show and pets. Puppies for sale.

German Miniature Spitz / Pomeranian

The Kennel - Iz VatuvaraRussia Dog Breeders
The Kennel - IZ VATUVARA

Питомник " ИЗ ВАТУВАРА" специализируется на разведении собак только породы бульмастиф и целью существования питомника является правильная и грамотная селекция бульмастифов, получение собак высочайшего породного уровня, а так же популяризация данной породы посредством кинологических выставок и средств массовой информации.


Viat GalenaRussia Dog Breeders
Viat Galena

We are glad to welcome you on the pages of our site. We live in Russia, in city Kirov. Our nursery works with the different breeds of dogs from 1999. Presently in a nursery tribal work is conducted with the American staffordshier terrier, English springer spaniel. In a nursery there are two representatives of hunting dogs 7 groups of German Shorthaired Pointer and Scottish setter.

More detailed information you can know, writing a letter to us.

American Staffordshire Terrier         English Springer Spaniel

German Shorthaired Pointer         Scottish Terrier

русский той Из Дома ЧайковскихRussia Dog Breeders
русский той Из Дома Чайковских

Продажа щенков русского тоя.

Russian Toy

Kennel Terra FantastikaRussia Dog Breeders
Kennel Terra Fantastika

Breeder - Filatova Lyudmila Borisovna. RKF.Breed : boxer, brussel griffon, pti-brabanson, belge griffon, doberman.Klass - show.

German Boxer

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